Your Basic Christmas List

It’ just about that time of year again!

And here at the Nash household, we do things right. I’ve got my Justin Bieber Christmas CD, new Martha Stewart red and white throw, and Frozen DVD waiting patiently for that most wonderful time of the year. The only thing this basic white girl needs now is a Christmas (and b-day) list fit for a queen! And probs a Chestnut Praline Latte.

So here it is! Behold a Christmas list brimming with frivolous goods and wares any gal might like. We’ve covered the main Christmas list “food groups” if you will, for all the pyramiders as well: B&B (bath and body), clothing, shoes, jewelry and OBVS meekup. What didn’t make the list were those strange personal quirky things, which are essential to any well-rounded Christmas list. For me, these items would include a Hobbit day planner, Hall Pass the movie (a classic), a PUPPY (pleeeease Bry!) or a large wedge of Cougar Gold cheese.

I think you get the idea :).

2014 Christmas List

My Grown Up Christmas List

Do you remember me? I sat upon your knee.

Unfortunately this post is anything but  a “grown up” Christmas list. Although I would love for no more lives to be torn apart…it is definitely not my lifelong wish. Well, it is and it isn’t. Can’t everyone have a friend AND I get the new Jo Malone perfume?

ANYWAYS. For those of you don’t know – my birthday just happens to fall on Christmas Eve. And save your questions. YES, it is the worst day (besides Christmas day, maybe) to have your birthday  on. I’ve seen it all:

The 2-fer-1’s….”Here Natalie! I got you this ONE gift for your birthday AND Christmas.”

The people who wrap my birthday presents in Christmas paper.

Going to CHURCH every single year on my birthday. Including my 21 run. How sad is it that communal wine was my first legal drink?

Although my sisters and I are well into adulthood, looking forward to years of turtlenecks, holiday bathroom towels and giftcards to Coldwater Creek, as of now – we are still hanging on for dear life to our youthful years. As a result, we still do the all-out Christmas gift exchange. Complete with a “Santa” present from Nan and Gare, exchanged gifts for one another and stockings brimming with those delicious Butterfinger bells (you know the ones).

We have grown a little since the good ol’ days. Where I had heart palpitations over anything from Zumiez and Meg and I would get in blow-out fights if her Lisa Frank pencil pouch totaled $1 more than mine. We were those girls and although it pains me to admit it, we kinda still are. Though are tastes have matured from Zumiez to say, Nordstrom, we still strive for equality and try to ensure everyone has their most coveted items on Christmas morn.

So, in light of my hearty Amurican materialism (#honesty), here is a fun Christmas list collage I put together for the year 2013.


 1.) 3 Olive Cake Vodka 2.) Urban Decay Naked 3 3.) Bobbi Brown Eye Creme 4.)Turkish Delight from Lush
5.)Pottery Barn Cozy Throw 6.) The Hobbit Phone Case 7.) Pitch Perfect on DVD 8.) Philosophy’s Time in a Bottle
9.) Regal Necklace from Forever 21 10.) Laura Mercier Pistachio Body Souffle  11.) FRYE Melissa Boot 12.) Gap Fair Isle Cardigan

Just some general guidelines, you know.

HOWEVER, in case anyone out there is feeling very generous, I guess I would consider accepting this vanity from Pier 1.

PS46585_1Be still my heart.

The Black Friday that Wasn’t

Happy December!

And how about them Hawks?!


Here’s the haps:

We joined a gym, yet again. And now we are privy to a multitude of exercise classes, torture cardio devices and weights. Surprisingly, I have made my way in there a handful of times and re-discovered my love/hate relationship with the stair-stepper.

Thanksgiving break! Bry and I made the pilgrimage (haha get it) over to Kennewick on Thursday morning with just enough time to help my mom prepare WAY too much food, adorn the table with sparkly pumpkins and drink a few bottles of wine. Dinner was fantastic, but the ensuing game of salad bowl was even better.

photo (1)

The next morning, per tradition, Megan, my Mom and I hit the Black Friday sales with high hopes of scoring dirt cheap toasters, half priced socks and the freetothefirst50customers SNOW GLOBE. I guzzled down my Starbucks misto and hitched up my gingerbread socks as we pulled into the parking lot at Target around 9 am.

photo (2)

Oh and a Cranberry Bliss Bar OMG

And…crickets. I swear a tumbleweed rolled through the parking lot.


Ok this is not my picture. It’s this guy’s. But it looked practically the same.

Where were the hoards of people? The crazy ladies with blue eyeliner, teased bangs and Snoopy Christmas sweatshirts with matching turtlenecks? As soon as we began our “doorbusting” at Target we figured out why: the sales were absolute flaming bags of crap.

photo (3)

Nothing Will Crush Nan’s Spirits

No $5 toasters. No $3 copies of The Christmas Story. Not even a lowly 10% off Christmas tree skirts.

We retreated to the car reluctantly, clutching our measly %40 off sweaters and dollar section items.

I would like to say that this trend did not carry over to our other Black Friday haunts, but sadly…it did. Black Friday was simply kicking our butts. Our cute, kinda round, but nonetheless charming butts.

We missed the $2.50 hand soaps at BBW by 10 minutes. 10 MINUTES.



The sweater I wanted at the Gap was only available in XL.


So, we did what any good-hearted Amurican Black Friday enthusiasts would do in such a situation. We went to TJ Maxx where everyday is Black Friday! And I found this adorable Christmas decoration at Pier 1, which I might add was FULL PRICE. WTF Black Friday? wtf.


We then met “the boys” at the Sports Page to watch the Apple Cup and eat nachos. It helped a little. After we had our fill of cheese, grease and ranch dressing we headed to some antique/thrift stores to stare at other people’s crap. This is always a sure-fire way to cheer us Danielson gals up.

Sis Pics 013

closed mouth smiles are the best smiles

We found a few treasures and hauled them home. Then we put up the Christmas tree and there was peace on earth. The evening was capped off by a viewing of the world’s most underrated Christmas movie: Holiday in Handcuffs.


This little gem stars Melissa Joan Hart or MJH to those who know her, and Mario Lopez or A.C Slater. The writing, the acting, the all-star cast #oscarbuzz. Then Megan, Amy, Bryan and I stayed up to late watching Marbles Harsgrove.

The rest of the weekend was spent attending Hanukkah parties, seeing old friends and gearing up for Monday Night Football. Next weekend we are getting our TREE and maybe having a tinsel fight. I don’t know.