Kayaks, Sore Throats and Jersey Girls



MAC St.Germain and Oversized Pearls for the WIN

How are all you BBs doing this week?

I’ve been singing in the car waaaay too hard lately. I accidentally took the following selfie when I was trying to capture a funny man in teensy biker shorts the other day:


Mid Power-Ballad

Also, I had quite the weekend! My bestie Holly and her fiance Matt came into town, I developed a horrendous sore throat and lastly, I found it ridiculously easy (dare I say, scarily) to speak in a New Jersey accent.

It allll started on Friday night where we met up with the Dweedles (Dee and Dumb that is, hehe, jk) at Bamboo Sushi in NW 23rd. It was hilar that Holly suggested this place because we have taken many of our outta town friends there.


Holly ordered saki which to me is ball sweat, but whatevs. The sushi is always solid and then you have the Salt & Straw option next door!


The next day I picked up Holly, wet hair and all, from her hotel and we ventured out to the reason for their visit (other than me, amazing me), a kayak demo put on by Next Adventure in Sellwood park.


Closed-mouth smile!

The day was absolutely GORG and I loved the fact that there was nothing I even remotely wanted to buy! I also learned that SUP stands for Stand Up Paddleboard, go fig, right!? Anyweeez, Matt hooked us up with awesome NRS t-shirts and other swag (such a celeb rn) and then we headed to my friend Aliese’s house for her daughter’s bday!




It was a princess theme so obvi I died.


Mini Elsa omgaosiedas9q23j9!*(&@




The princess costumes of today are sooo legit compared to the ones they had when I was a kid. My mom made the most killer Rainbow Brite costume everrrr but my sister Megan got to wear it. I was always stuck being Mickey in Fantasia, which was basically a hole cut out of a royal blue plastic table cloth #klassy.

Later that night we all met up for pizza and beer (or wine if you’re me and hate beer) at Lucky Labrador in NW.


I literally inhaled 3 pieces and 2 glasses of wine and felt just GRAND.


Matching shirts, don’t currr

Then we went to this little bar down the road that served about 40234890723 different kinds of bottled beers in little chalice cups. Very hipster. And Portland. We sat outside and that was when Holly and I decided it was high time we practice our Jersey girl accents. So we did.

We made a rule that you couldn’t talk in a regular accent, it HAD to be Jersey. So everyone was just spittin’ out imaginary stories of “the shore”, deadbeat boyfriends, and classy joints. My stomach hasn’t hurt so hard from lauging before IN MY LIFE.


Holly as a 18th century british man

It was then, that the dull sore throat I had been complaining about the last 4-ish days decided to rear her ugly head. We moved to Blue Moon, a bar down the road where I regretfully ordered a hot toddy to try and soothe my throat. It LITrally tasted like vom, but somehow I choked down 87% of it and then wisely moved to vodka+sevens. MY LIFE.

Then I dared Holly and Matt to switch shirts and they freaking did .


The next day I slept in until 11 am and my body was like, “Awesome job Natalie! But I’m still tired.” So I slept more. And more. 5 pm and I was still in my jammies. My throat felt sooo bad, so I went to Zoom Care to make sure I didn’t have strep and thankfully I don’t.

So that’s where we’re at guys. Hit me up for all the Jersey flaves.


You know when you just have one of those perfect weekends? Where you strike that perfect balance of knocking things off the to-do list while still enjoying two work-free days? Lately, those have been scare around here. CFA exam prep, weekends away planning our wedding. Mondays would come and go where neither of us felt that true satisfaction.

Well, last weekend was definitely the exception. And hopefully we’ll have plenty more to come.

Our friends from Seattle came to see us, we shopped for honeymoon clothes AND we snuck in a mini trip to wine country. Holla.

Saturday afternoon Kyle, Melissa and their daughter M arrived and instantly our weekend had begun. It has been an absolute joy to watch little M grow before our very eyes from a little baby, to the curious, precocious and beautiful 2-year-old girl she is today. I simply adore this child and Mel has an awesome blog you all MUST check out.

We unpacked and settled in a bit before hitting the waterfront for a little stroll before dinner. M couldn’t decide which was better, the stroller or stretching her legs and walking along the path – stopping to examine everything from flowers to rocks to puppies and the hissing Canadian geese (yes, they hiss and it is SUPER weird). We hit up Nike Town where the boys found some treasures and I realized my workout attire is in DESPERATE need of an upgrade. Unless for some reason, my sister’s old soccer shorts and pitted-out cotton tee shirts come back in stlye…

For dinner, we headed to NW 23rd street to meet up with some other friends and share a meal. The Lucky Labrador Brewery was the perfect setting for adults and kids alike, featuring an outdoor patio with picnic tables, dogs and lots of good food. Our gourmet veggie pizza was great, but watching the kidelts play and try to feed each other had to be the highlight of dinner.

Afterwards, Mel and I walked over to a NW 23rd namesake, Salt & Straw. With lines wrapping around the block on the daily, we surmised that getting a pint and getting the heck outta there was our best bet. I ran in, got 10-15 dirty looks and grabbed a pint of sea salt with caramel ribbons (drool). Then we headed back so M could go to bed and we could dig in. The ice cream was life-changing good and we quickly understood why people wait hours for this stuff.




The next day Kyle and Bryan did us a solid and ran down the waterfront to procure two Portland delicacies we desperately wanted to try. Stumptown coffees and Voodoo Doughnuts. I’ll admit the Voodoo Doughnuts thing is over-hyped. Lots of locals hate the place but tourists can’t get enough of the quirky, deep-fried creations. Personally, I don’t discriminate against any doughnut SO BRING EM ON.

Bry and Kyle returned an hour later toting Stumptown mochas and an array of sugary sweet doughnut combos that, admittedly, turned us all into giggling little kids. We got bacon maple bars, a chocolate doughnut with Cocoa Puffs, some staples like an old-fashioned and cake and then mine – The Loop. Yes, my friends. A vanilla frosted ring of sumptuous glory, dipped in none other than Fruit Loops.




Turns out M was just as enthusiastic about my doughnut so we shared, much to the chagrin of her parents who shook their heads at her tenacity towards the rainbow-colored cereal covered in bits of vanilla frosting. When in Portland, kid. When in Portland.



After breakfast (if you can call it that), we decided to walk off some of those delicious calories and head into downtown for a bit of shopping. Obvs the Rack had to be pillaged and I was happy to see everyone find some awesome finds (tax-free!).

For lunch, we went to the Nordstrom Café per Melissa’s recommendation and it turned out to be EXACTLY what we needed. Good food, good prices and speedy service. How does Nordstrom always get it right?

After lunch we reluctantly bid adieu to our friends, gave M MASSIVE hugs and sent them on their way back to Washington. Bry then mentioned the idea of heading over to McMinnville for a little wine tasting and wandering. Hmmmm…”OKAY”, was my reply.

The little downtown of McMinnville is literally SO cute, lined with restaurants, little boutiques and of course plenty of tasting rooms. We sauntered around a bit before hopping in the car to visit Eyrie Vineyards.


Apparently this place bottled the first ever Pino Gris in America back in the 70’s…which is my fave wine. Who knew!?

Next we wanted to try someplace with a view. And we totally found it at Durant Vineyards! The tasting room was very well appointed, with rustic and tasteful décor and a really nice sampling of wines to try. Bry and I decided to just get glasses since they were closing down and headed outside.


It was heaven.



His and Hers

All in all, a very successful weekend indeedsy.