My First Jackson Hole Hike

I moved to Jackson, Wyoming on May 30th of 2010 with my bestie Holly J. Coleman. People call it Jackson “Hole”. At first I totally made fun of living in “the hole”. How gross does that sound? Truth be told – it’s called Jackson Hole, because it is literally situated in a valley or a “hole”. Bible. Both of us had been living and working the career-gal life in Spokane but were ready to mix it up a bit. We were both just two average career-gals, sick of silly water-cooler banter, high heels, lattes, “Hang in There” kitten posters and were looking for a change of pace.

Holly & Me

We had visited Jackson in April, 2010 with our other bestie, Carey who had lived there for a few years and really loved it. She even opened a sweet coffee shop called Elevated Grounds, which both Holly and I now work at.  

Elevated Grounds Coffee House

As soon as we returned home to Spokane, we knew for sure…we were moving to Jackson. Gimme mountains. Gimme green grass. Gimme gimme gimme a man after midnight, won’t somebody help me chase the shadows away? Whoops, that was ABBA – but you get the idea.

One month later we had done it! We landed safely in a little apartment, had jobs and were ready for the summer. Well, first I bought Chacos, then I was ready for the summer. Then Holly and I promptly went for a few shorter “baby” hikes to get to know the area.

First hike - Cache Creek

It was a great summer…


Day Hike - Snow King

Jackson Peak Summit

Cache Creek

Snow King


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