My Netflix Faves

I realize that this post says more about me than “here are my favorite shows”. It’s a bit of a coming out party. A, yes-I-do-sit-at-home-doing-nothing-alot, kind of thing. A I-fall-asleep-with-milk duds-on-my-chest admittance. It aint always pretty y’all, but neither is life. And for me, 2016 has def not been a walk in the park. It has kicked my booty in more ways than I care to describe, but this picture pretty much sums it up:

Processed with Rookie Cam

But it’s people like Lorelai Gilmore, Mrs. Patmore and most recently – KIMMY GIBLER that have stuck by my side. Quit-witted and always good for a laugh – these folks have been there with me through thick and thin. And that my friends, means they deserve a blog post.

The Following


This show offers everything a girl could want. Suspense, romance, serial killers and of course, Kevin Bacon. I randomly clicked on this show after I saw the word “serial killer” flash across the screen in the description. There are three seasons and after one episode, I new I was in for the long-haul. I won’t get into the plot because you can easily google it and find a much more succinct explanation than I would provide here, but believe me, it’s a good ‘un.

Making  a Murderer


I don’t even need to talk about this. If you haven’t watched it and are looking to throw a good 10 hours of your life away, then girl – get on it.

Grace & Frankie


Here we have two of the greats. Lily Tomlin and Jane Fonda. If you haven’t seen a movie called Big Business (starring Bette Midler and Lily Tomlin) then I suggest you do that as well. I also love Jane Fonda. What a polished, stunning lady she is. I want to be like Jane Fonda in my 70’s. Anyways, the premise of the show is just deliciously hilarious and heartbreaking at the same time. It’s really worth the watch.

The Fall


Agent Scully is back on the case! Haha. But really, this show is really good and I am obsessed OBSESSED with the way Jillian Anderson speaks. It is literally the most soothing voice ever. I live for everything about her on this show, her style, her makeup, her hair, it is infectious. It almost has the Olivia Pope (haha I just wrote Poop) effect on me, where I want her clothes, apartment, hair, makeup and most of all – personality. Cuz really, couldn’t we all use a little O.P in us? Ok maybe don’t answer that.

Anyways this show is about, you guessed it! Another serial killer. Only this time, the serial killer is JAMIE DORNAN. You know, Christian Grey? He is cute, and sexy and kills people. Win-win.



Ok. OK. So this is probs my favorite. I was going through some serious OITNB withdrawals so I decided to give this Australian brand a whirl. You guys. It is literally BETTER than OITNB. The characters are soooo well developed but there’s the added bonus of the Australian accents and some brutal pooping-out-drug-balloon scenes. What’s not to love? There are three seasons of this majesty and I am desperate for more!

The Paradise


Haha. This is on the COMPLETE other end of the spectrum and fulfills my thirst of the Downton-esque varietal. I swear, if they had 100 shows on BBC like this one, I would watch them all. First of all, (just like Downton) I LOVE the theme song of this show AND the musical score. Call me a band geek, but I am a sucker for those violins. This show is set in London and focuses on The Paradise, a fancy department store. I freaking love it and may order a petticoat and some gloves with buttons JUST to wear while I watch it.





Bryan was in San Francisco for 3 days this week. While he was gone, here is what I did:

  • Woke up super early in the morning and immediately made the bed.
  • Painted my nails purple (which is NOT an approved color around here. HUSKIES) And let it be said that Zoya might be my new favorite brand of polish.


  • Watched Orange is the New Black Season 2. V scares the BEJESUS outta me and wtf was the part with her and her son? Like, no V. I definitely DO NOT want to see your sweaty boobs.
  • Ate an entire box of Fruity Cheerios.
  • Did one 20 minute elliptical sesh.


WINNING at life.

While OITNB fed my appetite for racy, over-the-top sensationalized television, I still needed something to wet my wholesome-TV whistle. Enter, The Paradise. Has anyone seen this? It takes place in a period I like to generalize as, the olden days and focuses on a cast of characters whom all work at the “first ever department store”, The Paradise. Basically it’s amazing and the main character looks kinda like Legolas. It’s BBC and is getting me through the weeks until PLL is on.  DON’T judge.

We receive wedding gifts to our home what feels like on the daily. Beautiful things are unwrapped, squealed over and then sadly, tucked back into tissue paper and stored for later use #threekitchencupboardsproblems.


I am going through candles like cray kinda like m’programs. Therefore, I visited my BBW during the semi-annual to stock the F up. No such luck. 50% off. 50% percent off!? Like, no! I want $6 3-wicks. $5 3-wicks. I want foaming handsoaps for $2.50 and wallflowers for $5. Maybe I missed the opening days and good deals, because mama wasn’t happy.

My gal Lacey and I went out for lunch to La Provence and had the best time chatting over salads and of course Diet Cokes. The place was adorbs and I kind of wanted to move in. We both got stuff from the pastry cake on our way out because really, how could we not!?



Lemon, Chocolate and Almond Macarons

I FINALLY got the throw from Pottery Barn I have been DYING OVER for like 2 years. It only comes out on the floor during the winter months and rarely does it go on sale. We had a couple of gift cards and decided it was time to take the plunge. Yes, $129 is a lot for a throw but it is worth EVERY PENNY.