Current Hair Care Routine

Oh…hurr curr.

Such a daunting task for me. Why? you may ask. It’s just hair!

Oh, if you ONLY knew.

Over the last decade, my hair has kinda been through the ringer and it’s all boiled down to two big cardinal mistakes:

  1. Buying Groupons for hair color services

This (I’ve discovered) is a big no-no. While it saves money, the folks that use Groupon on the regular to book clients are doing it for a reason. Now, this is NOT to say that you cannot find an amazing hairdresser on Groupon, I just firmly believe that most of the time you pay for exactly what you get. Funnily enough, I found my current hairdresser by using Groupon! She had decided to do hair out of a salon in her home so she put out a Groupon to attract new clientele and thank GOD she did because I love her!

2. Switching hairdressers frequently

See aforementioned section about using Groupons… When I would just buy which ever Groupon had an opening for me, it also meant my hair was exposed to all sorts of brands of color/bleach. And while this may not seem like huge deal, it kindof is. Not only does your hair react differently to different lines of color, but the discrepancy in color also varies.

So now that I have found a perfect goddess to do my hair, I have a whole new routine and it’s pretty great.

Quick sidenote: my hairdresser uses only Davines color and styling products. If you don’t know anything about Davines, look it the F up. The whole line is amazing.


For shampoo and conditioner, I have been using the Davines LOVE Smoothing Line. Both smell great, do not leave a residue and leave my hair feeling soft and silky. The conditioner is very thick and grabby and I love saturating my ends with it.

For deep conditioning, I really love using good ol’ Virgin Coconut Oil from Trader Joes. I apply it directly to dry hair, after slowly warming it up in the sink with warm water. I like to leave it on overnight if I can and then just wash it out in the morning.


Dry Shampoo is probably my most used styling product –  because I can be a bit of a ragamuffin. I have tried basically all the drugstore kinds and Batiste is my favorite. The tropical one is amazing and leaves your hair smelling like coconut!

Hair oil is another product I cannot live without. My two favorites are the Davines Essential Oi Oil and Moroccon Oil. I love the lightness of the Oi oil and am basically obsessed with the smell of Moroccon Oil. I would wear this as a perfume if they made it.


Shine sprays are an essential item for me, as I have lots of damage and split ends. To reduce the appearance of damage, I LOVE the Kenra Platinum Silkening Mist – it really is a staple and smells absolutely amazing.


Blow dryers, curling irons and straighteners do not get used too much by me anymore. Don’t get me wrong, I use all of them weekly but I don’t feel the need to perfectly straighten each section, or curl every piece with precision. I’ve been embracing my messy, blender-head and loving every minute of it. My mom and Meg however, do not.



Hauls, Moroccon Oil and the Pursuit of Luster

Because I aint no haulin-back girrrl!

I’ll begin with a story. Whilst in Europe, Megan and I often times would lay in bed watching YouTube videos until the wee hours of the morning. Call us cray cray, but sometimes we just couldn’t peel our sleepy eyes off that tiny screen. Favorites include anything done by Jenna Marbles, old American Idol performances, Miss Magoo and most recently makeup tutorial and “haul” videos. If you are unsure as to what constitutes a haul video, allow me to deconstruct.

They do not involve a U-Haul, moving or any kind of wheel barrow. These videos involve young women (mostly), showing off what they recently purchased on shopping trips. Haul videos can be comprised of makeup, clothing, home decor, etc and any combination of the like.

Example “Haul” Video. This is Tiffany D and I love her.

The reason I find these videos oddly addicting (along with hundreds of thousands of others, btw) is that I get a big kick outta seeing these gals blow copious amounts of money on makeup, shoes, hair products, clothing and just about everything in between. I happen to fall on the more frugal side when it comes to my personal finances and seeing these girls spend $500 at Ulta on nail polish, well…makes me giggle.

It also makes me want. As I described in this video, I can be somewhat materialistic-ish at times. I’ll admit it. So while I watch these videos, I find myself making small lists of items that strike my fancy. No, I haven’t converted exclusively to YSL and Dior makeup, but I have realized that scraping the bottom of my Wet n Wild bronzer isn’t really that great.

And in light of watching tons of these videos with sister Megan, I decided to throw her a curve ball and make my own. Please don’t judge, this video was made all in fun.

After I made this little video while sitting on the floor in our room amongst laundry and an un-made bed I realized, this was kinda fun! Although I feel semi ridiculous and am a tad embarrassed to admit that I actually liked making the video, I’m going to do just that. I like making these videos, talking to the camera and entertaining my sisters (Megan and Rachel J). So sue me. So I made another “haul” video which is quite long.

Again, please no judgements. I just like talking to my camera ok?!

My most recent beauty obsesh as of late has been my hair, particularly it’s length and luster. I am always growing it out, but alas, it never seems to go much further past my shoulders and lacks shine. After extensive research I have determined this is due to breakage, the fact that I highlight my hair and also my pillowcase. Apparently for long-haired humans, cotton pillowcases rip our hair in the back of our heads when we sleep. A trusted stylist took one look at my hair and told me to buy a satin pillowcase to eliminate this problem.

She also advised me to begin the Moroccan Oil treatment regiment.

The whole Argan Oil treatment has been sweeping the nation and while I had heard of Moroccan Oil I thought it would be too heavy for my fine hair. After I tried it at the salon I knew this stuff was serious. A dime sized amount will spread throughout the whole head and immediately my hair felt better. I opted to go with the small bottle and have only used it once but can already tell a difference. I’m hooked!

So…alot of beauty talk in this post. Sorry bout that. Next time I swear I’ll write about dungarees, piles of dirt and pitchforks ok?