Meeting Sprinkle of Glitter

You guys.

I met Louise.


You know Louise, of the YouTube channel Sprinkle of Glitter?

If you don’t, allow me to fill you in. Louise is from England, married and has an adorable 3-year-old daughter, Darcy. Her channel focuses on all aspects of life, from makeup/beauty, to day-in-the-life vlogs to serious, deeper subjects. I think people love Louise because she is relate-able, animated, hilarious and seemingly humble. Now that I have actually met her in person (pinch me again) I can confirm that she is in fact, all of these things.

So how did I meet her?

She flew all the way from the UK to Seattle for a visit with her dear friend (and fellow YouTuber) Marie of Bits and Clips. One day, 20 minutes before I had a appt with the doc, I saw a post on Facebook outlining a meet-up she was having in Kerry Park. Obviously, I had not planned on going, but as soon as I realized our proximity I hyperventilated casually decided to go.

I know I sound crazy. She makes videos on the internet…SO WHAT!? Well. YouTube celebs (youlebrities?) are kindof maje. The lucky ones have morphed from normal people who enjoy sitting in front of a camera and talking, to celebrities in their own right.

I DIGRESS, heres the deets:

The park had about 50 girls, anxiously pacing too and fro, clutching their lovely hand-written notes and small gifts for Louise. They were shaking. Shaking. I say girls, because they were just that. The vast majority of this mob was made up of high school girls and college students. There was the odd Mom bob, but I noticed that these women were dropping off their high-school daughters, not actually attending the meet-up.  So then I felt like a douche.

As Louise pulled up I thought, “Oh wonderful! They found a spot in the front!”. Meanwhile, the girls behind me were nervously emitting muffled screams and twisting their purse straps as they caught sight of her. This was REAL y’all. People was losing they shizz.

She came out of the car and immediately addressed the crowd, saying “Hi!!”. She was everything. Gracious, well-poised and adorable without being obnoxious. Right off the bat, she exclaimed, “You all look so American!” and of course we all chuckled.

Then it was dead silent. Everybody was just stunned, shocked and in awe. The air was palpable. So naturally, I started nervously blurting things out. Word vomit, I think they call it. You know me.

When it was my turn for a picture with her, I told her I was probably the oldest person there. I also said that I make “uncontrollable ugly face” in pictures and was sorry for that, to which she said “Don’t say that! You look wonderful! You could have elephantiasis!”. hahahahaaaaaaaaa

Oh Louise.

I side hugged the bejesus outta her and said more awkward things as you might expect.




Am I patting her?

I almost kissed the top of her head while singing let’sgotothebeach EACH letsgogetaway, but thought she might have me arrested, right there in the park.

Oh, and obvs I had to get one a’these:


Just two besties

It was a wonderful treat for us Seattlites, to receive a sprinkle of glitter from my personal favorite YouTuber, Louise!

Here we all are! (via her Twitter):





Op. There’s crazy me. Laying it on thick.