The Oregon Coast

There’s something about a trip to the ocean that makes me feel classy.


For the majority of this summer, Bryan and I have sought out many a lake and river, heck – we’ve even splashed around in a few streams. But last weekend, when we randomly decided to check out the coastline of this new state we live in, it dawned on me: the ocean is a different story completely.

First of all, there’s the outfit: where old Wal Mart $7 string bikini tops and faded board shorts work for lakes and rivers, this attire certainly does not fly ocean-side. I found myself scrounging around in my bureau for anything reminiscent of Ralph Lauren.

Next there’s the culinary aspect. Our usual line-up of BLL’s, pb&j’s and Gushers just wouldn’t cut it. At the ocean, it’s all about cheese, crackers, wine and strawberries. Rich people food, you know.

I think you get the picture. CLEARLY, the ocean is where I belong. And while I would prefer The Hamptons or  Martha’s Vineyard, I suppose Cannon Beach will just have to do.