Up With Montana, Boys!

Down with the foe!


Yes, that is the University of Montana state fight song and last weekend as we rolled past the border into the big sky state, my mother began singing it. Not because anyone in our fam is a “Grizz”, but because Hamilton, Montana is the birthplace and home of my dear and recently deceased grandmother, Dorothy Davis. Last weekend, we made the trip to this beautiful state to bury her ashes and say our final goodbyes to this little lady who’s simple life I admire so very much.

Born in 1919 and popularly referred to as G-Dot, Dorothy lived to be the ripe ol’ age of 94. She was sassy. And spirited. She ruled the circle at seated kickball.

T-giving 09 023

Chloe loved her too!

Davis Girls - Copy

At the memorial, my aunt and mom read some of her beautiful writings and clever poetry. We reminisced her younger years, filled with golf, oil painting and plenty of Wonder Bread. We took a moment to remember all that she was – a devoted Christian woman, who may have had small-town views but NEVER judged. And all that she wasn’t – a gourmet chef or lover of spicy foods. She married my grandfather after only 3 months of dating, only to say goodbye to him 2 days after their wedding so he could fight in WW2.

She was a woman who had chronic acid indigestion, who hated losing at rummy and who I will miss each day of my life.

The memorial was perfect and seeing my great aunt Maxine was even better.

nat 053

DSCN0655 - Copy

But enough of the sad! On to the good! It is after-all, what G-Dot would have wanted.

In lieu of getting a hotel in the tiny town of Hamilton, we opted to rent a house via VRBO. We drove out into the sticks and after a few wrong turns, pulled into the driveway of the house (click here for the posting). The exterior looked pretty nondescript but after opening the front door it was clear we were in Montana. Knotty pine finishes enveloped walls laden with mounted fish, mallard art and cowboy paraphernalia. Chochkies rattled as I walked by every old-english polished surface. This place was a gem.

We immediately noticed the cool old barn outside and wisely headed out for a photo sesh and subsequent lols. Feast your eyeballs.







I can’t handle Meg’s face

The house was great, save for the fact that the 7,000 inch television required a PhD in technology to operate and the heat wouldn’t work the last day. Although, the heat not working may have been a blessing in disguise since it forced us to start a fire (with wood, you know) and pretend we were on Little House on the Prairie.

We found the world’s oldest K-Mart and contemplated buying matching thermal PJ’s for .99 cents. Oh, and this hat.


Other wonderful Montana discoveries:

Written in the bathroom stall of the $50,000 Silver Dollar Bar

Written in the bathroom stall of the $50,000 Silver Dollar Bar


Puka shells are always in style in the MT


It’s real

All in all, it was a wonderful trip and absolutely the best way to say goodbye to my wonderful Grandma Dot.

DSCN0669 - Copy

We will miss you.