Sweet Blogger Award!

G’day my lovely plushies!

It’s been awhile since I’ve done one of these fun lil’ posts so I thought WHY THE HECK NOT!? I’d like to thank the lovely Kittyp0p for nominating me!

1. What’s your biggest dream? 

To sing in a big gospel choir. With the robes and everything.

2. Favorite guilty pleasure snack? 

I love mixing different cereals together and eating it dry, out of small bowls.

3. What’s the meal you’re best at making? 

David loves these little appetizers I make and calls them California rolls. They’re really called Southwestern Baked Egg Rolls and I based my recipe off the one here.

4. How many teeth have you had pulled? 

Two wisdom teeth on my left, upper and lower.

5. What color do you hope your child’s eyes will be? 

Well first of all, I hope I am capable of having a child! If I am, eye color is the last thing I’ll care about. But if I had to pick I’d say blue, like mine.

6. Favorite book series? 

I really like all the historical fiction from Philippa Gregory, like The Other Boleyn Girl. Really great books!

7. Who is the most inspirational person you know that’s younger than you? 

For whatever random reason, I am really inspired by a ballet dance by the name of Joy Womack. She is a Bolshoi-Ballet trained dancer (one of the only Americans to train there) and her work ethic and drive is truly admirable. She also has a YouTube channel where I live vicariously through her.

8. What time is it where you are? 

6:00 pm PST

9. Where would you go to escape the world? 

Where would I? Well if I could go anywhere to escape it would be Paris or Capri. Currently, when I need to escape it is in my bed with YouTube.

10. Do you prefer sweet or savory foods? 


Stila Magnificent Metals in Diamond Dust

Hello flowerbombz!

I’ve come to realize as of late that I probably should just go ahead and own ALL of the Stila Magnificent Metals. I mean…they’re super glittery, stay put with the help of a glitter glue AND are just gorgeous. Either that, or I am just being extra and can’t get over the fact that glitter is apropos on the eyes for a hot minute.

I already have the shade Smoldering Satin, so I thought I’d pick up the next shade I’ve been dying to try…Diamond Dust!


Apologies for my weird hobbit feet in the background of this pic, but the twinkle. AH LAWD the twinkle!

I also swatched it inside to get another perspective for y’all because I care.

If you do not own one of these colors, RUN don’t walk to Ulta and pick one up. Each one is gorgeous, neutral and adds that little bit-o pizzazz on the ol’ eye real estate. I just ca’t say enough good things about these!

So what do YOU think? How many of you own one of these pups?

Covergirl Total Tease Mascara Review

Hey tootsies!

Before I dive into this mascara, I thought I would remind you all of my two tried-and-true overall mascara tips guaranteed to work with ANY mascara.

  1. NEVER “pump” your mascara. This incorporates air into the bottle and will dry-out the product faster.
  2. Treat a new mascara like a fine wine. Open it, let it breathe. Obviously don’t leave the wand out or anything but give mascara like a week or two until you start judging it. I find that a newly opened mascara is never at it’s best right off the bat. It needs some time to ripen up and blossom.

Now back to the Covergirl Total Tease.



I Gotta love the baby pink and black color combo. It reminds me alot of the Benefit Roller Lash in that regard!


The wand on this is pretty damn weird. The bristles are rubber, fairly short and spaced out. The bristles do not wrap all the way around the wand, either. On the side where there aren’t bristles, they put in a tiny bump at the tip of the brush with two little lash combs. I think the idea is the comb allows you to get into tiny places, like the inner and outer most lashes.


Sorry about the RBF

This is a wetter formula for sure and it does not dry super shiny. In fact it dries fairly matte and leaves the lashes feeling pretty soft. The product itself goes on the lashes fairly thick and goopy but because the wand is so separating, it works.


I don’t find myself using the little comb on the end too much when I apply this product. I mostly use the other side and enjoy the separation it gives. I definitely like to wiggle this one back and forth between the lashes to ensure an even coat.


Here’s what this mascara looked like at the end of the day:

It looked pretty nice throughout the day, albeit a bit scraggly at the tips of my lashes. It also doesn’t hold a curl wonderfully, but it definitely wasn’t the worst in that department.


I really like this mascara. It isn’t my absolute favorite but I am always hard-pressed to find a mascara that looks nice on it’s own. Most of the time, I have to use two different mascaras to achieve the length, separation and fullness that I want but this one does a pretty good job on it’s own. It is a bit more “gloppy” then I like on a day-to-day basis but sometimes I need those ka-pow lashes and this stuff delivers on that front.

