Our Wedding: My Dress

I am so excited to finally be able to show you guys the dress contenders. Choosing my dress was pretty easy after I narrowed down my criteria, which was:

  • To look like a Ballerina

Hahahaaa. But really, I knew I wanted to look hyper feminine, timeless and as much like a ballerina as possible. Not like the polished, face-lifting bun type, but like the beautifully undone, I-just-stepped-off-stage ballerina. After looking online, I noted a few styles from various designers that were MUST-TRY’s. It seemed I was utterly smitten by many of the dresses by Watters, so I sought out the shops that carried the brand.

Here are some of the ones that made the final cut.

Sorry about not remembering all the details of each of these. Detail-oriented, I am not.

This one came from a little shop in Bellevue, La Belle Reve. All I recall was that it was a style called “Megan”. In hindsight…I kinda wish I would have went with this dress. It was simple, really comfortable and the dress I chose was a TORTURE CHAMBER. Plus it was a good boob-dress.


I allllmost chose this dress because I felt like a southern belle AND a ballerina, which to me, is the most perfect creature imaginable.


One closed-mouth smile was needed

It was SUPER poof and the bodice was LIFE-CHANGING but I think it was like 18-hundo. Kinda spendy. This dress was in Seattle at a shop called La Belle Elaine’s.


This one was my and Bryan’s mom’s favorite, also at La Belle Elaine’s. The top was absolutely adorable, with a floral-lace overlay. I loved it too, but felt that it accentuated my linebacker shoulders.

And lastly, here is MY dress, found at I Do Bridal in Seattle. It is by Justin Alexander, style 8670.

In the first photos, I am wearing the sample from the store. You will see how much more POOF was involved in the finished dress.



Below are some shots from our wedding day.

Overall, I loved my dress. We added tiny rolled satin straps to it because 1.) I do not like strapless dresses on me and 2.) they added to the ballerina-factor. It definitely could have fit me better and was probably better suited for a big-chested gal, but the gals who helped me failed to point out that fact. My advice to any bride would be to choose a dress that speaks to your style and aesthetic, but that also suits your body. My sister had a similar experience when she realized after the fact, that her dress was probably better suited for a taller broad. Whatevs, we choose was we like.

Profesh photos courtesy of Allie Hannah Photography.




Mother Nancy sewed the straps on after the dress was on me


Soooo classy with the purple solo cup


Which one do YOU like best?

ALSO, would anyone like to see a bridal makeup post? I did my own makeup and would be happy to share!!

Wedding Dress Shopping

Hey there! Hi there! Ho there!

I think it’s high time I posted about wedding dresses again, yes? I have much to say about the subject because I actually went shopping for this garment. And now that it’s over – I have MUCH more to say. So, let’s dish.

Thought No. 1

Wear underwear. Not a thong.


Yes Ma’am

The night before I ran to Target for essentials like cotton candy air fresheners and Glade products. It was then that I also realized I would be basically neked in front of a complete stranger the following day. So I did what any Girl Scout would do (yes, I was a Girl Scout). I PREPARED m’self. Grabbed me some full-bottomed underwear and my own strapless bra. No, I didn’t already own one SO SHUT UP. And MAN am I glad I did. Homegirls were ALL up in my dressing room. As they neatly packed away each ‘no’ back into the plastic garment bag, I shivered in my skivvies and wished they would HURRY THE F UP.

I digress.

Thought No. 2

Keep an open mind.

While I stuck to my guns with the silhouette, I surprised myself with things like beading, material and embellishments. I went in thinking romantic, sweet and kind of ethereal. I came out favoring glam, sophisticated and well, princessey. With a twist of ballerina. Can you blame me?


I die.

It is really important to trust your instincts. After all, we have been dressing ourselves for a while. However, shows like What Not to Wear also prove that we can’t always trust what we see in the mirror. Canadian tuxedos are also proof.


I have learned that my body is not conducive to anything super fitted through the hips and bust. Mostly because I lack both. Therefore, it was easy to rule out SO many types of dresses (trumpet, fit n flare, mermaid, what have you).

Thought No. 3

Throw your Mom a bone.

T-giving 09 032

Nancy Palin

If your Mom has her little heart set on a flowing chiffon Greek goddess style gown – just try one on. It will do her heart good.

Thought No. 4

Don’t go to salons where every dress is out of your price range.


Luckily, my research steered me from wasting my time at a salon where dresses start at 5K. The Cinderella inside of me would love to wave a magic credit card and don a designer gown on my big day. However, we all make choices. I choose a trip to New Zealand. Or Croatia. Or a tufted sofa from Restoration Hardware. Thus, I mentally bid adieu to Vera, Monique,  Miss Pettibone and Jen Packham. Adieu. Adieu. To you and you and you.

Thought No. 4

You can’t always have your cake and eat it, too.

When it comes to actual cake, this is completely bogus. However, whilst shopping, I quickly realized that my wedding look “vision board” (so to speak) was not cohesive in the slightest. My ideas of groomsmen in khaki and a birdcage veil received a negative reception once I transitioned from sweet little Pinterest dresses into the more dramatic stuff. While I wish I could have it all, khaki and bling simply do not marry well.





you get it

Thought No. 5

It’s YOUR dress.

WORK IT Mama June

After I had found 4 strong contenders, I found myself staring into the faces of my mom, sister and future mother-in-law for some kind of strong decision. Which one should I get? Which one had the “it” factor? Which flattered my body?

And I’m not gonna lie, white aint forgiving. Mentally critiquing every aspect of my body and trying to stifle self-deprecating rhetoric was tough. No matter how many times my loved ones assured me how dazzling I looked, the innate fear of looking like a linebacker in a white dress was enough to cause self-doubt.

It’s true, it is MY dress. I will wear it. It shall hang in my closet where (hopefully) someday my kids will admire it…

Either that or  I’ll decide to pawn it for bingo money. #neversaynever.