Sephora Gradual Self Tanning Face Water Review

Good morning friends!

There is no other way for me to kick off this post than by saying “GOOD MORNING FRIENDS!” I have been binge watching the Saccone-Jolys on YouTube and now it’s just my thing.

Today, I bring you my thoughts on the Sephora Gradual Self Tanning Face Waterephora Gradual Self Tanning Face WaI hauled back in March.


When I first started using this stuff, I thought I would quickly go through the 4.22 oz bottle in no time. And considering it costs $18, I was slightly disappointed because obviously I wouldn’t be spending almost $20 per month just to have a tanned face… or would I?

However, I have been using this around 4-5 times per week since March and I still have TONS left. So that’s peh geh.


What I love most about this product is the formula. It is literally exactly what it says it is – a water. It feels exactly like applying my Bioderma micellar water. There is zero stickiness, which I was very pleasantly surprised by as most tanning products tend to be tacky especially when freshly applied.


In many of the reviews on Sephora and on Youtube, people either love or hate the “beachy” smell of this product, but I gotta be honest with you guys: I smell NOTHING. Maybe I got a got a random scentless bottle, or maybe all the fragrance is sitting on the bottom but yeah, I don’t smell anything. At all.


I just use a little cotton round and apply this in the “3” motion, starting at my temple, sweeping below my cheekbone and then right under my jawline. I then take whatever is left on the pad and go over my whole face and neck. I find that I start seeing results from about  2-3 nights and mornings of application.


I looooooove the color I get from this product! It is perfection. No weird break outs, or little bumps either. I love how gradual it is and how you can keep putting it on night and morning until you get the color you want. There is something kinda gross to me about wearing tanning lotions on my face, so the fact that this stuff is a WATER is groundbreaking.


This product is easily worth the $18 and I will probs be a lifetime purchaser. It is SO easy to use, not messy, and gives the perfect amount of controllable color – what’s not to love!?

Sephora + Ulta Haul

Hello and g’day to you all!


I am back with a cheeky little haul that I just had to share with y’all (rhyming!).


Things from Sephora 

So here’s the thing with eye-creams: Do ANY of these really work? As I looked through alllll the options at Sephora, I realized how much I didn’t want to spend the $60 on a super reputable eye cream with tons of great ingredients. Then again, I didn’t want the $10 option that is chalked full of straight-up glycerin.

I chatted with a Sephora girl for a bit and decided to try this one for $26 by the Sephora store brand. This particular one is for eyes AND lips and the girl assured with it had plumping properties for both. Lately (for whatever reason Kylie Jenner), I have been craving fuller lips. mine are just so puny and boring. So we will see – I will report back on how this stuff fares.


Secondly, my beloved Marc Jacobs gel-liner has turned out to be a complete dud :(. It worked awesome for awhile but then it dried out and became completely useless to me. When I went into Sephora, I brought along this liner which was all banged up and scratched and not pretty as a lesson to anyone who is afraid to return things to Sephora. THEY WILL TAKE IT BACK. I have done this many times when I’ve been unhappy with a certain product and I have never had an issue. Heck, you pay $35 for a measly eyeliner – it should bloody work! <- why am I turning into a brit all of the sudden?

Anyways, the kind lady informed me this liner had been recalled due to it drying out on everyone! Fiddle dee dee! I opted to go for the Makeup Forever Aqua Eyes Waterproof in black and so far it has been great.


Things from Ulta

My dry shampoo stash from a prior haul had already run out so I was overdue for a couple bottles of Batiste. This time I opted for the “Strength & Shine” and “Exotic” formulas. I have already started using the exotic one and it smells like coconuts!! Man, am I an idiot for buying the pink one all this time! This one is probably my favorite of the bunch, based on smell alone!


I also picked up this one for strength and shine because DUH – I want strong, shiny hurrr.


And lastly, but certainly not leastly – I nabbed this body wash from Soap and Glory, which Ulta now stocks! I WISH they had the perfume but for now, I’ll have to wet my whistle with their insanely delectable scrubs and lotions.

I already own the “Clean on Me” body wash, which comes in the original S&G scent but when I sniffed this one in the store…OH LAW. I literally passed out from all that is good and holy. It smells absolutely AHHMAAZZZING you guys. Put this on your Christmas list. Your Hanukah list. Hell, pretend it’s your birthday and tell everyone to buy this for you. It smells THAT good. And after a couple a’showers under my belt with the stuff, I can confirm – it is a perfect body wash.



If this scent comes in any other product form – PLEASE do let me know. WHY doesn’t the U.S get the entire line!? It is a travesty.

But that is all my friends. What should I try next?

Honeymoon Haul + Wedding Bits

As some of you may or may not know, Bryan and I are going to Bali for our honeymoon. We leave on a red eye basically 24 hours after we say “I DO” and could not be more excited.

