Valentines Day Gift Guide

Good morning strawberry zingers!

I’ve said it before and I will say it again, I LOVE VALENTINES DAY. Ok ok, it might have something to do with the color scheme and the fact that candy is err’where but who cares!? It’s the best. And because I’m a little bit extra, I LOVE to give cute Valentines gifts out this time of year. Because what’s better than getting a pink and red themed care package? NOTHING.

 For Gals

Daryl Dixon Shirt 

Etsy – $15

This item needs no explanation. If you do not watch The Walking Dead than I am sorry.

Love you More Pillow 

T.J Maxx – $20

I say this phrase to all my loved ones and it is always true. Everyone needs seasonal throw pillows amiright!? You could also keep this on your bed anytime of the year!

“Be Mine” Tee Shirt

H&M – $13

This little tee shirt makes me so happy. Notice the tiny heart detail on the bottom? The fit is actually very nice and at $12.99 – it’s a steal!

Candle in Honeysuckle

Bath & Body Works – $24 (USE A COUPON!)

My sister Megan turned me on to the gloriousness of honeysuckle scents from BBW. This one comes in an adorable V-Day themed jar that you can clean out and use for cotton balls when you are done!

Rose Jam Body Spray

Lush – $40

FINALLY Lush has answered my prayers. I have been tweeting the companies for years asking for this scent to become available in a perfume or body splash. IT IS HERE! Hopefully Davy is reading because…hint hint…I WANT THIS.

I will now work on tweeting Lush about a candle in this scent. Aw yiss.


52 Reasons I Love You Idea

Do I love cheesy, lovey-dovey gift ideas? IS THE POPE CATHOLIC?

I love making sh*t like this for people I adore. Click the link about for a step-by-step HOW TO on how to make this!

Angels Envy Whiskey 


This bottle-o-booze is representative of any alcohol or food item that your guy or gal loves. It’s nice to step it up a notch on V-Day and spend a little more on something bougie. Dahvide LURVES this whiskey.

Replica At the Barber’s Cologne

Maison Margiela – $130

I just recently smelt this sucker at Sephora and lemme tell ya – I almost bought it for myself. It smells like a clean, sexy man. Who doesn’t like that?


Crosley Pink Turntable Record Player

Amazon – $64

David got me this exact record player for Hanukkah last year along with 3 of my favorite albums. I CRIED. It was the most thoughtful and romantic gift ever. We slow danced in the living room. I love owning a record player again and this one comes in SO many colors!

Origins Love Oil

Good Clean Love – $22

Guys, you can put this stuff errwhere. Catch my drift? On occasion, I do make David rub my shoulders and go to town on this hump on my back I’ve had FOREVER. I used to think massage oils were just not necessary until we tried this stuff. It smells amazing and makes the massage feel about 92784 times better. This brand (more on them later) also uses aphrodisiacs in several of their products and like HELLO, yes! Please be more attracted to me! I love that and seriously feel that they work.

Myths & Legends Organic Aphrodisiac Perfume 

Good Clean Love – $30 each

These two fragrances are not for dilly-dallying.

Legends is the more “masculine” scent, with notes East Indian Sandalwood, Omani Frankincense, and Bulgarian Rose. The scent does NOT mess around guys. And either you love this or hate it. I tend to like heavier scents, myself.

Myths is the more “feminine” scent. I really enjoyed how this scent paired with Legends.

I think any couple would get a kick out of trying this set of two fragrances.  It would be fun to try wearing them out together on a date night! Plus, the small size means you’re not making a huge investment on a giant bottle. Win!

*I was sent the Good Clean Love products complimentary for testing. All opinions are my own.

Christmas + B-Day Haul!

Yo yo yo!

If you guys have been around for awhile, you know these two dates are one and the FREAKING same. WEll, my birthday falls on Christmas Eve but like BFD, it’s the same day.

This year, people really ponied up and gave me some great things and welp – here they are!

Urban Decay Gwen Stefani Eyeshadow Palette



 YES. I own the Gwen Stefani palette from Urban Decay and lemmejustsay – this palette is amaaaazing. My initial reaction to this palette was that it had WAY too many beigy colors. But upon closer inspection, each one offers something totally different. I have used basically every color in this palette, and so far there is not a dud in the bunch. I LOVE the blue and the pink as well, because both colors make my baby blues POP majorlly.  I now understand that Urban Decay has released the Gwen blush palette….and oh law, it looks GORGEOUS. Must. Resist.

The Balm In the Balm of Your Hand Palette



Sister Megan got me this palette for Christmas and I am SO glad she did. I wanted this palette because I realized I (horror of horrors) own NOTHING from The Balm. I have wanted to try their blushes, eyeshadows, bronzer and OF COURSE the Mary Lou-minizer for a while now. This palette contains ALL of those items, plus a lip color and a lip and cheek color. I have had a chance to use several of these colors and so far my favorites are ALLLLLL of the shadows, the Hot Mama blush, Mary Louminizer and the cream cheek color. Plus, how cute is this packaging!?

Lush Rosy Christmas Gift Set


I purchased two of these little suckers during the day after Christmas sale on the Lush website. This box contains a small bottle of Rose Jam shower gel and a small tub of my beloved Ro’s Argan Body Conditioner. Each box was $16.95 and it was buy one get one free, so I got both of these boxes for a helluva deal!

Lush Butterbear Bath Bomb


These little guys were also buy one get one free, and at $4.95 apiece I couldn’t resist. I reallllly like this bath bomb because it releases a vanilla-infused cocoa butter formula into the water and it leaves my skin feeling baby soft.

Lush Rosie Wrapped Gift Box



Big thanks to Nan for realizing how much I need Lush in my life! This gift box contains more of my favorite things, Rose Jam Shower Gel and Ro’s Argan Body Conditioner. It also contains a miniature size of the Ultrabalm, which is pretty great. It also contains my beloved Rose Jam Bubbleroon AND Amandopondo Bubble Bar. I am vurrry excited to use this all up and smell like roses!

That pretty much sums it up! What did you all get for Christmas?