January Favorites

And Happy February! Where does the time go?

As of late, I have lots of favorite things. From food, to makeup to dog breeds – I have been loving on so much these past couple of months. And oh yeah, the Seahwaks. There’s those guys, too.


1. Milani Baked Blush in Luminoso


I have wanted this blush, literally, for over a year. However, Milani is sold nowhere. So when I went home for a little wedding planning, I went to the Kennewick Fred Meyer and finally found this beaut. I’m a little early for this springy, peach-colored blush but it is just SO gorg. I couldn’t help myself.

2. They’re Real! Mascara by Benefit


photo (4)

Only like one coat OMG

I recently tried the sample size of this mascara after receiving my Sephora birthday gift and oh lawd. Since I go through mascara faster than Justin Beiber in a drag race, I usually stick to drugstore brands. Because of this mascara, I might actually fork over the $23 for a full size tube.

3. L’oreal True Match Lumi Foundation in Soft Ivory


BY FAR the best foundation I have tried from the drugstore. Bear in mind, however, that I am on the dry to normal side and I luurve me a dewy, glowing finish on the skin.

1.) Lancome Juicy Tubes in Simmer

photo (3)

One of my best pals (and my cousin’s wife) Karen graciously dropped me off a bag of Lancome goodies she received in a Christmas set but couldn’t find a use for. This was just one of said goodies (I am loving them ALL, btw).  Friends, if you ever have this problem I AM YOUR GIRL. The color is subtle, yet totally gorgeous and it has decent staying power for a lipgloss.


Awkward up-close me trying to show the lipgloss

Other Beauty Faves

1. Boots No. 7 Lift & Luminate Night Cream

photo (14) - Copy

I mentioned this night cream in a recent haul from Ulta. The consistency is quite thick and ulta-creamy…definitely not everyone’s cup of tea. I love the smell, and so far, it is keeping me super hydrated through out the night.

2. Tresemme Platinum Strength Strengthening Heat Protect Spray

300 (1)

What a mouthful! (TWSS) I have sworn by the Heat Tamer spray from Tresemme for over a year now. I recently ran out of the original and decided to try this formulation instead. So far, I am very impressed. I have noticed way less breakage lately and it smells REAL nice.

3.) Ro’s Argan Body Conditioner from Lush


Yes that is my computer on the edge of the tub.

Products from Lush are what dreams are made of. Or at least my dreams. The store itself is like passing through the pearly gates – aromatics fit for the Gods and friendly angels with miracle potions at the ready. It is also THE BANE OF MY EXISTENCE wallet. Luckily, two men from the Nash clan know a junkie when they see one and lovingly fed my addiction over Christmas with gifts cards. A recent highlight has undoubtedly been this completely necessary product.


 I say that jokingly, of course because nobody NEEDS a body conditioner (or multiple magic sets…anyone?). However, I ask you, I beg you , nay – I IMPLORE you to drop the $32.95 +tax on this tub of majestical brilliance. Your skin will thank you.


1. Downton Abbey

I’ve only been through the second episode of the new season and lemmejustsay – Mary is kindof a major beeyatch. Like how she doesn’t want to hold her baby and gets all mad at Carson? Come on, Mare.

Also, Lady Edith is gettin’ pretty. Which is nice to see, because really, she is TOTES the ugly duckling which I can unfortunately very much relate to.


Season 1 VS. Season 4


Ok maybe some things never change…

2. The Seahawks

This was my first ever season of football as a real live fan. Normally, I’m like:


But this year was different. Bryan and I faithfully watched every single game this season and rooted on those Hawks like our lives depended on it. Then the coolest thing happened: they were like, beating everybody. All the sudden I was screaming at the TV every Sunday, which I have NO business doing because other than the color of their football capri pants, I have no clue about football.  Then they beat the 49’ers and this city went CRAY. Then they won the Superbowl and people went INSANE.  I have never seen anything like it. SO amazing.

photo (5)

Tee shirts. YEAH.

Superbowl Excitement!

photo (5)

12th Man Nails

photo (7)

Frosted Brownies at Work

photo (8)

Amazing Present from a Friend/Co-Worker

photo (6)

Watching the Game at our friends the Lipes! Here we are with M.

Check out my pal, Melissa’s blog here! She rocks, basically.

And lastly, favorite gifty things I have seen whilst shopping:

photo (2)

Spotted at Ulta

photo (1)

Spotted at Z Gallerie (little macaroon trinket boxes? i die.)

Have a great hump day!


Rising Up to the Challenge


And you know the one I speak of.


I have never been a competitive gal. Ask any former thumb-war opponent, hell – ask my old teammates. Life isn’t about winning as much as it’s about trying looking pretty, I always say.

