Sick as a Dog

Hello friends of mine!

Last weekend, I went home to Kennevick (that’s how I say it, with a V) to knock a couple items off the ol’ wedding to do list, which btw is scarily approaching. It’s like 5 weeks away y’all. SO I went home to dig out a bunch of crap leftover from my sister’s wedding, like extra tea-lights, lanterns and literally 498527 vases. And I put a random pair of Ninja Turtles little boy underwear on McDougal! (sorry so blurry)


When I got in, Megan and I went to Ulta to use coupons for what we thought was 20% off ANY one item in the store. I finally was able to nab the last tube of Bye Bye Undereye in Light and Megan found a $39 Laura Gellar set that had ALL full-size products. Yipee! Standing in the check stand and reading the fine-print I discovered the 20% off only applied to NON-prestige brands. Aka all the drugstore sh*t. AH POOP. I still got the concealer because I had a gift card and it seems this stuff is harder to find than set of real boobies on Real Housewives.


Then I helped my Mom and Barbara (my wedding planner and family friend) rifle through the garage while I had 25 sneezing fits and then resorted to a dusk mask. It got so bad that Nan sent me upstairs to wash all the vases and water pitchers she has been collecting from Goodwill for 95 cents.


We picked up a delicious Round Table pizza for dinner and breadsticks. I tell ya, those breadsticks are crackems. I could devour a box on my own NO PROB. Also, let it be stated that Round Table pizza is the best pizza.

The next day we ran more errands and I struck out at Macy’s and Famous Footwear for my wedding shoes. The alterations lady told me I need about a 1.5 inch heel and because I think kitten heels are super fug, I’m opting for a wedge which apparently is hard to find. An obligatory trip to the hell that is Wal-Mart took place and then I realized I may have judged too soon…


Then we got fro yo and they had toasted coconut and everyone was happy.


And we played rummy that night with Ben, Rachel, Meg and Nan. I overheated in my sweatshirt and did this classy party trick.


On Monday, disaster struck. My Dad is doing all the music for our wedding and needed to get a sneak-peek at the outlet situation at the venue. So we hopped in the car and made the 40 minute journey over. On the way, I went through probs like 20 Kleenex and I mean, they were SOAKED (TMI?). When we got there, I could barely even open my eyes long enough to see where I was going without a string of 3-10 catastrophic sneezes exploding from my already raw nose. Luckily, my Dad found out what he needed to and we went for lunch and candy in downtown Walla Walla. Look at this awesome bandaid I found in the car:


Tuesday I visited my sister Megan’s classroom at Keewaydin Discovery Center and played with the adorable kiddos in her room. She is such an amazing teacher and it is really fun to watch her. Lord knows that girl has some surious patience. Then I hit the road back to Portland and listened to a sappy Nicholas Sparks book on tape which Imustsay, made the drive fly by.

Bry and I had a light dinner and then went to bed for our nighttime reading hour. By 10:30 I knew something was wrong with my tum. Nausea had fully set in. Falling asleep was NOT going to be happening. So I went into the other bedroom and waited for the inevitable. Then I puked. And puked. And puked some more! By the morning, I had logged about 3 hours of sleep and weighed probably 5 pounds less. MISERY you guys.

Yesterday was spent horizontal, with a big ol’ G2 and hours of Scandal. My body was wrecked. I tried to get Bryan to cuddle and hold me for 3 hours but no luck. I know my hair smelled like the vom and despite spraying myself heavily with JoMo, I was a lost cause.

Today is looking brighter and I have some exciting posts coming up to prepare for. Tally ho!

April Favorites

It’s that time again! Here are my favorite things from the month of April.


Bye Bye Under Eye Concealer by It Cosmetics


This stuff is srsly life-changing and dare I say it, I may like it better than my beloved Mac Pro-long wear. I received a sample with a recent Ulta order in the shade medium. The color works for my undereyes but ideally I’d like to have the light shade for maximum brightening. The formula is thick, but quickly thins out once the heat from my finger loosens it up. The anti-ageing and waterproof properties in this stuff are SERIOUS and it does. not. crease. Guys, I’m in love I’m in love and I don’t care who knows it!

Maybelline Color Elixir in Breathtaking Apricot


To anyone that has not tried this lipgloss formula from Maybelline, I beseech you. As Kool and the Gang would say – get down on it. The pigmentation is reminiscent of something you might find at Sephora (for 3X the price, mind you) and the consistency is vury nice. Wear it on it’s own. Throw ‘er over a stain. You can’t lose.

