Ambi Fade Cream Review + Dark Spot Progress

Hullo friends.

I blame my recent obsession with skincare on this GD virus. If it weren’t for the ‘rone, I would not have countless hours to devote to inspecting each and every dark spot, line, wrinkle and yes, RAISED mole on my body. If it weren’t for the ‘rone, I would still be blonde. If it weren’t for the ‘rone, my consumption of Liberty Creek would be somewhat sporadic. Maybe this needs to be a new thing – “if it weren’t for the ‘rone….” GO!

Over a month ago, after spending countless nights reading through forums and trying to find miracle products that are affordable, I happened upon an ingredient that I’d been sleeping on – hydroquinone. Apparently it has been around for ages and can be prescribed in concentrations of up to 4%. However, you can get it in 2% over the counter. One of the most popular products featuring this ingredient is called Ambi Fade Cream and you get it for less than 5 bucks on Amazon! I promptly placed my order and began incorporating it into my current skincare routine.

Here is my progress with that routine and use of the Ambi cream at almost 8 weeks of use, once a day.

*I am applying this cream directly to the age spots, after serums and moisturizer.




After actually inspecting these photos on my large monitor here at my home office (my computer stacked on a couple puzzle boxes on our kitchen table) like…guys – I think the spots look a wee bit better, no?

It should also be noted that I just ran out of my products from The Ordinary, so I placed an Ulta order today! I ordered another Alpha Arbutin 2%, as well as this:

Anyone out there used hydroquinone for dark spots? What were your results?


6 thoughts on “Ambi Fade Cream Review + Dark Spot Progress

  1. Helen Perkinson Yellin says:

    Did you keep using it and notice even more change? I also have read the spots do come back even if using sunscreen. I just started 2 weeks ago.

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    • The Natalie Diaries says:

      Hi Helen! I stopped using it only because I started getting IPL treatments and wanted to judge the efficacy of those by themselves. However, I did use it for quite a while and while it does produce a nice result, I do not believe the product continues to decrease the appearance of the spots overtime. There is no question that it does work with consistent use, but I do not think it will eliminate them all together. That is what I am hoping to achieve through IPL. And we will see!


  2. Ann says:

    The results are definitely noticeable! Just bought this myself – how much do you apply on each spot? Do you use a Q-tip for application? My spots are pretty small so if I use a finger I feel like the cream kinda gets all over my cheek area.

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    • The Natalie Diaries says:

      Hi Ann! I started out by using a Q-Tip on mine, so you can definitely do that if you want to be very precise. Now I use my ring finger or pinkie to apply a very small amount. Then I just pat it in! Seems to work fine that way too.


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