We figured since we’re putting ourselves through that crazy red-eye, Hep A shots (which were a little B, btw), typhoid vaccinations, and the possibility of Bali Belly, we deserved a few odds and ends to make our stay a little more comfortable and yes, stylish.

Bry hit the mother-load at the Rack, procuring himself swim trunks, a few tee shirts and maybe the odd tank top. My trousseau shall be filled with travel-friendly (read: comfortable) and fun (read: cheap) vacation-wear. In addition was the SAS at Victoria’s Secret and a pair of falsies spotted at Sephora that I just HAD to try.

Here are the goods!

From Target:


I chose this bikini for two reasons. One, the top is push-up and two, the bottoms ARE NOT string-tie. Why doesn’t target have a 30 years + swim section?


I am usually not a fan of maxi skirts (ON ME) because I always end up feeling like they are a bit too short and I don’t think it is appropriate to “sag” your maxi skirt. This one however, I am excited to wear with, wait for it…CROP TOPS. Yes, m’friends. I shall don a crop top and bare my upper tum-tum to the world!


I decided to grab this little white pocket crop-top to pair not only with the tulip skirt but also with a pair of shorts to wear possibly over a swim suit. We shall see how I feel about it.

From T.J Maxx

There is the classiest T.J Maxx downtown Portland. You wouldn’t think it, but every time I go, I am treated to perfectly arranged clothing racks, sparkling dressing rooms and a well-stocked candle section. A + downtown T.J. A+.


Boring navy tank. I SWEAR this brand from T.J Maxx makes the softest tees and tank tops. They are always under $7.99 and I mean, you just CANNOT beat that.


Shorts like these were all over the store. And being the true Maxxinista that I am, I had to partake. Dare I say, they look a bit like pajamas but I feel like Bali will welcome this look. Plus, they have a stretchy waist band. YES please!


They had a TON of makeup brushes this time around. Some off-brands that I had never heard of, but also ones by Borghese and Models Own. I decided to grab this little blending brush because it was $2.99 and it looked decent.

Sephora & Victoria’s Secret


I spotted these at Sephora a few weeks ago and was all, “yeah right”, they cannot be real mink. Well, jury’s still out. I haven’t the slightest idea of what they are truly made of, but really, I don’t care. Just look at that crazy lash action. I think these might be a wedding-day contender, and at $10, they didn’t break the bank.


I spent a mere $13 on ALL of these goodies (gotta love that SAS). A VS Heavenly (my FAVE VS scent) body wash, Lip Plumper in Baby Pink, purse-sized Heavenly Body Mist and a nail polish in String Bikini. Don’t mind if I do!

And that’s it for my haul – check back soon for a re-cap of our awesome weekend!

August Empties

Happy Thursday Tootsies!

As the title suggests, prepare yourselves to discover what I have been loving and maybe not-so loving over the past few months. As a “waste not, want not” kind-of gal, I have to truly despise a product to cease and desist it’s use.

Much like Miley Cyrus’ relationship with clothing.

So – in no certain order, I give you the products I have conquered:

1. Tresseme Dry Shampoo


I have already shared my lukewarm feelings for this brand of dry shampoo. However, in a pinch at $3.99 I succumbed and as a result, have dealt with ashy color and the unpleasant texture this leaves behind.

2. L’oreal Collagen Mascara


I have now gone through 2 or 3 tubes of this mascara and lemmejustsay, I am in love. I began to include this product in my “mascara lineup” and have reaped the benefits of the large, bristley, almost goopy wand. When paired with respective separating and lengthening formulas – this mascara teams up to knock your lashes outta the park.

Apologies for the sports analogy.

3. Secret Outlast Deodorant


Apparently I am going there…and this one was just aight. I recently became OBSESSED with this old Secret deodorant I discovered in my Mom’s bathroom drawer. As a result, I checked each and every store for the past 2 months to find it with no avail. Damn limited editions! Then, the other day whilst contemplating jet black vs. carbon black eyeliner at Bartell’s I decided to check the deo section. And there it stood in all it’s radiant glory. I bought two and immediately called Bryan, letting him know, “I found the good deodorant!” He was not as thrilled.


4. Revlon Lip Butter in Cupcake


These lip butters have a serious cult following and for good reason. The formula combines the moisturizing elements of a lip butter with buildable, lovely pigmentation and delivers an effortless look with just the right amount of color. I have the colors creme brulee, red velvet and cupcake (well, I had cupcake) and now I am realizing that these are all foods #innerfatkid.

5. Bath and Body Work Body Spray in Pink Chiffon


I still have a few spritzes left of this spray my sister Megan introduced me to. I love SO many scents from B&BW but Pink Chiffon is truly amazing. It is feminine, fresh and sweet – what could be better?!