Le Marc Liquid Lip Crème Vox Box

G’day gents!

I was recently selected for the Le Marc Liquid Lip Crème Vox Box by Influenster (the products were complimentary) and thought I’d share my thoughts!


Not being a huge fangirl of liquid lipsticks these days, I was unsure of how I’d like this one from Marc Jacobs Beauty. However, the brand has really put out some great things, namely the Marc Jacobs Glowstick, Velvet Noir Mascara and of course the High Liner. When the box arrived, I was slightly disappointed to see that they selected the shade Hot Cocoa. My blonde hair and transparent-white skin doesn’t typically lend itself well to any colors in the brown family.


But then I swatched it and was pleasantly surprised that it wasn’t just straight-up brown, but had a slight rosy hue to it.


The box also contained a coordinating lip liner! Mine was in the shade (nude)ist.


Here it is next to the lip creme:


And because I am a hard core beauty blogger (teehee) I decided to try it on and snap a pic for you guys.

DISCLAIMER: I have been sick all week and have closely resembled Aileen Wuornos.


NOT a precise application but you get the idea. Also, please note that I am reppin’ a North Face fleece.


Overall thoughts? I actually really like this stuff! The formula STAYS PUT and it wears really nicely. My issue with most liquid lipsticks is that they get all patchy and gross, but this one fades really well. I like the formulation and surprisingly, the color is growing on me! I think with a whole face a’makeup it wouldn’t look half bad. The lipliner is pretty typical, nothing overly wonderful. But a nice color and well pigmented, for sure.

Follow @Influenster and @MarcBeauty for more info on these puppies.

Oh, and this is Aileen Wuornos for anyone who doesn’t know…and this is a good pic.


2016 Olympics – My Thoughts

Greetings fellow Americans!

Today I bring you MY thoughts and opinions on all things ‘lympics. From gymnastics (obvi), to swimming, judo, women’s basketball and every other sport in between….except skeet shooting…I guess I didn’t watch any skeet shooting…


Y’all know I’m totally obsessed. My pink ombre sparkly leo for a 6-footer is LITERALLY on order for 2020. The following are the questions I have while I watched them compete:

  • Is butt glue used to avoid a large, perpetual wedgie?
  • If there is no butt glue in use, how CRAZY do those panties have to be?
  • How do you feel knowing that the only thing between 3 million people’s eyes and your crotch, is a thin piece of spandex?
  • Is it not a little sad that when they’re done doing doing gymnastics, they will be these eensy tiny people with high voices?
  • What if a piece of the glitter from their face or hair falls into their eye right before they hit the vault?
  • Have they ever farted while on the balance beam, and lost their balance?


Since when was slapping eachother’s hands out of the way and grabbing for one another’s baggy jackets a sport? To me, Judo looks like two chicks fighting over the same Burberry trench for 75% off at the Nordstrom Half-Yearly.



Soft porn.


SRSLY just cover yer vital organs. If I was a men’s volleyball player and I was in the back row, I would literally get into the fetal position with one arm dangling out and just hope to GOD the ball didn’t puncture a lung. It is insane how hard they smack that ball and it is also nice that many of the USA men’s team is good-looking ;).



I noticed a pretty big discrepancy in the bodies of these male swimmers. Most are ripped, like Michael Phelps and Ryan Lochte (or the world’s stupidest man) but others are not. And a few actually had little guts! I was allllll about the guys with the tummies. I felt that they were the Rudy’s. The underdogs. The little tummies engines that could!

Gotta Love this Paunch! Photo Cred

Gotta Love this Paunch!
Photo Cred


I would not participate in this sport for two reasons, and two reasons alone:

  1. swimming caps
  2. the knee-length swimming suits

Not even Giselle would look cute in those get-ups and in my experience with sports, the better you look, the better you perform. I am sure the way they cut those suits to come in on the sides of the chest and expose SO much of those crazy latissimus dorsi muscles is for aero-dynamic reasons but LAW, is it fug. NO can do amigo.

I must say these gals make it look FIERCE THO…



I feel like each and every women’s rugby player had to successfully complete the following rigorous training: 7 years of roller derby, wearing 2 sports bras during 5 of those years, drinking Spicy V-8 every morning and NEVER getting to wear your hair down ever. Also, for whatever reason…I feel like I would be okay at women’s rugby? yes? im kinda scrappy.


Photo Cred Khaleesi’s not-so-famous sister gettin’ her 15 min of fame as a ref

What are your thoughts about the olympics!?

Kat Von D Lock-It VoxBox

Hey makeup nerds!

