Agency Skincare Review

You know when you stumble upon a new product, or service and think to yourself “I should have thought of that!”? Or you get a great idea and 2 years later see it on shelves at the store? Yeah, that’s me. I was wearing my bathrobe backwards LONG before the Snuggie. And dry shampoo? Pffff…I’ve been baby powdering my hair since 9th grade.

Another idea I have that definitely should be a real thing? Drive through pizza. Why isn’t this being done? We can get burgers, tacos, fried chicken without exiting our vehicles but if we want a delicious ‘za we must get up and answer the door? Or carry it out? I am not okay with this.

Agency Skincare is another example of a great idea I’m sure many have had – customized skincare without a trip to the dermatologist. It really is ingenious and the folks at Agency are doing it right. I was given the opportunity to try Agency free for 3 months as a member of Influenster, and I have been blown away. And if you have not done so already, go sign up for Influenster here (this is a referral link where I get points). You can easily earn free stuff by asking/answering product questions, leaving product reviews for things you’ve already tried, filling out surveys, etc. Also – it is completely free.

Here is how Agency works:

  • Sign up, share your goals, and upload photos accessible only by your licensed medical provider
  • Try your first set of products
  • Agency will check in on your progress and make adjustments based on how you’re doing
  • Agency continues to refine your products over time

As you all might know by now – my skincare goals are mostly centered around fine lines/wrinkles and dark spots.

Here are the pictures I sent into Agency back in May.

Agency reached back out after a week or so, with the following:

And here is what I was sent:

Everything comes packaged neatly in simple packaging in a small box (no outer box) which I appreciate.

The first shipment includes enough product for one month with the recommended usage, instructions, as well as all the drug information.

I followed the instructions I was given, starting out in the AM by washing my face with the Hourglass Equilibrium Cream Cleanser (HIGHLY recommend, btw).

Then following with a moisturizer and SPF, then the dark spot formula. My current moisturizer has been the Shiseido Vital Perfection Cream, and the Dr. Brandt Liquid Sun Shield.

I have just been using a dab of the dark spot formula and focusing it right on my large dark spots.

For the PM, the same products remain in play with the addition of the Future Formula and Shiseido Vital Perfection Serum before the Shiseido cream.

The future formula is a gel-like serum think sinks nicely into the skin. The dark spot formula is thicker, almost like a zit cream.

After the initial month, Agency reaches out to “check in” and adjustments can be made based on how your skin is reacting to the products.

Both of these products have incorporated so well into my current routine. I have also slowly increased the potency of my formulas to achieve the best results possible. Here is where I am currently at:

And now for the part you have all been waiting for…THE AFTER PHOTOS! (Disclaimer, I DO have under-eye concealer on in the photos below, but that is it!)

And full disclosure, I am also getting IPL. You can read more about my progress here. But I am so impressed with my skin lately and not just because my dark spots are fading. I feel like the overall texture and tone has improved, and I just feel more glowy and hydrated. I really feel like this current lineup of products has played a significant role in the state of my skin as a whole.

I should also mention that this post is not sponsored. I really think Agency is definitely worth trying out. And right now they have a free trial promotion going on, where you just pay $4.95 in S&H and get your first month of product for free. So kindof a no-brainer if you are at all interested.

Let me know if you end up giving it a try, I would love to hear what they prescribe for you!


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