August Empties

Happy Thursday Tootsies!

As the title suggests, prepare yourselves to discover what I have been loving and maybe not-so loving over the past few months. As a “waste not, want not” kind-of gal, I have to truly despise a product to cease and desist it’s use.

Much like Miley Cyrus’ relationship with clothing.

So – in no certain order, I give you the products I have conquered:

1. Tresseme Dry Shampoo


I have already shared my lukewarm feelings for this brand of dry shampoo. However, in a pinch at $3.99 I succumbed and as a result, have dealt with ashy color and the unpleasant texture this leaves behind.

2. L’oreal Collagen Mascara


I have now gone through 2 or 3 tubes of this mascara and lemmejustsay, I am in love. I began to include this product in my “mascara lineup” and have reaped the benefits of the large, bristley, almost goopy wand. When paired with respective separating and lengthening formulas – this mascara teams up to knock your lashes outta the park.

Apologies for the sports analogy.

3. Secret Outlast Deodorant


Apparently I am going there…and this one was just aight. I recently became OBSESSED with this old Secret deodorant I discovered in my Mom’s bathroom drawer. As a result, I checked each and every store for the past 2 months to find it with no avail. Damn limited editions! Then, the other day whilst contemplating jet black vs. carbon black eyeliner at Bartell’s I decided to check the deo section. And there it stood in all it’s radiant glory. I bought two and immediately called Bryan, letting him know, “I found the good deodorant!” He was not as thrilled.


4. Revlon Lip Butter in Cupcake


These lip butters have a serious cult following and for good reason. The formula combines the moisturizing elements of a lip butter with buildable, lovely pigmentation and delivers an effortless look with just the right amount of color. I have the colors creme brulee, red velvet and cupcake (well, I had cupcake) and now I am realizing that these are all foods #innerfatkid.

5. Bath and Body Work Body Spray in Pink Chiffon


I still have a few spritzes left of this spray my sister Megan introduced me to. I love SO many scents from B&BW but Pink Chiffon is truly amazing. It is feminine, fresh and sweet – what could be better?!

6. Nivea Smooth Sensation Body Lotion


I buy this lotion because I like the way Nivea products smell and Bry will use it because the packaging is blue. ‘Nuff said.

7. K-Pak Intense Hydrator


I picked up a travel-size of this during Christmas of last year. I like to combine this product with the K-Pak Deep-Penetrating Re-constructor, which is more of a protein treatment. When combined, they make quite the hydrating/strengthening duo! Out to banish my split ends and conquer the world.

8. Essie Topless and Barefoot


Pet Peeve: The moment your nail polish brush can no longer dip easily into the nail color. Thus is the case with my all-time favorite nude polish. IknowIknow, I could add some nail-polish thinner but I don’t have any…which is a good excuse :)! I will re-purchase this color for it’s wearability (even though Essie polish is not my favorite formula) and because it looks so fab with chunky glitter over the top.

9. Bath and Body Works Pillow Mist


I have had this since college. College. What was once used to remedy stressed out nerves before a big exam was most recently used to spruce up extra sheets for our guest bedroom when friends came to stay. I’m a big kid now.

10. Neutrogena Make-Up Wipes


Full Discolsure: I rarely wash my face before bed. When I have the time, I like to lather up my mug – but 90% of the time, I am haphazardly dragging a makeup-removing wipe across my face as I watch Jenna Marbles and eat popsicles. I go through so many in fact, that  I saddled up for the Costco pack and have just recently gone through them all. My skin has yet to rebel against me and let it be known that I do use eye creme every night sometimes and I exfoliate bi-weekly in the shower. So there.

11. Meyer’s Countertop Spray in Basil


Not a beauty product. However, I feel this is worth a mention if for nothing else than it’s a-mazing scent. I have become completely addicted to the smell of this spray and find myslef wiping down our counters more often just to fill the room with this fresh aroma. So win-win.

Oh! And a couple other rando beauty faves as of late:


Essie’s “Lady Like” and “Raise Awareness”


Sephora Lipstick in “The Red”

Shameless and dweeby selfie courtesy of yours truly.

What have you used up lately?

Hauls, Moroccon Oil and the Pursuit of Luster

Because I aint no haulin-back girrrl!

I’ll begin with a story. Whilst in Europe, Megan and I often times would lay in bed watching YouTube videos until the wee hours of the morning. Call us cray cray, but sometimes we just couldn’t peel our sleepy eyes off that tiny screen. Favorites include anything done by Jenna Marbles, old American Idol performances, Miss Magoo and most recently makeup tutorial and “haul” videos. If you are unsure as to what constitutes a haul video, allow me to deconstruct.

They do not involve a U-Haul, moving or any kind of wheel barrow. These videos involve young women (mostly), showing off what they recently purchased on shopping trips. Haul videos can be comprised of makeup, clothing, home decor, etc and any combination of the like.

Example “Haul” Video. This is Tiffany D and I love her.

The reason I find these videos oddly addicting (along with hundreds of thousands of others, btw) is that I get a big kick outta seeing these gals blow copious amounts of money on makeup, shoes, hair products, clothing and just about everything in between. I happen to fall on the more frugal side when it comes to my personal finances and seeing these girls spend $500 at Ulta on nail polish, well…makes me giggle.

It also makes me want. As I described in this video, I can be somewhat materialistic-ish at times. I’ll admit it. So while I watch these videos, I find myself making small lists of items that strike my fancy. No, I haven’t converted exclusively to YSL and Dior makeup, but I have realized that scraping the bottom of my Wet n Wild bronzer isn’t really that great.

And in light of watching tons of these videos with sister Megan, I decided to throw her a curve ball and make my own. Please don’t judge, this video was made all in fun.

After I made this little video while sitting on the floor in our room amongst laundry and an un-made bed I realized, this was kinda fun! Although I feel semi ridiculous and am a tad embarrassed to admit that I actually liked making the video, I’m going to do just that. I like making these videos, talking to the camera and entertaining my sisters (Megan and Rachel J). So sue me. So I made another “haul” video which is quite long.

Again, please no judgements. I just like talking to my camera ok?!

My most recent beauty obsesh as of late has been my hair, particularly it’s length and luster. I am always growing it out, but alas, it never seems to go much further past my shoulders and lacks shine. After extensive research I have determined this is due to breakage, the fact that I highlight my hair and also my pillowcase. Apparently for long-haired humans, cotton pillowcases rip our hair in the back of our heads when we sleep. A trusted stylist took one look at my hair and told me to buy a satin pillowcase to eliminate this problem.

She also advised me to begin the Moroccan Oil treatment regiment.

The whole Argan Oil treatment has been sweeping the nation and while I had heard of Moroccan Oil I thought it would be too heavy for my fine hair. After I tried it at the salon I knew this stuff was serious. A dime sized amount will spread throughout the whole head and immediately my hair felt better. I opted to go with the small bottle and have only used it once but can already tell a difference. I’m hooked!

So…alot of beauty talk in this post. Sorry bout that. Next time I swear I’ll write about dungarees, piles of dirt and pitchforks ok?