Rodan + Fields Skincare/Self-Tanner Follow Up!

I’d like to give a warm shout-out to Kelly for sending me a few of my FAVE product samples from Rodan + Fields!


With Bryan and his brother out skiing Mt. Baker last weekend, I was left with a whole lotta time on my hands to really get m’pamps on. And I did it up BIG. Freshly washed sheets. Netflix, wine and OF COURSE Milk Duds because who do you take me for? I knew an at-home facial and sunless tanning sesh was also looong overdue and I was SO pumped to use these products again!

Enter: The Rodan + Fields Microdermabrasion, Night Renewing Serum and Lip Renewing Serum


I have said it before and I will say it again. These products are AMAZING and they work. Rodan and Fields are two smart gals because everyone knows how well Proactiv works, but not everyone needs acne products. Some of us want to look like we are 22 (I already feel it) and need an anti-ageing regiment sent from the Gods. Welp. This is it.


Pre-wash face!



Applying the microdermabrasion

Never before have I actually looked forward to using a microdermabrasion until I found this stuff. I love using it and feeling the dead skin, grime and build-up from the week melt away beneath tiny grains of this gloriousness. My skin is left feeling softer and more like a baby’s butt than ever before.


Then I applied the serum. Oh, the serum. Somebody once told me that a moisturizer is like brushing your teeth but a serum is like the floss. It really gets in there, it fine tunes and delivers the powerful effects we all want. What is better than knowing your face is fully exfoliated and thirsty for replenishment, and then feeding it a luxurious and nutrient-rich product? NOTHING.


Feels SO soft!

The lip treatment is also a great one. I would recommend starting with the microdermabrasion and the face serum if I had to pick my faves, but if you have super dry, chapped lips this would be an amazing option for you. I also applied the lip shield, which is ultra nourishing and hydrating. It would be perfect for the beach bag.



After my face was all scrubbed and clean and cherubic, I applied the Essentials Foaming Sunless Tan.


For me, the Rodan & Fields Sunless Tanner is like a good friend. Someone I can rely on when I’m feeling crappy, sure to brighten my day with a pleasant smell, easy application (no mitt required!) and great results. Because come on, all great friends have to smell pleasant. This one in particular is nice for the gal who just wants a “touch of sun”, who wants to be all, “oh, me? I was just out on my yacht all weekend.” If a super orangey fake tan is a double D, this humble self tanner is like a full B-cup.

I love how quick the process goes:

Step One: Exfoliate in the shower

Step Two: Dry off thoroughly and apply self tanning foam to body, working in sections.

Step Three: Wait for tanner to dry (or if you’re me, walk around your bedroom naked rapping Gangster’s Paradise).

Freshly applied

Freshly applied

Here is a pic of the color, from 2 days later using only one coat!


Yes I was on the bus. I’m just SO urban.

And that’s it! Have YOU tried Rodan + Fields??

Rodan + Fields Self-Tanner and Skincare Review

**For more pictures and an updated review on this product, click here!**

My lovely co-worker and friend, Megan was kind enough to allow me to try a few products from the Rodan + Fields skincare line to try. She has been selling their products for about a year and lemme just tell you, her skin is gorgeous.


Rodan + Fields Essentials Foaming Sunless Tan 4.2oz $24


As a huge fan of any cancer-free tan, I was thrilled to try this one in particular because it is made by actual dermatologists. Which means I knew it wouldn’t be poisonous, cause break-outs or be super orangey.

And I was right.

Step One: I started out by taking a shower and exfoliating my skin with the Tree Hut Body Scrub in Brazilian Nut which smells DIVINE. As any avid tan-in-a-can girl will tell you, exfoliation before tan application is key.

Step Two: I used 2.5 pumps per leg and noticed right away that the product was not tinted. Some brands use what’s called “color-guard” to make it easier to see any areas you have missed. The color-guard tint also means that usually it’s best to apply with a tanning mitt.


Since this foam is clear, I just used my bare hands and went to town. The smell was really nice and kind of citrusy, WAY better than most self-tanning products. The label advised “finishing one area completely before moving on to the next” and when I began to work the product into my skin, I knew why. The foam absorbs SUPER quickly into the skin, which means you gotta work quickly. No dilly-dallying. No time to stop and clip your toenails. But I kinda loved it. I loved that it was absorbing so nicely and evenly into my skin, instead of sitting grossly on top, making me feel “wet”. Literally, 5 minutes later, I was all done!


Freshly applied – nevermind my gross, veiny foot


Forearm – before

Step Three: After a thorough hand washing, I walked around our bathroom watching YouTube makeup tutorials and eating handfuls of Fruit Looks naked while the product completely dried. Now THERE’S A SITE! Within minutes, my skin felt completely dry (not like, dry-dry though) and I could get dressed.

*Here are shots from the next morning.



Overall, I really liked the tanning foam. The developed color is not super dark, but I think that’s what I like about it. While I would not use it for that instant, deep dark tan –  I love it as an everyday, subtle “glowy” tanned look.

 The next products I reviewed came packaged so cutely and conveniently. Here we have the Microdermabrasion Paste, the Night-Renewing Serum and the Lip-Renewing Serum.


Step One: I started out with a (relatively) clean face (makeup wipes only).


Just. Don’t be jealous.


Then I squeezed out the entire packet of paste onto the tips of my fingers and began massaging it into my skin for 30-60 seconds as instructed.


The paste had a wonderful, almost warming effect on my skin and felt amaaaazing as I worked it around. Call me cray, but I could literally feel my skin moving and tightening below the surface of the product. SOMETHING was happening and I luuurved it.


Step Two: A minute later, I rinsed the product off and patted my skin dry. Then I went in with the face serum and literally – just, oh m’lord. The Hallelujah chorus went off in my head. Or maybe my face? Hallelujah! Said my pores. Hallelujah! Exclaimed my fine fines. It was like my skin was finally given a big ol’ drink of water. Actually, not a drink. It was given a Big Gulp.


Guys, this serum is JUST the best. The best, Jerry, the best. My skin was like a friggen’ baby’s bottom.

Step Three: Then I smeared the lip-renewing serum all over my mouth. And I mean everywhere. I went WAY outside the lines and into the corners. It felt like the most luxurious lip gloss ever, like a rich oil. Even after Bryan and I watched an episode of Dexter AND I drank water – the product was still there, sinking into my lips.


So, yeah. I have never experienced such an enlightening night of skincare before in m’life. Perhaps it is because I haven’t tried products that really work. Which is kindof a depressing thought. No, these products are not cheap. But, I am a firm believer that with skincare – you absolutely get what you pay for.


I am so impressed with everything I tried from the Rodan + Fields line and will keep you all in the loop if I try out anything else. If you are interested in purchasing any products from the line, just click any of the links!

‘Til next time – stay lovely!

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