My 2016 Christmas List

Gerd yer loins.
My 2016 Christmas List is here!
My 2016 Christmas List


If interested, here are the details surrounding my choices.
Adidas Shoes:
Basic as they are, I am a ride-or-die lover of white tennies. I love my white Chuck Taylor’s (ala Benny Rodriguez), my Sperry canvas sneakers and of course all m’Vans. And since I live in the city that is home to Nike and Adidas HQ, I figure I may as well pay homage.
Tory Burch Backpack:
Similar to my feelings about white sneakers, I love backpacks. They keep your hands free, are a cinch to commute with and best of all, don’t wreak havoc on my shoulders! Can I get an amen for even weight distribution!? And since I hardly carry purses anymore (see above mentioned note on commuter status) I feel I need this one to stay chic.
Little Twin Stars Backpack:
What would I be, if I wasn’t honest about my 12-year-old taste in accessories? YES. I looooove me some Sanrio! Little Twin Stars man. I can’t help myself. I saw a girl wearing this backpack at Universal Studios and she told me it was Loungefly. Probs a brand for sweaty teens, but whatevs. I WANT IT SO BAD.
Sephora Set:
This set is SUCH a deal. You get several full-size products, several of which, I would love to try. It is pricey at $75 but the contents are easily worth double that.
Mac Velvet Teddy Lipstick:
I just ran out of my beloved Creme Cup by Mac and sister Megan is insisting I try this. So there you go.
Abercrombie 8 Perfume:
In keeping with the 12-year old girl theme…I smelled this perfume on a recent trip to the ol’ A&F when I was desperate to find some black distressed jeans. Total blast from the past in the best way! I really am fond of the way this smells and the fact that it makes me feel like a girl of 22 again.
Lush Snow Fairy Set:
Its no secret that I LOVE Lush and this set comes with the (new to me) Snow Fairy Body Conditioner! Oh lord this would be heavenly!!
S Factor Shampoo + Conditioner Set:
I have always been a fan of the way this line smells. But really, I just need more high-end stuff as I know my hair responds better when I don’t douse it in Pantene….
YSL Mon Paris Perfume:
Confession: I have been going in Sephora for the past few months JUST to put this perfume on. Each time I do, I get stopped on the street by people asking me what I am wearing. This perfume is sweet, feminine and packs a punch you guys.

My 2015 Christmas List

christmas 2015
It’s that time of year again! The time of year where Christmas and my godforsaken birthday fall on nearly the same day. Thank the Lord Nan had them break her water on Christmas Eve, otherwise I would have been born on the WORST day of the year to have a birthday. However, it has also historically meant I get more prezzies, which, as I get older, are dwindling. For example, this year, I actually told my mom to pay my car insurance for a year as my gift..and she almost agreed to do it!
Please see below for the link and descriptions for things on my ACTUAL Christmas list.

Joe’s Jeans black denim skinny jeans
I have been jonesing for a pair of destroyed black jeans. Unfortunately, my long body only looks good in a couple of brands: The Gap and Joe’s.

Sperry Top-Sider white deck shoes – Nordstrom $59.95
I LOVE the way these look with rolled-up jeans or shorts in the summer time. And since my bday is in the winter…I gotta think ahead.

Vans suede leather shoes – $63
I wear my gold metallic vans ALL the time, so obvs I need them in black.

TheBalm makeup – Kohls $39
Mostly, I want this for the blushes and the forest green eyeshadow. Plus, I own NOTHING from the Balm!

Ariana Grande Eau de parfum perfume – Macy’s $50
This perfume is delightful and probs too young for me but I DON’T CARE. It has bottom notes of MARSHMALLOW. I mean, hello!

Lush Christmas Candy Gift Box Bubble bath – LUSH $29
There are about 5 Lush gift boxes I realllllly want. Anything containing Rose Jam or Snow Fairy and I’m a happy camper.

Lush Ro’s Argan Body Conditioner Beauty product – $34
You can read about 1272 posts on my blog about this stuff. It’s what dreams are made of.

Carpet Remnant Rectangular area rug
YEPPP. I have cold-ass hardwood floors and I would like a cheap-O piece of carpet to lay on and watch Gilmore Girls.

Sound of Music on CD
My car has a CD player so of course I want this on CD. What do you take me for?

Little Twin Stars 2016 Day Planner
Or really, any day planner will do. I also saw a Walking Dead one that is amaze-balls.
And last but not least…MY HAIR
My wonderful sister-in-law Shannon will be doing my hair at Christmas time and YOU GUYS it is going to be glorious.

Your Basic Christmas List

It’ just about that time of year again!

