Springtime Magic

There has been something so undeniably wonderful about spring this year.

Maybe I’m just so darn sick of the rain, wearing the same coats again and again (most of them SUPER dirty…I’m that girl) and never being quiiiite ready to risk ballet flats. I hate wearing ballet flats when it rains.

So now that the sun has poked it’s amazing head out at us a few times, I can say with complete certainty that yeah, it’s pretty magical.

It’s magical because I can purchase embroidered chambray sleeveless shirts from the Gap, that I have been eyeing since March…and on super sale no less.

I can walk around in the sun, with a stain on my boob. Also, this pic makes me look like I don’t have any teeth.

We can encourage E to wear adorable outfits like this with her “Natalie Sandals” and sunnies.

David and I can take trips to the Coast in actual sunny weather! Even though down jackets and frozen toes are inevitable upon arrival.

Flowers make everything seem magical too…

And OF COURSE, my recently purchased Stila Magnificent Metals Glitter & Glow in Smoldering Satin provides oodles of magic.

Lots of other magic happening as well. Like nostalgic pics my Dad sends me.

It’s all just magic.



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