Summer Lovin

Hey y’all!

As you may or may not know, Bryan and I leave for Seattle in less than two weeks! Subsequent questions:

Do you guys have jobs?

Not yet, but neither of us are worried about it.

Do you have an apartment/place to live?

We figure it might be best to be employed before getting into a lease. Call us crazy. In the meantime, Bryan’s parents live in Redmond and are graciously offering their home if need be.

What section of Seattle do you plan to live in?

Bryan and I are aiming to keep our commutes to work as small as possible. Therefore, we plan on looking close to our places of employment. However, Queen Anne and West Seattle both seem attractive at this point.

So there you have it! I am overjoyed to start this new chapter of life. I’ll be close to my family again, hopefully continuing a career that makes me happy and of course I’ll have m’shops. Although I will of course miss Jackson Hole, I am taking the best part about it with me – Bryan :).

Enough of this sappiness…onto some adventures in the mountains! Yeehaw!!

In early May, Bryan and I made a bucket list of things we had to do this summer before our big move. I’ve tried my best to capture some of these memories on my camera, but as usual I found myself getting too caught up in the moment to remember to take a picture #mybad.

Here are some summer mems.

Hike to Lake Solitude


We Made It!

Bryan has taken a few trips up the Grand this summer and most memorably, with his boss Joe, Jeremy and Jeremy’s cousin Sam.

Ascending the Grand

Bryan and Joe on the Summit of the Grand Teton – Elev. 13,770

Reminiscing at Dornans – Joe “Gah! Look at the Grand!”

Pizza at Leek’s in GTNP.


Hike up Mt.Si in Seattle.


Glowing Hard.

Such a Good Pic

Hike around String Lake.

Dinner at The Bird after floating with Jeremy and Lorie.

After work swim in Phelp’s Lake

Bryan is the Tiny Dot Standing on the Rock

It’s true, this summer has been totally fab. And although I am looking forward to Nordstrom, seeing my family and of course Red Robin – I will miss the simplicity of Jackson. I will miss the fact that how much you love to ski/hike/cycle etc. is valued over what you look like and the clothes you wear. That being genuine, friendly and caring is more impressive to people than owning an expensive car or having a high-power career. These are the virtues I will carry with me from Jackson Hole. I’m hopeful that no matter how much pressure I feel to look a certain way or earn a certain amount, I’ll have the virtues I’ve learned and can rise above it all.

Farewell, JH. I’ll miss ya.

Eat, Run, Hike, LOVE

What glorious times we had last weekend! Here’s the run-down boos-

Friday – GNO (Girl’s Night Out y’all) at the Bistro. All the usual suspects were in attendance: Holly, Jess, Blair, Mary and myself. We took full advantage of the crayons + white paper, drawing everything from horses to other things of a more phallic nature…ahem…

Saturday – I went for an epic yog (it’s a soft J). And then B and I attended the “Bras for a Cause” event at the Town Square Tavern. So. Much. Fun. I love me some money raisin to save them tittays. FYI vodka + soda + splash-o-cran = pink drink. Gotta represent.

Sunday – B and I ran (sprinted for me) 1 mile and then went up High School Butte. Then we drove into GTNP and ate pistachios. Raspberries!

Bryan and Natalie

Bryan and Natalie

But Monday was the most special day of all. Why? Because it marked 6 months of Bryan courting me. Courting is the same thing as dating. It’s a funny word. “It’s an oversized hat. It’s funny”. Oh how I love you Mr.Reynolds.

Why did it rock?

  • Bryan brought me flowers
  • We had vodka+sodas before we left
  • I wore a low-cut shirt with chicken cutlet bra inserts for maja CLEAV.
  • We ate delicious food at the Bistro
  • Had romantic conversation
  • Consumed Moo’s Ice Cream

Natalie Danielson

Bryan and Natalie

I love you Bryan. I love you more than mascara, swedish fish and gimlets.