I am back with you for one heckuva Vox Box. Like, the Simone Biles of Vox Boxes.

(and no, I am still obsessed with Simone. or any of the other gymnasts for that matter. including the 41-year Uzbeki old one.)

As I have mentioned countless times, I am signed up for Influenster, and so can you. I have no affiliation with them other than the fact that I am a member. Check out their site to learn more because I am not an expert. What I do know, is that they send me cool sh*t. This time it was a box of goodies from Kat Von D! A brand I have never tried before (SHOCKING I KNOW) but always wanted to. Here is what I received as well as my initial, very early thoughts!




The box included:

• Lock-it Concealer Crème in Light 11 Neutral
• Lock-it Concealer Crème in Light 5 Neutral
• Lock-it Setting Powder
• Lock-it Edge Concealer Brush
• Lock-it Setting Powder Brush

Lock-It Concealer Cremes

As of right now, I really love these concealers. Both shades are nice and fair (perfect for my Scandinavian-princess skin) and the packaging is really cute. The wand is a nice angled doe-foot and deposits a good amount of product.

I swatched these both on my hand and then blended them out slightly (pictured below). They blended really nicely and both looked like they had great coverage.





Here are a couple shots of me with the lighter concealer on under my eyes with the setting powder (sans mascara in the first one #alienface). Overall, I like this concealer. It may not be as crazy of coverage as say the Mac Pro-long Wear, but I def need to play with it more!



Lock-It Setting Powder

10 points for packaging on this one, Miss Von D! I also LUURVE that the product is dispensed out of a star! I only used this one time but so far it is an excellent, finely-milled translucent powder!




 Lock-It Concealer Brush

Both brushes are very nice. Super soft too! I usually use my finger to press concealer onto my undereyes but this brush might convert me. I love the slight angle to it and the fact that it is a duo-fiber.



Lock-It Powder Brush

Can I also get an AMEN for these stiletto-like handles!? This brush is stupid soft and I love the fact that it is tapered at the top. Getting the perfect amount of under-eye setting powder on this brush is so easy and it deposits the product perfectly in that area.


Sunriver Trip 2016

Happy summer everyone!

Have I even said that yet? Summer is basically like half way over and I am like already depressed. A family trip to Sunriver was just what the doctor ordered.

I arrived on Wednesday night after the entire Britney Spears Greatest Hits album as well as 1.5 Red Bulls and half a tube of Chewy Spree. The fam had just returned from dinner so I toasted myself up an english muffin with gobs of Country Crock and mixed a vodka + fresca for sustenance. We then discovered the cabin we rented for the week came equipped with THEE most necessary board game ever:


 You guys, this game is somethin’ else, I highly suggest it #zitstickers.

The house also had this enormous deck, in which Tate looooved to run around in his walker on. While we played Girl Talk, he happily ran around like a banshee, baby babbling and drooling away. Then he came over and put his hands up so Nan plucked him out and his little feet were SO filthy and his big toe had popped through his jammies! So, we grabbed a pair of scissors from the kitchen and just whacked off the ends #whitetrashbaby.


And then he fought sleep for a million years and Nan ended up getting him to take a snooze while I stole a pic:


The next morning I woke up and of course played with Tate.


As did Nan and Gare:


Ok maybe Gary was watching TV

We ate some brek and the gals + Binny decided it would be fun to go for a float down the Deschutes! So we rented tubes, filled a cooler with ice, vodka, red bull and puffy Cheetos and hit the water.





After we floated, I came home and PTFO took a princess-like snooze. Then I woke up and did some Snaps with the folks.



That night after dinner, we went for a walk and I wore Tate on m’back. He was being the cutest ever.



The next morning, we woke up and explored the little Sunriver “village”. Tate found a little kids play area with rocks and a rope walk to be quite enjoyable.



After that, we ventured over to Lava Lands to walk through the Lava Tube, which sounds really weird. Nan and I decided to stay put in the car with Tate, but we did walk around a little first.


Next up was lunch in Bend, at Deschutes Brewery.


This was just my show beer. AKA my Dad’s. I would never drink this grossness.

Then we did a little shopping around Bend (such cute shops) and David joined! I got these cool shades:


The next day we all went to Cultus Lake and Nan rented us a party barge for the morning! We did a little fishing (unsuccessfully) and drank a bottle of wine (successfully). Tate roamed around the boat, bein’ all cute and I realized that I pretty much reallllly need a boat.






What a beautiful lake! I highly recommend it. as far as bodies of water go. Meg HATED the name cuullltus. It IS kindof a gross name for a lake.

So anyway, that was basically it. Fun times for us!