Totally Whelmed

Chastity: I know you can be under-whelmed and I know you can be overwhelmed, but can you ever just be “whelmed”??

Bianca: I think you can in Europe..!

What a great motion picture. Awww…RIP Heath.  And btw, whatever happened to Alex Mack?

As of late, I have been feeling a bit whelmed. Allow me to deconstruct:

  • I started helping out coaching volleyball at the high school.
  • I have been working part time in an art gallery.
  • I am still working full time at Elevated Grounds.
  • I have been planning/preparing for Carey’s (bestie) bachelorette party and wedding!

Helping out at the high school for volleyball has been a blast. Apart from my arm literally falling off on the first day, I am loving it. One of my favorite “Top 5” lists of all time, includes “The Top 5 Most Embarrassing Things You Can Do When Playing Volleyball”. I should note that I have not only seen these things happen before me, but also completed each one myself.

  1. Shanking a serve straight into the ground, only to have the ball bounce quickly off the floor and hit you in the face.
  2. Getting faced with a serve.
  3. Setting the ball to yourself and hitting it over…in a game.
  4. Backspin, chicken-winging and running into the ball cart.
  5. Hitting the back wall of the gym with a ball during hitting lines. No topspin.

So far, I have not displayed any of these awesome, yet rare acts in the gym. Thank the Lord.


Moving on, I have started working very part time in an art gallery. Grand Teton Gallery to be precise. I have always been an art-lover. I know about the greats, Picasso, Renior, Dali. However, galleries here in Jackson Hole are quite a bit different. Enter cowboys, indians, mountain landscapes and the occasional billy goat. It’s taken me a little while but I do think the art is beautiful.

Lastly, Carey’s wedding is this Saturday. HOLLA. I am pumped. My other besties Holly and Bekah are hosting her bachelorette party along with me and my sis Megan and mom are helping out too.


I’m also pumped for the wedding day, where the bridesmaids are doing pre-wedding yoga, gettin our hairs did and prolly having a bottle glass of champagne.

Yes, we did this all the time in college

I cannot wait to see my nephew Jackson, who is going to be a little old man by now. I also get to spend some much needed QT with my little sis Amy. She basically rocks my socks off and I anticipate LOTS of YouTube watching, froyo eating and “Wee Sing Christmas” quoting.

The sad part? Bryan cannot make it because he is in another wedding on the exact same day, here in Jackson. I tried to get Lorie (the bride of the wedding he is in) to change her wedding date,  but apparently the fact that invites had already been sent, down payments had been paid and family from all over the US had already purchased plane tickets meant that changing the date was a no-go. Some people can be so selfish :-).

Other recent haps/obsessions of B and myself:

  • Floating in oddly shaped intertubes down String Lake. And downing delicious BLLs.
  • The Tudors.  Which has been contributing to Bryan using his British accent far more frequently and finding myself looking at tiaras on ebay.
  • Eating semi-sweet chocolate chips for dessert. Straight outta the bag.
  • Going to Koshu and roboting hard until 1 am.

It’s a good life.


Washington Extravaganza 2011

J.D Working the Mushroom Cut


“All my bags are packed, I’m ready to go…I’m standin’ here outside your door…I hate to wake you up to say goodbye…”
 That John Denver was full of sh*t (cuz cursin aint lady-like on a blog ok?).

It’s true, B and I are headed west to Washington state in exactly 1 week. Where the evergreens are a plenty and the wine flows like the Columbia River. Since Bryan hails from Kirkland and yours truly from Kennewick, it only made sense that we make the pilgramage. Here is the 4-1-1 on our trip in the form of an itinerary.

9:00 am Wake up. Prolly lookin like this:

Fresh as a Daisy

9:15 am Pick up coffee.


 11:00 am Stop in Utah and say what up to my peeps.

I've got my polyester brown frock giiirls!

1:30 pm Make a pit stop for sustenance.


8:00 pm Arrive in the ‘Kane and get all cray-cray at Dempsey’s.

My Drag Name - Summer Clearance

12:00 am Chug a fifth of SoCo, sneak into a frat party…polish off a few people’s empties, some brewskies, some Jell-O shots, do some body shots off myself…pass out, wake up the next morning, boot, rally, more SoCo, head to the race.

Don’t be jealous.

But seriously folks, here are Bryan and Natalie’s Top 10 Reasons to go to Washington State:

  1. Run/Walk Bloomsday Race (7.5 miles)
  2. Party in Spokane with Amy like a G6
  3. Pay a visit to the Alma Mater, Whitworth U
  4. Wine Tasting in the “town so nice they name it twice” (Walla Walla for anyone who isn’t Gary Danielson)
  5. Tour of Kennewick to include: taco trucks, the nation’s top-grossing 7-11, Griggs, Zips by the Cable Bridge and of COURSE Desserts by Kelly (which also coincidentally, doubles as a baseball card shop)
  6. Visit B’s Crib
  7. Make delicious ‘za with Bry-Bry’s broseph, Corbin
  8. PARTY BUS! I am 100% serious. Cue black lights and disco balls.
  9. Stroll around the Emerald City – Pike Place, Delancey’s, etc. B will probably try to climb the space needle.
  10. Be with amazing friends, family and people who we don’t really like but will pretend to their faces.

Just because.