When the Cat is Away…

The mouse will buy Sally Hanson Nail strips.


They're Sparkly Pink

And will will drink copious amounts of coffee laced with this deliciousness.


Artificial and Awesome

Bry is out skiing the Ellingwood Coulior today. He woke up at 3 a.m this morning and will return around 7 pm tonight.

Ellingwood Coulior



So far I’ve:

  • Gone to the gym, and subsequently took over the mayorship of JH Health & Fitness on Foursquare (sorry Rick T.).
  • Showered off m’glitter, had oats and watched Cupcake Wars.
  • Hit up Albertsons for said nail strips.
  • Visited Yippee I-O on the square for fabulous Valentine’s candy to adorn red velvs I plan to make Monday night.
  • Swung by Browse n’ Buy (our only decent thrift store in Jackson) to look for books. I scored a Jodi Picoult, Plain Truth (clearly I’m obsessed) and a Diane Chamerblainm novelĀ  called The Midwive’s Confession. Both for $2. Yee yee!

Now that I’m home it’s gonna be nothing but nail strips, experimental makeup application, Dance Moms on Hulu and someĀ  vodka + Crystal Lights. Whoa, 4:30 – I’d better skeddadle!

Have a great weekend cookies!