My Beauty Hacks



Very often in social conversations, I find myself explaining the seemingly simple little things I do to help me not look homeless. Things like getting my 4 day unwashed hair to stay in that perfectly coiffed, not-too-messy, messy bun. Or getting my tired eyes (one of which, droops) to look alive and Disney princessish. To me, these practices are just that. M’ tried-and-trues. Things I have done since middle school that I no longer even think about, let alone have put down on paper.

But guys –  it is time to share. November is upon us! The month where we bow our heads and give thanks for all that we have. For me, it’s Malibu Rum and Wild Berry Skittles. It’s also the following beauty hacks that I hope will give you something to be thankful for.

These eye drops that make the whites of your eyes really white


I first heard about these a few years ago when I watched a tutorial on how to look like Barbie (obvs). The video (maybe Michelle Phan?) recommended using these drops to get super white and bright eyes. Ever since then, I have gone through 2 whole bottles and WHO, may I ask, uses an entire bottle of eye drops that doesn’t wear contacts?

These drops knock out any redness or discoloration on the whites of your eyes and are PERFECT when I feel tired or am hungover. They are a lifesaver in a pinch when you need to look “awake” in a jiff or want that bright-eyed, doll look.

 Best method for shaving your legs

This is going to sound weird, but this is how I shave my legs and they always perfect and buttery-soft.

First, exfoliate them with a sugar scrub. I like this one:


When I am feeling extra pampery, I will also use a loofah on them.

Next, I grab my razor – and y’all won’t believe which kind I use.


Yes, I use the cheap-ass candy-pink razors that come in a 12-pack and cost $2.49 at Fred Meyer. The difference is, I use a new one of these almost every time I shave my legs. I discovered long ago that with expensive razors like the Venus and the Intuition, I wouldn’t switch the blade out very often and after a few shaves, they weren’t as close. I crave that close, perfect, precise shave EACH time. So I decided to buy the good ol’ twin-blade razors and use a fresh one each time and you guys – I am NOT looking back. A bit wasteful? Perhaps. But my legs are silky smooth every time and I don’t worry about spending a million dollars on 5-blade razors that basically are rendered useless after a few uses.


I use my cheap razor and body wash to shave my legs. I used to think those Skintimate Shave Gels were the tits but I have quickly discovered the absolute best thing for shaving your legs and it is this:


The lotiony effect of the body wash coats my legs and I hardly ever get cuts. Then when I’m done, I am left with a softer and smoother set of stems.

These methods are extensive but I promise they work. If you want a step-by-step tutorial on how to get the best shave everrrr LET ME KNOW!

Putting castor oil on your eyelashes

Okaaaaay. I have been putting castor oil on my eyelashes every night for quite a while now. At first I was like, “WTF  have you resorted to Natalie?!” But now I love it. Each night after I take all my makeup off, I take a tiny bit of castor oil on my finger and sweep it on my upper and lower lashes with just enough to coat them. I feel like it is basically a conditioner for eyelashes and it causes me zero irritation. As a result, my eyelashes are longer, fuller and more “feathery”. I feel like they are the best they’ve ever been right now and I owe it all to Castor Oil! Go fig.

This is the kind I use:


Buy the organic, pure version

Getting rid of bruises FAST with Arnica


Duuuuude that sounds like a infomercial. But srsly, Arnica has changed my life. Due to whatever amount of vitamins I am lacking from my self-elected diet of Pirate’s Booty, Milk Duds and the occasional can of soup – I find that I bruise SUPER easy.

A couple of coworkers recommended I try Arnica and it totally works like a charm. I would say it cuts down the “life” of my bruises by half. During the summer especially – this stuff is a godsend.

And that’s it for now! Be prepared for a Part 2 of this blog post because it’s already in the works!


I recently started volunteering at a local elementary school as part of a program that my work puts on. I tutor a 2nd grader in reading every Tuesday and oh my, how I look forward to it. First of all, the school is one of those charming old brick buildings, with these giant palatial windows and little pop-outs for window seats, where I imagine young minds curled up and feasting on books by Roald Dahl. Every time I walk, in I am greeted by the smells and sounds of my childhood. Eager crossing guards, racing outside in their orange vests, moms and dads holding the hands of sleepy little ones with traces of pillow lines on their faces. It’s all so cute and happy and it makes my heart full. The icing on the cake is every time I leave the school around 8:45, there is the absolute cutest little French bulldog with a pink collar. She sits obediently on the pavement and does not bark at any passersby. I always say hello to her (or him) and add, “I love you!” while I give her a little pet. It really is the best day of the week.



A few weeks ago, on a rainy Sunday, I convinced Bryan to take a study break and escort me to NW 23rd Street, where my local Lush resides. I was all giddy in the car at the thought of buying Lush’s Unicorn Horn, that I couldn’t stand it. We parked in the rain, got out the umbrellas and trucked up the street to the store. I walked in and ALL OF THE VALENTINES STUFF WAS SOLD OUT. The girl who worked there told me it barely lasted a week. I cried silent tears and we walked across the street to Jo Bar for some Happy Hour food. We shared fondue! It was soooo good and the world started to feel right again.




Speaking of Lush, check out my bath the other day, using the Dragon’s Egg bath bomb:


You can’t tell from this pic, but it was GLITTERY!

My eyelashes are falling out and it really is the most terrible thing that could ever happen to a girl. When I have no makeup on and I look at myself in the mirror, straight-on – it is literally the saddest thing ever. I feel like one of those hairless cats or a mutant alien. ANYWAYS ugh. I am not doing Latisse for a multitude of reasons (eye color changing side-effects and the price being the top two) and so I have been forced to look elsewhere. I have decided to try Rapid Lash, which is available everywhere and recently I have also discovered Castor Oil as a treatment.

I have been using Rapid Lash now for about a week and I just bought Castor Oil the other day. Keep in mind if you try this that you should buy cold-pressed, organic 100% pure Castor Oil.


My plan is to use the Rapid Lash as directed and then apply the Castor Oil directly to my eyelashes. We’ll see. Isn’t it just SO WONDERFUL that this has happened to me!? I feel like as I get older, the list of “conditions” I have to deal with just gets longer and longer. Sheesh!

And lastly, I heard someone say the funniest thing the other day when talking about how tired they were…

Person: “OMG I am exhausted today!”

Me: “I know, me too!”

Person: “Good thing the bags under my eyes are Prada.”

Me: “Haaahahahahaha OMG I am going to make a shirt that says that!!” (I srsly thought I was going to be soooo clever).

Turns out, its already a thing. SO a thing.