Nordstrom Makeup Haul


Hat tip to m’pal Dann for sending me emails with this nauseatingly wonderful subject line.

Today I bring you a haul more exciting than the season finale of Rupaul’s Drag Race which y’all really must watch. My inner drag queen (who goes by Summer Clearance, btw) gets pretty jealous of those broads.

I was at the Washington Square Nordstrom the other day, otherwise known as the cool place to push around $1,500 strollers in Tory Burch flats…and I picked up a few bits and pieces which I am just tickled over.

Nars Sheer Glow Foundation



FINALLY right!? This is liquid gorgeousness. It is the essence of all things majesty and splendorous, bottled up and sold to unicorns like me and you. I went with Light 5 – in Fiji and I’m honestly a bit iffy on the shade. I might be going back for Medium 1 in Punjab because this girl is planning on gettin’ her tan on!! However, do not be fooled. My winter shade in this foundation would definitely be the lightest.

Anastasia Brow Whiz in Soft Brown


Don’t be jealous of m’sexy jammies ok?


FINALLY AGAIN!! I have wanted Brow Whiz ever since it came out like 74 years ago. I have had the good ol’ original pencil in ash blonde from Anastasia for srsly like 22 years and I fiiiiinalllly ran out a couple weeks ago. And you guys, can I get some props for working through that entire godforsaken thing!? It was an accomplishment.

Mac Powder Blush in Melba




This blush comes highly recommended by Jaclyn Hill, one of my fave YouTubers. It has zero sparkle but the color is simply gorgeous. I love wearing it with an absolute sh*tload of highlighter. You know.

And that’s all she wrote!

Currently Coveting

Materialism at it’s worst, guys. I KNOW. But just indulge me 🙂

The list below is compiled of things I have taken a hard liking to over the past couple of months. It’s a bit longer than normal because I haven’t bought anything lately due to lack of job, trips to Potbelly and a teensy dent I put in the Jeep. Oopsa’ daisies!

Mac Blushes!!

I went to the Mac on NW 23rd here in Portland and had a swatchfest. I had ’em all up and down my arm like a lunatic and determined these shades MUST be mine.

Petal Power Mineralized Blush $27



Check out the new Mac mineralized packaging! I saw Sam Schuerman talk about the beauty of this blush and HAD to see for myself. I am currently REALLY digging blushes that can basically double as highlights, much like my current favorite blush which is Luminoso by Milani. This shade is an absolutely gorgeous pink with goldy undertones. Mamma want.

Sunbasque Powder Blush $22


Photo Cred

Sunbasque is a color I have heard tons about and I finally experienced it’s radiant splendor. It is definitely more of a mauvy, bronzed color with that shimmer I have grown obsessed with.

Margin Powder Blush $22

MAC Blus Margin 3

Photo Cred

To me, margin might be the perfect summer blush of all time. It is rose gold (reminiscent of Benefit’s boxed blush in Rockateur) but MUCH more glowy. It has brownish peach undertones and would PERF with my skin tone right now or with a slammin self tan.

Springsheen Powder Blush $22


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Springsheen. Oh, springsheen. How lovely and coral and perfect and luminous you are. Do you guys see why I need all these blushes? They are all SO me and wonderfully life-changing.


Other Stuff

Benefit Push Up Liner $24


I have never been a fan of gel liners. Back in the good ol’ days, I had Mac’s blacktrack and it completely dried out on me after like 8 months and I was PISSED. I have tried other drugstore brands since then and they’re okay but I always find myself migrating back to my liquids or pencils because it’s just too much work to lug out the pot AND the brush (not lazy at all, here). But then Benefit released this and my distaste for gel liner has been thoughtfully redacted. No need for a brush! No dried-up product! I need this in my life.

Josie Maran Whipped Argan Body Butter $48


$48 body lotion necessitates a lengthy explanation, so allow me to deconstruct…

Alright gals. Body lotion 101 is in session. You all know I struggle with a couple of agonizing skin disorders. One being my keratosis pilaris otherwise known as chicken skin or those tiny bumps we sometimes get on the backs of our arms and legs. The other being my acute paleness. NOW. Ingredients such as glycerin and mineral oil upset the chicken skin, as the ingredients are not good for the root cause of these bumps – a hard build-up of keratin which plugs up the hair follicle.

Additionally, ingredients such as alcohol and mineral oil actually STRIP the color off of a self-tanned body. Which is NO BUENO.

So, in congruence with these obstacles – I have been on the hunt for skin lotions and butters devoid of these ingredients. And lemmetellya, there aren’t many. Organic or natural brands may not contain alcohol but then they mostly ALL have glycerin and mineral oil.

My discovery is this – Josie Maran body butter. It is free of alcohol, mineral oil and has only a small amount of “natural vegetable glycerin”.

PRAISE THE LORD allelujah! I will happily fork over this ungodly sum for a bit of skin relief – oh yes, I will.

Alex and Ani Bracelets $28 (approx.)



Let me explain. I have always wanted a charm bracelet. However, I am just not a fan of the Pandora line or the tradition charm bracelets that get all bulky. These bangles from Alex and Ani I find to be quite cute as you can stack them up and wear a bunch at a time. They come in all different styles and metals and I want a million of them.

Maybelline Hip Eyeshadow Duo in Electrified $5


Photo Cred

Kristin Gehm mentioned this duo on one of her recent videos and I need it. Unfortunately it is not available anywhere! If anyone finds this line of eyeshadows anywhere please let me know!

TIGI Bedhead Oh Bee Hive! Dry Shampoo $20


My sister’s GF Shannon used this on me when she did my hair for our wedding and I am IN LOVE. It smells amazing and I found the result to be smooth and natural. I usually opt for drugstore dry shampoos but this might just make me a convert.

Benefit Maybe Baby Perfume $32


This perfume is everything to me. It has the same scent as my beloved Bathina Oil Mist from Benefit. An ultra-feminine, sweet, floral scent that makes feel like the ballerina I wish I were.

And that’s it! What have YOU been coveting??