Stars and Gripes Forever

Happy 4th of July! Happy July!

As I slowly settled into the work week after 4 glorious days off, I came to a few realizations. This humble little corner of the internet of mine has morphed from recipe repository to adventure log to an outpouring of the ramblings of a wanna be beauty guru. As much as I’d like to think I’ve attracted readers from all corners of the world, I know who is reading: my lovely family and friends. So in light of the fact that most of you open my blog, shake your head at my overuse of the word “cute”, smile at funny pictures and then promptly exit – this is for you.

Other than that long introduction I will be taking the advice of my college journalism professor, K.I.S.S (keep it simple, stupid).

Bry and I’s 4th of July 2013 in a word, was perfect. As mentioned, my family was able to wrangle up a few hot dogs, coolers and roughly 5 10 bottles of wine oh – and the sweetest little mountain cabin you can imagine.



The night prior, Bry and I snagged what will be known forever as “the best $45 we ever spent”.


This would be a two-man intertube, complete with headrests, cupholders, a mesh butt-guard and best of all – a cooler in the middle, holding a shocking 20 + beers.

On Wednesday night, we dined on burgers al fresco.



The 4th of July began with a bang (see what I did there?)! Bacon + pancakes and much excitement for the day’s activities. We started off with a little golfing while Gare kept score.



The soon-to-be Johnsons

Nan in putting position

Nan in putting position

We then headed into the ‘Worth for a lunch of bavarian delights. Nan and I split a knackwurst and were in hot-dog heaven. After we got home, ol’ Lungs of Steel inflated our “River Run 2”, while Megan, Ben and I struggled with the single tubes.



Icicle Creek was off the chizzle. Seriously a mini lake Havasu. Meg and I sipped our river drinks while Ben and Bry pounded Bud Light Limes and Coors Light. After our float, we came back to the cabin for games and dinner prep.  That night we had ribs (compliments of Ben), salad, potatoes and baked beans. After dinner, I PTFO took a quick cat nap while Megan drove the boys into the wilderness to light off a firework or two. Totally safe. I woke up and we had a fire complete with s’mores, camp songs from Nan and an absolutely horrific allergy attack.

Layered Rice Krispie Treats from Nan

Layered Rice Krispie Treats from Nan



Since the boys had their night of fun on the 4th, we decided to make them pay on the 5th with Danielson-style shopping. Different from typical shopping, we Danielsons like to go in EVERY store, be it a Christmas theme, art gallery or of course  – anything 2nd hand. The boys were good sports and trudged along, listening to our “oohs” and “ahs” and holding our purses when we needed them to. Check out the array of treasures.

Candle stores are the best stores.

Candle stores are the best stores.

Who wouldn't need a large jar in this scent?

Who wouldn’t need a large jar in this scent?



And she talked!



We went home for lunch and prepped for another rafting excursion. After floating lazily along the creek once more, we headed back into town for dinner at one of the oldest establishments in Leavenworth and it lookes like grandma’s house.

The night was concluded with a game of shangai rummy, which I manged to lose by staggering numbers and of course my pal Benadryl. We later determined that the cats creepily roaming around the house were probably the culprit for my dramatic allergic reactions.

The vodka Bry and I brought is on the left.

The vodka Bry and I brought is on the left.

Saturday was spent packing up the car and heading to the Tri so Bryan and I could check out a possible wedding venue for our 2014 nuptials. As soon as we arrived, Bryan and I decided it was time to exercize off the buckets of beer and s’mores by going up Badger Mountain. After our detox workout, we stopped at the store to replensish what we had sweated out – more beer. Because we are smart. Megan and Nan made a delicious BBQ chicken southwest salad concoction of sorts and we washed it down with margs ala Bryan.

On Sunday, Bry and I headed to Walla Walla – the location we have selected to host our wedding next year. We visited a venue that Bryan hadn’t seen before and it was love at first sight. We are signing the papes this week to secure the date…holy baby Jesus this is actually happening.


Delicious Pastries at Olive


My handsome fiance.

Coming up next – getting m’hair did and a camping trip in the Cascades. Time to deep condition and break out the Chacos.


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