But this Sunday is different. After a season spent hanging with Russ, the Shermanator and Lynchie err Sunday, I have become quite fond of these young men. Maybe it goes both ways, maybe not. Probably not.

Sometimes I picture myself down on the turf with Pete C, adjusting each other’s headsets and sharing a side-hug. Or Richard Sherman and I bro-punching one another, after a game-changing interception. I can see Russ and I pouring over our playbooks while on defense in matching baseball caps. Or Lynchie and I enjoying a Skittle-shower after an insane TD. Best buds, we would be.

These guys have become my boys.


And this Sunday, my beloved Seahawks play the 49’ers. And as much as I like to think the outcome of the game doesn’t matter. It does.

It matters because the Seahwaks have the best colors in the NFC West.


SO majesty

Because my heart will break if I see the 12th man let down.


It matters because Colin Kaepernick is King of Douches and needs to go back to his shoe collection and devote more time to taking bicep-kissing selfies.


A Humble Man, He Is

And because a win for the Hawks will bring sweet, sweet pleasure to see the atrocity that is Jim Harbaugh experience sadness and show it on his stupidly expressive mug.

Nice spin-move, Asshat.

Anywho, regardless of the team who claims victory – I know I’ll be cheering for the right one. A happy to know ya kinda team. A group of men worthy of all these crazy, Seattlites devoted attention.

download (1)

Good luck boys. Make me proud.

The Black Friday that Wasn’t

Happy December!

And how about them Hawks?!


Here’s the haps:

We joined a gym, yet again. And now we are privy to a multitude of exercise classes, torture cardio devices and weights. Surprisingly, I have made my way in there a handful of times and re-discovered my love/hate relationship with the stair-stepper.

Thanksgiving break! Bry and I made the pilgrimage (haha get it) over to Kennewick on Thursday morning with just enough time to help my mom prepare WAY too much food, adorn the table with sparkly pumpkins and drink a few bottles of wine. Dinner was fantastic, but the ensuing game of salad bowl was even better.

photo (1)

The next morning, per tradition, Megan, my Mom and I hit the Black Friday sales with high hopes of scoring dirt cheap toasters, half priced socks and the freetothefirst50customers SNOW GLOBE. I guzzled down my Starbucks misto and hitched up my gingerbread socks as we pulled into the parking lot at Target around 9 am.

photo (2)

Oh and a Cranberry Bliss Bar OMG

And…crickets. I swear a tumbleweed rolled through the parking lot.


Ok this is not my picture. It’s this guy’s. But it looked practically the same.

Where were the hoards of people? The crazy ladies with blue eyeliner, teased bangs and Snoopy Christmas sweatshirts with matching turtlenecks? As soon as we began our “doorbusting” at Target we figured out why: the sales were absolute flaming bags of crap.

photo (3)

Nothing Will Crush Nan’s Spirits

No $5 toasters. No $3 copies of The Christmas Story. Not even a lowly 10% off Christmas tree skirts.

We retreated to the car reluctantly, clutching our measly %40 off sweaters and dollar section items.

I would like to say that this trend did not carry over to our other Black Friday haunts, but sadly…it did. Black Friday was simply kicking our butts. Our cute, kinda round, but nonetheless charming butts.

We missed the $2.50 hand soaps at BBW by 10 minutes. 10 MINUTES.



The sweater I wanted at the Gap was only available in XL.


So, we did what any good-hearted Amurican Black Friday enthusiasts would do in such a situation. We went to TJ Maxx where everyday is Black Friday! And I found this adorable Christmas decoration at Pier 1, which I might add was FULL PRICE. WTF Black Friday? wtf.


We then met “the boys” at the Sports Page to watch the Apple Cup and eat nachos. It helped a little. After we had our fill of cheese, grease and ranch dressing we headed to some antique/thrift stores to stare at other people’s crap. This is always a sure-fire way to cheer us Danielson gals up.

Sis Pics 013

closed mouth smiles are the best smiles

We found a few treasures and hauled them home. Then we put up the Christmas tree and there was peace on earth. The evening was capped off by a viewing of the world’s most underrated Christmas movie: Holiday in Handcuffs.


This little gem stars Melissa Joan Hart or MJH to those who know her, and Mario Lopez or A.C Slater. The writing, the acting, the all-star cast #oscarbuzz. Then Megan, Amy, Bryan and I stayed up to late watching Marbles Harsgrove.

The rest of the weekend was spent attending Hanukkah parties, seeing old friends and gearing up for Monday Night Football. Next weekend we are getting our TREE and maybe having a tinsel fight. I don’t know.