Lancome Gloss in Love in Color 146 Peach Snow

3605532865973_146_PEACHSHOW_GLOSSINLOVE (1)

My wonderful pal (and cousin-in-law) gave me this lipgloss and, as the name suggests, I am in love. First of all, the packaging is SO cute and quite inventive. Instead of screwing the wand back into the tube (TWSS?) it clicks into place. The color is soooo pretty and really comfortable on the lips.

Mac Pigment in Vanilla


This is one of those items where I “shopped my stash” and re-discovered my love for this staple pigment by Mac. It sheers out lovely and looks smashing swept all over the lid, or as a highlight in the inner corners. Why I don’t use this more, I don’t know.


Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs


Welp. The can I have of this product is SO OLD. Spring Break 2005 old. Luckily, this stuff is still being sold in both spray and lotion form in drugstores everywhere. I am very interested in the lotion form, as I do tend to incorporate a lotion into the spray when I use it. I cannot explain how awesome this stuff is – leg makeup doesn’t begin to convey it’s splendor. I currently rock 3 bruises in various shades of purple, sprays of spider veins (sexy) and a general paleness that can only be rivaled by Voldemort. This stuff hides all my imperfections with ease, stays put throughout the day and washes off fairly easy with a bit of body wash. Airbrush legs for the win!

Urban Decay All-Nighter Setting Spray


I have already praised this product, but I thought it deserved another quick mention as we round the corner into summer. If you have troubles with your foundation moving around, blush disappearing or eye shadow falling, just use a few sprays of this stuff right after you apply your makeup. While I can’t guarantee it’s going to protect yer mug in the event of a tropical monsoon, it will help keep the makeup where it should be.

CND Solar Oil


I have a sample sized bottle of this stuff and (when I remember) it just gives my at-home manicures that little somethin’-somethin’ extra. It moisturizes my cuticles so incredibly well – I may just spring for the full-sized bottle once I run out.


Pink Sands by Yankee Candle


While searching for a Starbucks napkin in the ol’ glove compartment the other day (sidenote – they make THE BEST face blotters), I randomly found a car jar by Yankee in Pink Sands. I have owned the candle in this scent before and once I ripped open the package, I remembered why. The smell is just intoxicating to me. I can’t describe the scent without sounding like a damn fool, so here’s what Yankee says about it:

Treat yourself to an exotic island escape with the beautiful mix of bright citrus, sweet florals and spicy vanilla in this scented candle. The perfect scent for escaping the winter blues or setting just the right mood any time of the year. The beautifully blended scents of the islands will captivate you and bring memories of favorite vacations rushing back.

 Tyler Oakley’s Blog


You all know I love me a sassy gay man and Ty-Ty is just HILARIOUS. I frequent his tumblr for my daily lols and am never left unsatisfied. Here is one of my all-time fave sayings from his blog.



And lastly, this. Because, duh. (Thanks to Ray-Ray for sending it to me!)

Ulta/Drugstore Haul

Nothing like a healthy dose of good ol’ fashioned consumerism to brighten up your hump day.


This haul is comprised of multiple trips to the drugstore, one trip to Nordstrom and a recent order I placed on

SO. I have made a great discovery in buying stuff at Ulta. First, you gotta sign up for the emails. Then, they will barrage your inbox with heaps of deals and coupons. Most of the time, I just use the $3.50 off a $10 purchase coupon in the store and call it good. BUT. I have recently gotten wise to the special offers that come through, kinda like this one I got the other day:


That’s a good deal, right?

Well, what I do is this: I save up a bunch of things I need to get at Ulta. Boring things. Like dryshampoo, razors, face lotion, mascara, bobby pins or cotton rounds. Or, if I have an upcoming birthday gift or mothers day gift to get, I will pick something from Ulta. The Lorac Pro palette for my sister or a little bottle of Chanel perfume for my mom. Perf.

Between the little crap that I need OR one larger gift item – I have easily hit the $40 mark and have now spent enough to get the awesome free gift online. But it doesn’t stop there. I have also qualified for free shipping, used my handy-dandy $3.50 off coupon (only for non-prestige brands) AND will receive three free samples with my online purchase. HIGHWAY ROBBERY guys.

I used this maneuver on my recent order and well, here’s the loot!


Bathina Body Oil Mist $34


Funnily enough, I discovered this product because of Lo Bosworth. Remember Lo? She was the normal-person touchstone on The Hills and is now going to culinary school and occasionally putting out the random vid on YouTube.

