Weekends, Tate, and Falling Off a Ski Lift

Last weekend, my favorite sissy Rachel came to visit me!


She doesn’t look that thrilled to be in the picture but I promise, she was ecstatic.

We actually had a pretty chill weekend. Her cat Mosi licked all the foundation off my makeup brushes, we conversated with Megan and Tate, and sampled Four Loko anti-freeze. Here are some more of the highlights:

Haha highlights… maybe it was the long work trip I had on Friday or maybe it was the frozen marg I had at lunch on Saturday or maybe it was the mopey weather but I partied HARD when we got home…

Cue the nap party!




And then I woke up and decided to do Rachel’s makeup. I put 4239983472 different products on her.


AND THEN. Rachel brudded m’hurr


And we FaceTimed Annie, who is quite possibly, my favorite human. At the time, I was buffing Rache’s foundation in with the Beauty Blender  (which Annie thinks is really fun to watch). She even joined in with her own make-shift Beauty Blender…



But MAN OH MAN. How gorgeous is this girl?


We met up with some palz at Sellwood Public House #skittlesinfusedvodka and were seated next two a table of douche canoes (as evidenced here).


Then we came home and the party continued!


Such a great weekend with RJ – she is truly a gem.

In other news, Tate remains theeee sweetest angel baby of all time.



He was dreaming of his Auntie Nataweeee



He now crawls everywhere, uses his walker to crash into anything and everything and is pulling himself up. My heart cannot take it.


In other news, I FELL OFF A SKI LIFT.

This happened a few weeks ago and I DO NOT care to talk about it. What I will say is that I was probably 5 feet off the ground and right before I hit the ground I yelled, “WHOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAA!” kindof over-dramatically but like, I thought I was falling to my death. I was with David and Andy and they were both good sports about it. David tried to save my life but was forced to make a game-time decision as we rose higher and higher on the lift.

I also had to awkwardly get back in line in front of everyone who saw the whole thing and my goggles were askew but I didn’t want to stop and fix them because I was trying to hurry and i had upper-lip sweat.


Taken on that fateful day

And lastly, I got to see my bestie Holly at the Clackamas Whitewater Festival!! We camped, ate snausages and peed outside. We also left with some pretty awesome NRS swag (Thanks Mopes!).



Here we are with Meira who is very nearly, the best dog of all time.

And lastly, allllll the dresses are out at alllll the stores. Target is just absolutely killing me with their stuff and I feel like they have so much to choose from this year. Unfortunately for me, a new pair of specs and a looming root canal are keeping my pennies in my pocket, but like, how cute is this little number? Note: I did not buy this #selfrestraint.


My sister Megan’s biggest pet peeve is that I don’t remove my socks when trying on clothes.

AND that’s my life.

3 thoughts on “Weekends, Tate, and Falling Off a Ski Lift

  1. Becster says:

    What a great couple of days! And Tate is so cute! Those walker things are dangerous! And I gotta ask, how on earth did you manage to fall off a ski lift?!


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