Ulta Haul Y’All


My one (and only) New Year’s Resolution was to start caring for my skin. Once a 16-year old with a yearly tanning membership –Ā I have traded in my goggles and Australian Gold for Mystic Tans and SPF 70. But that’s where it has stopped.

To me, turning 30 hasn’t meant many changes. Case in point: I still listen to hits from High School Musical. OMG Sharpay yes. But it’s time to start smearing on the ol’ war paint so to speak. A war against wrinkles, crows feet and laugh lines.

So with no further adieu, I give you my newly acquired army hailing from Ulta.

You’re welcome for the awesome pics I took on the carpet.

photo (18)

1. Neutrogena Rapid Wrinkle Moisturizer $21.99

photo (16)

After doing a small amount of research, I discovered this product by Neutrogena. Earning high marks for it’s wrinkle-smoothing effects and a high SPF – I decided I would give it a try. Since it contains retinol, I wasn’t sure how it would react with my dryish skin. Jury’s still out, I’ll keep you informed.

2. Boots No. 7 Lift & Luminate Night Creme $17.44 (on sale)

photo (14) - Copy

This I bought based on an article I read on Oprah.com because, really, it’s Oprah. I chose this because it does not have retinol (don’t want to go overboard) and so far, I have been loving it’s ULTRA thick consistency and the great smell.

3. Tarte Maracuja C-Brighter Eye Treatment – Collector’s Edition $38.00

photo (15)

This I bought after Rebecca, from the Issaquah Ulta recommended it. I luuurve me some maracuja and anything that is going to brighten up my dark circles. Plus, the packaging is adorbs.

4. Mario Badescu Facial Spray with Aloe, Herbs and Rosewater $7.00

photo (13)

I got this based on a recommendation from YouTuber Jaclyn Hill. Plus, anything that is rose-scented wins my heart.

5. Zoya Pixie Dust Nail Polish in Godiva (on sale for $4.99 in case the sticker isn’t orange enough)

photo (8) - Copy photo (7) - Copy

I got this because I saw another YouTube (I’m obsessed, clearly) Kristin Gehm. The pic doesn’t do this justice, it is SO pretty with subtle, itsy-bitsy sparkles and a great nude undertone.

Here it is on my nails, in really orange light:

photo (6) - Copy

6. OPI Mariah Carey 2013 Holiday Nail Polish in My Favorite Ornament $4.95 (Also on sale)

photo (10) - Copy photo (9) - Copy

Rebecca, from Ulta was wearing this as an accent color on her ring finger and as we were talking, I totally interrupted her and was like “WAIT STOP WHAT IS THAT COLOR?” It is seriously the most beautiful glitter of all time. Ever. Amen.

7. Hoola Bronzer by Benefit $28.00

photo (17)

I needed a new bronzer and they were sold out of the Too Faced Milk Chocolate Soliel, so yeah. I have heard wondrous things about this bronzer and so far…I FREAKING LOVE IT.

8. Samples: Perricone Nutritive Cleanser, Juice Beauty Trio,Ā DDF Wrinkle Resist Plus Pore Minimizer (Moisturizing Serum)

photo (11)photo (12) - Copy

I am VERY excited to try the DDF serum, as I have heard great things about this line. I’ll be sure to share, don’t fret :).

And last, but not least check out my Seahawks eye look:

photo (5) - Copy

Thank God I saved that glitter from 7th grade volleyabll games



Summer Beauty Favorites

Hello Beauties!

I love my bathroom. I use the term “my” because mostly it’s me who uses it. We are lucky enough to house 2 bathrooms in our little apartment and Bry has slowly migrated to the other. #seperatebutequal.

Being allowed this luxury has meant filling it up with products and relishing the fact that I can do this. It has meant finding some duds along the way but also discovering potions that have seriously changed my life. A good product will do that for ya, I promise.

In no certain order, here are the standouts from my 2013 summer beauty collection:

coconut-crushed-pearl-bronzing-body-butter-9_0The Pacifica Coconut Crushed Pearl Bronzing Body ButterĀ Ā came from a recent Ipsy bag I received. Sidenote: Ipsy is amazing. Best beauty box on the market if you ask me – and for $10 per month? Come on – put her there! It smells like an absolute dream and gives a deliciously subtle shimmer to the skin, along with providing a bit of a tint.

or_0HJX01_300The Origins VitazingĀ is another product I got thanks to Tiffany D. I have used it more during these summer months, when my skin needs less coverage and more sun protection – and have grown very fond. To be honest – when I first used it, I thought it was giving me spots (zits) but I haven’t had such problems since then. I feel this product gives me a radiance as well as a nice dose of moisture without looking greasy. The SPF is a welcome addition, making this the perfect summer moisturizer in my book.

220Forget everything you think you knew about black liquid liner. This Wet ‘n’ Wild eyeliner has put other high-end liquid eyeliners to absolute shame with it’s crazy black pigmentation and staying power. I much prefer this guy to do my heavy lifting, be it a precise cat eye or dramatic wing. It stays on, is JET black and costs $3. I curse my Mac blacktrack!


I won’t lie on this blog – I have owned this for probably around 3 years. I realize I am probably smearing expired, bacteria-infested pigments all over my mug but really, don’t we all have a couple things in our makeup bags a tad past their prime? Ā This Physician’s Formula Shimmer Strips compact should be awarded for it’s multi-purpose properties. The colors are gorg on their own worn as eyeshadows or as I do – for my highlight (just keep yer brush in the lighter colors). Along of the cheek bones, down the nose and the cupid’s bow and I feel like a woodland fairy.


Mac Creme Cup. A perfect nudish-pink for a multitude of skin tones. I recently welcomed this color into my life and I haven’t looked back. I wear it in the morning, I wear it at night. Sometimes I put a little in my hair if I’ve had a rough week (name that movie!). It’s perfect.

InstantReconstructorThis is a new-to-me line of hair care products and this Enjoy Instant ReconstructorĀ is a winna. Kimberly from C.Joy Salon used this on me after my recent highlight and my hair actually shined. This doesn’t happen to me. Oil shouldn’t be called liquid gold no mo’ – just sayin.Ā jm_L26K_lrgThe English Pear and Freesia perfume from Jo Malone. I can’t. I literally have to force myself not to douse my entire body in this everyday. I am convinced that all the other scents on my perfume tray are so jealous of this modest little bottle (because inanimate objects might have feelings).

1473We all know that self-tanners are my bread and buttah. My wallet silently screamed as I forked over the $40 on this maracuja-infused formula fromĀ TarteĀ but, like so many products I’ve discovered that are well worth the higher price tag, it is indeed “brazilliance”. It has an olive undertone so I was able to say goodbye to my usual oompa-loompa tinge. The fade is brilliant and the package includes a mitt for perfect application. It also has cute packaging, making this the absolute best tanning product I’ve discovered so far. Bold claim, I know.

So that’s it! A menagerie of beauty-enhancing goops. Go get you some.

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