6. Nivea Smooth Sensation Body Lotion


I buy this lotion because I like the way Nivea products smell and Bry will use it because the packaging is blue. ‘Nuff said.

7. K-Pak Intense Hydrator


I picked up a travel-size of this during Christmas of last year. I like to combine this product with the K-Pak Deep-Penetrating Re-constructor, which is more of a protein treatment. When combined, they make quite the hydrating/strengthening duo! Out to banish my split ends and conquer the world.

8. Essie Topless and Barefoot


Pet Peeve: The moment your nail polish brush can no longer dip easily into the nail color. Thus is the case with my all-time favorite nude polish. IknowIknow, I could add some nail-polish thinner but I don’t have any…which is a good excuse :)! I will re-purchase this color for it’s wearability (even though Essie polish is not my favorite formula) and because it looks so fab with chunky glitter over the top.

9. Bath and Body Works Pillow Mist


I have had this since college. College. What was once used to remedy stressed out nerves before a big exam was most recently used to spruce up extra sheets for our guest bedroom when friends came to stay. I’m a big kid now.

10. Neutrogena Make-Up Wipes


Full Discolsure: I rarely wash my face before bed. When I have the time, I like to lather up my mug – but 90% of the time, I am haphazardly dragging a makeup-removing wipe across my face as I watch Jenna Marbles and eat popsicles. I go through so many in fact, that  I saddled up for the Costco pack and have just recently gone through them all. My skin has yet to rebel against me and let it be known that I do use eye creme every night sometimes and I exfoliate bi-weekly in the shower. So there.

11. Meyer’s Countertop Spray in Basil


Not a beauty product. However, I feel this is worth a mention if for nothing else than it’s a-mazing scent. I have become completely addicted to the smell of this spray and find myslef wiping down our counters more often just to fill the room with this fresh aroma. So win-win.

Oh! And a couple other rando beauty faves as of late:


Essie’s “Lady Like” and “Raise Awareness”


Sephora Lipstick in “The Red”

Shameless and dweeby selfie courtesy of yours truly.

What have you used up lately?

Christmas Fun in Jackson Hole

Ahhhhh December.

The month of poinsetta! Of eggnog and candy canes! Of mid-afternoon sugar crashes because I ate a whole box of these:

In ONE sitting. Jealous?

What a glorious month it is! People bustling around with shopping bags, gingerbread baking hot in the oven and me – drinking vodka gimlets while singing “It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year”, Will Ferrell style. What a visual.

Other haps?

It was -12 degrees today! Definitely makes you want to sing Ding Dong Merrily on High.

Bryan and I went to the Christmas tree lighting in Town Square and saw none other than…Santa Clause! He made his grand entrance on a dog sled. Sooo Jackson Hole of him, really. Then we strolled through the shops in Gas Light Alley and grabbed hot toddies at the Caddy with our pals Josh and Katie. These are the times when living in a ski resort town is quite fun, I must say.

I bought this adorable Christmas Hello Kitty plush from Albertsons. How could I say no to this sweetness?

Also, Bry and I constructed a lovely gingerbread house from scratch a box. Look how cute!

Complete with Bryan's Booty in the Background

And currently I am obsessed with the following:

  •  Not sure what brought on this spontaneous need to purchase non-grocery store makeup but I am relishing it, as I have indulged in products like this:

The Sephora Favorites Glitz and Glam Pack

So long Wet n Wild. Natalie’s classin it up.

  • Clif Kids Ropes in Strawberry.  Have you tried one of these? One of the most delicious things you can put in your mouth. Bible. TWSS.

  • PINTEREST. If you don’t know what this is than please get off my blog. Seriously. Actually just shut down your computer all together. Kidding, a little :-).
  • My new Xbox Kinect! Bry gave me this godly piece of equipment as an early birthday present. It has been earth shattering. Using the Kinect, where your own body is the controller is the most fun I’ve had with a video game since Maniac Mansion or even Oregon Trail. Another amazingly cool feature of the Xbox Kinect (or Shirley as I’ve appropriately named her) is that she takes pictures while you play! Here are some highlights:

I’m loving these captions! What a sweet job that would be, inventing the names for the captions on Xbox Kinect game-pictures. Can you major in this? Further research is needed.

Also notice how we have to scrunch up all of our furniture (which sadly includes a tiny loveseat and even tinier coffee table) to make room for our vigorous play. Right now, we only have one game that came with the system which includes 5 different activities to choose from. I’d say “Reflex Ridge” is by far the most challenging. Moving side to side, jumping up and ducking down to avoid obstacles make you SWEAT while playing this. What a great ski fitness game!

I’m getting the Black Eyed Peas dance party game next. Anyone feel like throwin on some spandex and sweating to some Fergie with me?

Lastly, check out the gorgeous sky the other night.  I took these right off our balcony.

The sky was pink. So obviously, God did it all for me ;-).