Happiness Is…

An ice-cold G&T right when you need it. AMIRIGHT!?

But also. There has been so much friggin’ happiness in my life as of late I just feel compelled to share it. Because I’ve got the joy joy joy joy down in my heart.


Down in my heart!



But srsly, it ain’t just Tate. It’s a whole lotta things.

It’s getting together with my cousins.

One of which, I haven’t gotten to see in like 2983 years!

And meeting my cousins precious baby Tony (Tate is his mentor).

It’s getting to see my sis Rachel and filtering the absolute bejesus out of our faces.

It’s getting a random bouquet of flowers from my Dad, the OG man in my life.

And E bein’ the best Girl Scout she can be! Juliette Gordon Low would be proud.

It’s my main squeeze Dah-vide who I get to marry in like a month. I am SO excited.

 And last, but certainly NOT least.

My Meira. The best doggy in the whole world.

Let me know what is making you happy these days. I’d love to know :).



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