I am very happy to announce that I will be adding the above to my long list of titles. Sister Natalie. Wife Natalie. Woodland-creature-loving Natalie. And now…



The Megs is Pregs

The first human baby in our family is set to make his or her grand entrance into the world this September and I may or may not pass out from the excitement. Not only is Megan my sister, but she is my best friend and my heart. It is hard to imagine my life without Peg (nickname) and her being pregs is like ME being pregs. So basically, I am co-pregnant with her child.


CHEEERS! (Note: This is at my bachelorette party.)

We are about 14 weeks along and so far, not showing. It’s okay though, because we have been very sick and therefore unable to eat too much. My mom has been a sparkling angel, cooking, saying her wonderful “there-theres” and just being her usual Nancy-self.


Another thing that is fun about being co-pregnant is that it opens up a whole new world of beauty products. Belly butters, nipple creams (teehee) and of course products for the actual BABY! I could srsly smell baby heads ALL DAY.

Another thing I am excited for is Megan’s diaper bag! Nowadays, the big boys make ’em. I.E – Prada, Burberry, Kate Spade, etc. Having a baby is the best because it basically means you get a new purse, amiright!?

What else? Oh yes, all the sweet little baby clothes! I am already planning on purchasing the following items, boy OR girl.

  • Baby overalls
  • Baby jeggings
  • A tiny onesie that looks like a pea-pod (SURELY such a thing exists)
Baby Patagonia

Also, baby Patagonia

Let us also rejoice in the fact that I FINALLY get to throw a baby shower and thus make everyone play the poopy diaper game. People who turn their noses up at this game do NOT know how to have fun. I will also be making everyone play all the other “gross” baby shower games, like the babyfood one and obvs chugging an alcoholic beverage from a baby bottle. Meg is on board, so don’t worry.

I am also going to have balloons there at the door which everyone will have to shove up their shirt so Megan doesn’t feel fat, too. See! I am going to throw the best baby shower everrrrr.

So basically, I’m excited. I’m reallllly excited. I’m going to be an aunt!!!!



3 thoughts on “Auntie!

  1. Becster says:

    Congrats to you both! Best thing about babies are the clothes and shoes! Little baby booties are adorable! Although I must admit the baby Patagonia looks gorgeous!


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