And here at the Nash household, we do things right. I’ve got my Justin Bieber Christmas CD, new Martha Stewart red and white throw, and Frozen DVD waiting patiently for that most wonderful time of the year. The only thing this basic white girl needs now is a Christmas (and b-day) list fit for a queen! And probs a Chestnut Praline Latte.

So here it is! Behold a Christmas list brimming with frivolous goods and wares any gal might like. We’ve covered the main Christmas list “food groups” if you will, for all the pyramiders as well: B&B (bath and body), clothing, shoes, jewelry and OBVS meekup. What didn’t make the list were those strange personal quirky things, which are essential to any well-rounded Christmas list. For me, these items would include a Hobbit day planner, Hall Pass the movie (a classic), a PUPPY (pleeeease Bry!) or a large wedge of Cougar Gold cheese.

I think you get the idea :).

2014 Christmas List

We Bought a House


(Most pictures below are courtesy of our broker.)


I Forsee a Red Door…

Bry and I chin-chin’ed over a bottle of champagne and are basically like little kids who just got their own rooms. And in a way, we are.

photo (5)

The “estate” (as I will now refer to it haha JK) features 4 bedrooms. FOUR. And each will be themed. The themes are: America, Irrigation and Nighttime ;). One will be our room, too.

photo (3) ISp1u1v8tvs7jm1000000000 IS5ydbaitbyv7j1000000000 photo (2)

I am really excited to have a girly room. The “ladies” quarters is where us ladies will sit. I will hang up my pink wall decor, I’ll blast the heat.

I’ll unload my complete boxed set of Sex and the City DVDs and string twinkle lights wherever I damn well please. I’ll plug in wallflowers, light my 14.5 oz BBW 3-wick candles and switch on my Scentsy.

It will be an agglomeration of years worth of different obsessions. Unicorn figurines, sequined picture framed photos from spring break 2004 and cupcake paraphernalia.

Various sundries, carefully plucked from the shelves of previous college apartments and memory boxes will be placed on shabby-chic shelving. Not to mention, a vanity along with my entire collection of makeup. It will be as if Rachel Ashwell’s collection threw up all over my room.

And it will smell like peonies.

And BEHOLD, a vision board!
House Vision Board

From top left to right: Teacup, Macy’s Chloe Sofa, Pottery Barn Meredith Desk, Pier 1 Hayworth Vanity, Prada Marfa Sign Art, Pottery Barn Throw Blanket, Z Gallerie Nicolette Bed, Peonies, JH Picture, B&BW Candle, Eiffel Tower Lamp, Anthropologie Georgina Duvet.

What else am I excited about?

We will FINALLY have a garage. How can one be so happy about something as boring as a garage, you ask? As the soon-to-be wife of a crazy outdoorsman, I can tell you – it’s pretty darn exciting.
No longer will dirty hiking shoes be mixed into a box of linen duvets and muffin tins. Ropes, belay devices, tents, sleeping bags, GIANT backpacks and muddy boots can all be arranged lovingly in the space, solely devoted to storing things of this nature. Not to mention, our skis, bicycles oh yeah – our MOTOR VEHICLES.
It’s a luxurious life we shall lead.
photo (4)
We will have a separate tub from shower which can only mean that I will be able to shop at Lush and buy those cutely-shaped bath bombs for ten bucks a pop. Thank the lord!
An entryway! Equipped with a table which will proudly display such amusements as a dish of seasonal candies, a mini-Christmas tree, pumpkins dipped in glitter or ugly ceramic Easter Bunny figurines that I thought were cute at the time. Sky’s the limit. IS9tozteeg3i7j1000000000 photo A living room AND a family room which I realize is not very Gen-Y of me. I should be programmed to embrace the “great” room but alas, I cannot. Call me old fashioned, but I like me two rooms. One for sittin’, one for livin’. ISlq2ewy9spwim1000000000 IS1v4vb6xufrrm1000000000 A normal-sized kitchen with enough room to store a plethora of gadgets. We can have multiple cutting boards, thus eliminating the cross contamination of cutting up an onion on same surface as my morning english muffin. ISdk02es5khzim1000000000 A backyard where I can spray paint things to my heart’s delight. Much like Portlandia’s ever-popular phrase, “We can pickle that!” I will exclaim, “I can spray paint that!”. IS133nql87t98j1000000000 Lastly, we will have enough room for a family to (hopefully) grow. To welcome a poor, unsuspecting addition to our family in human or canine form. One being slightly more of a responsibility than the other but both subject to ridiculous amounts of love. And candy. And bows. photo (1)

Come On-A OUR House!