May Favorites

June is busting out all over!

I am a huge fan of the musical Carousel and that song always makes me giddy for summer. WELL, here we are guys. Here is what I’ve been loving lately:


Bye Bye Undereye by It Cosmetics in Light


Gotta give a shout out to a new member of my vanity, Bye Bye Undereye concealer by It Cosmetics. Bye Bye is no joke. It is thick, FULL-ON coverage, brightening and simply lovely. It is anti-ageing, contains collagen and has vitamin C. I love this stuff and you guys KNOW I have tried about 40,589 under-eye concealers.

Naked 3 Palette


NOW. I don’t own 1 or 2, (I know the original is amazing too) but I have seriously been loving this palette for spring-time makeup. A rose-gold junkie at heart, these blush-colored hues are buttery rich and perfectly compliment my baby blues.

Lancôme Gloss in Love in Peach Snow


I’ve talked about this product before, but lemme just take a mome and explain to you all why this lipgloss is SO lovely. First, the packaging (obvs). It is SO pretty and the wand clicks into place, rather than twists. The color payoff is amazing and the texture is nice. Not sticky like Mac glosses, yet just as glossy. Go swatch this and get back to me!


Pink Chiffon Triple Moisture Body Cream from BBW

pBBW1-15992300enh-z8 (2)

For me, this stuff punctuates the spring weather, sights and smells SO perfectly. I love the formula of the triple moisture line and I am just obsessed with this scent!

Secret Deoderant in Paris Romantic Rose


Can I get an amen for deoderants that smell like perfume?! Seriously. When Degree discontinued their “perfumed” line of deos I thought my life was over. Discovering this feminine, florally scent for under my arms is like finding a fun size pack of M&M’s stuffed waaaay back in the cupboard from Halloween. It’s not expected but can be a complete day-changer.

OPI Mod About You Nail Polish


The perfect pastel pink. Almost completely opaque with one coat and lurrrve OPI’s formula. Certainly a staple for any gal.


Pureology 21 Benefits


This spray has made such a difference in my hair after only a few uses. It COMPLETELY de-tangles wet hair, leaves it feeling smooth and shiny and I love the smell. My stylist used it on me every time I had my hair done and my blow outs were always top notch.




You guys already know. I am OBSESSED, like crazy-person-who-dresses-up-for-the-premier obsessed with this film. Bryan is SO sick of all the songs because I sing them nonstop everywhere I go. I even hum the tunes when I am shopping at places like Target. I want to be Elsa for Halloween so badly but I know it’s going to be the no.1 costume this year which means I’m already at a disadvantage.

Miranda Sings


This girl. She is SO funny. She has two “aliases” on YouTube, Miranda Sings and Psycho Soprano. She can REALLY sing (lots of Frozen stuff, too!) but Miranda Sings might just take the cake. I laugh so hard at her mouth noises, dance moves and music videos. DIE.


Engagement Photo Prep

Happy Weekend BBs!

Tomorrow, (well today if you’re reading this on Sunday) we are taking our engagement pics. IknowIknow, it’s like 3 minutes before our wedding (really it’s 34 days) but SHUT UP, we’re just a little late mmmkay?

So today, while Bryan took 4,000 practice exams and calculated derivatives I got ourselves ready to put on our Sunday clothes. I chose two dresses a week ago at Express that I died over. I am wearing ONLY dresses in these pics because I am a classy broad. I am outfitting Mr. Nash is slacks, crisp oxfords, khakis and a casual button-down. Call me old-fashioned but there’s something about a couple posing sweetly in sandblasted, rhinestone encrusted denim in a park that makes me shutter. Hence, we shall opt for the route more tradish.

I also needed to procure a couple beauty aids to make me into an attractive human being.

1.) A new set a’falsies

These’ll do ya.


2.) Napoleon Perdis Boudior Mist Foundation…totally NOT a necessity but me and Christian (at the Portland Nordstrom) determined that yes, actually it is.




I am really anxious to give this baby a test-drive as I wore it all day and it performed like a champ. FLAWLESS coverage, like air-brushing, paraben free and it DOES NOT BUDGE. Boom-shakalaka!

This morning I painted my feet with Sally Hansons Ruby Sequin and my fingers with Mod About You and obvs slathered Out the Door topcoat for a high-shine, LOCK-IT-DOWN look.


Next I showered and applied my Michael Todd Pumpkin Mask (which STINGS btw, youch!). I rinsed that off and let two SKYN under eye skin-cooling pads do their thang for 15 minutes. After that, I self-tanned with the Tarte Maracuja Self Tanner and watched 1/2 an episode of Scandal naked while waiting for it to dry.


After that, I applied Moroccon Oil and Pureology 21 Benefits to my hair and wide-tooth combed it. Five minutes later, I went in with my Heat Tamer Spray and let that sink in before blowing my hair dry upside down.



Later tonight, I plan to brush through my extensions and get them prepped for curling tomorrow. After I iron our clothes and consume a couple BLLs I should be all set 🙂

Wish us luck! I’ll obviously be sharing the photos…duh.

Mini Ulta Haul

Hello sweet friends!

The other day, I ventured out of my mole hole, far and away. Well, like 3 miles. With two Ulta gift cards (one from my pal Jaclyn!) I was going through some maja withdrawals. My addiction to Ulta was fed easily whilst we lived in the Seattle area. My job was mere blocks from one and all the sales people knew me (the girl who goes through a can of dry shampoo every week).

But living here is a different story. The closest Ulta to me is across a bridge and inside of a mall. Lloyd Center to be exact. I remember this mall as a kid because it is situated around a skating rink. Going there now, I felt a pang of sadness as I walked across dated tile and worn fixtures. The mall was indeed, very ODD. A Nordstrom on one end, flanked by darkened nail salons and random, decrepit businesses like “Consumer Opinion Services”.

No matter, I thought as I spied the orange glow from Ulta from a distance. I walked in and instantly noticed this store was unlike any other I have been to. If the lowly staff of three wasn’t enough to throw off my previous expectations, surely the barren, inventory-hungry shelves were. The It Cosmetics section was completely wiped out, save for the odd bright red gloss. The store was out of almost every item I had come in for! And I had driven all this way (cue confused, bewildered face).

But being the resourceful shopper that I am, I ended up with a few items I actually NEEDED and will hopefully serve me well. Here they are!


1. Celebration Foundation Illumination

I have been eying this product for some time now. I went in to get the CC cream but they were sold out (surprise surprise) of almost every shade. I also wanted to get the Bye Bye Undereye in Light but again, SOLD OUT. So I decided to grab this powder foundation to use under my eyes to set my concealer as well as a higher-coverage touch up powder. I love my Mac powder, but this is definitely more coverage.



2. Pureology 21 Benefits

My stylist back in Redmond used this product on me and raved about it. It’s a little spendy at $24 but hopefully it is worth it!


3. OPI Nail Polish in Mod About You

As you can see from my nails in these pics, I am long overdue for a polish change. I ALWAYS pick up this color at Ulta and then end up putting it back. It is a cult favorite and for darn good reason. Might it become my new signature nail color!?


4. It’s a 10 Miracle Leave-In (free gift)

I was ecstatic when the lady threw in this LARGE sample of It’s a 10 into my bag. That NEVER happens to me. I’m usually the girl who is 1 penny short of qualifying for the GWP. You can bet I felt like a high-roller, strolling outta there with my free sample like a BOSS.


All for now! Do you have any of these products??