Carrie: I need to get myself out of my Mexicoma.

Samantha: Oh honey, you made a little joke! Good for you.

IMPORTANT NOTE: We just got our internet back! I started this re-cap before our connection loss. If anything is no longer funny, you don’t have to laugh. It’s okay.

In Bryan and I’s cases, we want to get back into our Mexicomas.

The trip was glorious, just glorious. At the beginning of the trip we turned our cell phones off and vowed NOT to use the computer for 7 days solid. Just Bryan and Natalie, uncensored.

We arrived in Cabo San Lucas in the late afternoon on a Monday. The humid, Mexican heat hit us like a mack truck right after stepping off the plane. I squealed with delight, peeled off the WSU hoodie and happily made my way inside the terminal. From the moment we stepped into that terminal until the day we boarded the plane on the way home we were propositioned. No, not sexually (sorry to disappoint).  But timeshares? Para-sailing? Dinner cruises? Jet skis? Condos? Babies? You name it! Well, maybe not babies =).

We managed to make our way outside eventually and boarded the pre-paid shuttle to our resort, Pueblo Bonito Blanco. The resort was gorgeous. Not the newest property on the beach, but very well-maintained and had a classic, yet elegant Mexican feel to it. Bryan and I opted to go for the “all-inclusive” package for 4 of the 7 nights we stayed and commando (so to speak) for the other 3. The all-inclusive package also meant we were free to dine, swim and drink at the sister resort right next door, Pueblo Bonito Rose. This meant we had over 6 restaurants and bars to choose from and 2 amazing pools.

View from our Balcony

Rose Resort

Bar at the Rose

Our Casa

The first thing we did when we arrived? EAT of course. And drink. Duh.

Skinny Cans = More Fun to Drink

Drinks at Cilantros

We explored both resorts and then casually made our way RAN down to the ocean. I always forget how salty the ocean is. Maybe that’s because the most exposure I usually have to water is poaching the hot tub at Hotel Terra…Either way, I always end up with salt water up my nose which triggers a sensational nasal noise that is not only very attractive, but also easy on the ears.

For dinner we checked out The Office, the famous bar and eatery on the beach and it was fabulous.

The Office

Yes, there were also random clowns, milling about.

Most of our days looked something like this:

Wake  up in our respective double beds.  Watch 15 minutes of whatever movie is on HBO. Go to gym. Change into regular clothes. Say hello to the turtles and flamingos. Go to breakfast. Change into swim suits. Apply mounds of sunscreen. Wait 20 minutes. Jump in ocean. Rinse. Lay by pool, swim in pool. Read novels. Have lunch. Return to lounge chair. Order mojitos and margs. Repeat. Middle-schooler horse play in pool. Fall asleep (mouth slightly ajar) in lounge chair. Wake up. Play beach volleyball with locals and resort go-ers. Consume 3 bottles of water. Return to room. Nap. Shower. Apply mass amounts of aloe vera. Examine sun damage. Smile.  Dress into night outfit. Shots. Dinner. Cervezas. 2 man dance party on the beach. HBO in respective double beds. Sleep.

Maybe Being Naughty?

Flamingos and Friends

Starbucks is Always the Same! Go America!

Allow me to elaborate on the double-beds sitch:

When we first walked into our room, Bryan quickly noticed the absence of the king bed he’d requested and the presence of two double beds. We pondered going back down and asking for a different room, but given our Mexcitement, we quickly forgot about the beds. But guess what? We ended up LOVING it. It was like Lucy and Ricky only less cuban and blonder. Every night, we’d laugh at HBO from the comfort of our own beds like two ol’ farts. Good times.

Just call us Lucy and Ricky

One day, we took a boat taxi to Lovers Beach. I think they named it after Bryan and I, but I’m not sure.

We also got to see the iconic Cabo Arch.

Another day we rented a sea-kayak and paddled to Lovers Beach. I was a little scared of a seal attacking me. Do seals do that?

Suited Up

Awkward Hand Positioning While Trying to get me Underwater Shot

We also got to celebrate Bry’s actual 28th birthday!

Happy Birthday Bry-Bry!

One night we decided to check out Squid Roe, a popular dance club in Cabo. We had a great time talking, dancing and drinking. But guess what was the most fun? The people watching! Seriously might have been the best I’ve seen. Even better than 8 o’clock on a Friday night at Columbia Center Mall in Kennewick, WA. And that’s sayin alot. Tweens cuddling hard on a bench outside the Build-a-Bear Workshop is hard to beat.

I think it was 2 obvious divorcees that took the cake for me. Urban cowboy hats, tight tank tops with sweat pouring through and waaaay too much eyeliner just cuttin a rug to “I like to move it, move it” and my obvious favorite, “Tootsie Roll”. Only in Cabo.

We also had another great, alcohol-laden evening on the beach. I felt like such a VIP. Except I was probably rocking something from Old Navy.

Just Your Average Robot, Out on the Town


Trying to be a Supermodel

The trip was heaven. We got day-drunk. We swam around. We cuddled. We ate 7 pounds of guacamole.

I couldn’t have asked for a better time, a better place or better company. This trip is something I’ll never forget!

Let Them Eat Flan

We are officially on vacation!

Well, technically Bryan is still at work but he will be off in 4 short hours and then it’s really official.

You heard right, at 5 pm, Bryan and I will be flying to Seattle, staying for 2 days and then taking off for Mexico on Monday! Ole!

Other excitements include:

  • Staying at Bryan’s house in Redmond and spending time with his parents (awesome folk).
  • Attending his buddy Spencer’s wedding on Saturday with friends.
  • Getting to see my Mom and sister who are randomly coming to Seattle this weekend.
  • Frolicking.
  • Gallivanting.
  • Slayin wedding cake.

We’ll also be celebrating Bryan’s 28th birthday with his parents and friends. I LOVE birthdays so this makes me happy.


Last Wednesday, I decided to throw Bryan a little surprise party myself!

Cupcake theme, obv

Birthday Irish Trash-Can

Baaad Eyeshadow

Dessert Sampler- Cheesecake, Red Velv Whoopie Pie and Italian Creme Cupcake


‘Twas a great time indeed. Thanks to Holly for helping me set up and Lorie for seeing it through to the end.

In terms of my Mexican adventure studies, here is all I feel I will need to know:

  • Don’t follow a group of random senors down a dark alley way just because they promised chihuahuas and flan.
  • Do not eat a street taco after you ask if it was prepared in sanitary ways and he holds up a bottle of anti-bacterial gel.
  • Always haggle. Always.

In terms of my Spanish?

“Hola. Me llamo Natalie. Uno cerveza por favor.”

And most importantly?

“Me gustaria la golosina”. (I would like candy)