Are extensions trashy? 

I used to think so.

In my brain, certain connotations attach themselves to gals sporting extensions. Face-slapping silicone boobies, acrylic nails and probably a guest appearance on The Bad Girls Club. If you have ever seen someone with bad extensions and a high pony, surely you can understand my point.


Oh Brit.

But then. Then I see a picture like this:


or this

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I am not saying the women in these pictures are wearing extensions, but these days – I would not be surprised. You can’t swing a cat in Hollywood without knocking the extensions off every day-time TV queen, DWTS D-lister or Bachelorette hopeful. Apparently our own hair is no longer good enough.

So I look at these pictures and then I look in the mirror. SHAME. Despite my relentless attempts to achieve that certain un-done Serena van der Woodsen perfection, I am nowhere near close. Not even Jenny Humphrey close.


Serena wins

On a day-to-day basis, I could care less if my hair looks anything beyond mediocre. But on my wedding day? Yeah, I am aiming for editorial. Cover-worthy. Pinnable, Real Housewife worthy locks.

So all the sudden extensions aren’t looking so trashy anymore.

Immediately I can rule out the kind that fuse, bond or track into the hair. Too much of a commitment. So then I am left with the popular clip-in extension option, friends to many YouTubers and Beauty Bloggers alike.

BUT. Can I do it? Do I resign to the fact that I am willing to PAY to clip someone else’s hair to my own? Well I did it to my Christmas tree so…

Opinions are welcomed.