She recommended this oil and I was all, “well if LO likes it…”. I tested it out a few times on various shopping excursions and COULD NOT STOP smelling my skin. The scent is so beautiful and feminine and therefore I needed it.

Mac Lipstick in Sunny Seoul $16

I posted this lipstick before, but thought I’d mention it again because it really is SO beautiful and springy. I love the cremesheen + pearl formula and this one especially, is so creamy and buildable.


Essence Silky Touch Blush in Life’s A Cherry $3


I have already praised these blushes from Essence. They are velvety soft and the pigmentation is great.

Essence Crystal Eyeliner in Gold Rush $3


YOU GUYS. I think glitter is making a COMEBACK. Urban Decay recently released a new line of glitters so it must be true. I picked this one up after trying the sample at Fred Meyer and realizing it was just glorious. I can’t wait to pop a little bit on my lower lash line and be like, totes on trend.

NYX Butter Gloss in Eclair $5


Speaking of on trend, I feel like ANYTHING with the word “butter” in the name is an instant hit right now. Lip butter. Body butter. Butter polish. I also happen to like actual butter, but that is neither here nor there.

These glosses are SO hyped across the WWW and on YouTube so I just had to jump on the bandwagon. So far, I luuurve but I will keep ya’ll posted.

NYX Butter Lipstick in Gumdrop $6


I had to get a coordinating lipstick and obvi I chose the Barbiest pink there was. Which I am also noticing is another trend for this spring. Barbie lips and glittery eyes?! Thank God! The dark vampy lip trend from winter is becoming so blasé for me.

NYX Lip Primer $7


I mostly bought this lip primer because I have a couple of lipsticks that feather really bad on me. I also wanted to try it under red lipstick, which is the worst offender of feathering, or bleeding. I will let you know how I like it!

NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk $4.50


This is a definite staple in my makeup collection and the second one I have purchased. It works great as an eye base or as a waterline brightener. The pigmentation is amazing and it stays put wonderfully.

It Cosmetics Freebie


I received this little set for spending $40 online. I specifically waited for an It Cosmetics gift to come up because I have been dying to try the Bye Bye Undereye Concealer and the CC cream. I also received a Hydrating Gloss Stain in Naturally Flushed.


The concealer sample is in medium, which might be a little too dark for my undereye area (I am PALE y’all) but I’m still going to give ‘er a shot.

Maybelline The Rocket Mascara $7.50


I have been using up all of my mascara samples and finally needed a fresh one. This is one of my favorites from the drugstore. It has a rubberized wand, is extremely separating and hold a curl REAL nice.

Wet’n’Wild Mega Last Lipstick in Pinkerbelle $2


I almost have the entire line of these lipsticks and for darn good reason. They are SO pigmented, they last forever on the lips, the color selection is perfection AND – they cost $1.99. How can you not?

This shade is just SO completely gorgeous, like a mix of neon pink, bright salmon and just a slight hint of orange. It’s brill.

Biotin 2.49


I take my biotin everyday so naturally, I go through it pretty quick. This is my third bottle and it WORKS.

Jordana Lipstick in Perfect Pink $1.49


I picked up this lipstick whilst shopping at the world’s oldest KMart in Hamilton, Montana (more on that later). The color sucked me in and it was only $1.49 so, match made in heaven. Unfortunately the formula is pretty dry. I have topped it with a lipgloss for better success but it is not a standout.

Jordana Blush in Coral Sandy Beach and Pink Beauty $2.49


The blushes are definitely the stars of the Jordana line. I picked up the only two shades they had left and so far, I’m really impressed with the color payoff and staying power. The colors are amazing and the packaging is really compact, which is nice.


That was kindofalot. Stay tuned for an upcoming post about my hurr…yes, I ordered extensions. Yes, it’s the BIG TIME.

Summer Beauty Wishlist

Good day pretty ladies (and gents)!

photo (7)

As spring days become more plentiful and the heater in my car stays comfortably in the off position, I can only think of one thing.

New makeup.

To some, warmer days mean mountain biking. Or Flip flops. Maybe it’s BBQ season. For me, it’s coral blush, self tanner and pastel lipsticks.

Here is what I am currently lusting after, as the seasons change.


St. Tropez Tanning Mousse


This is a cult favorite and I have seen the results look beautiful. I have been hung up on the $40 price tag but I just need to get over it. Because you can’t really put a price on a good, cancer-free tan!

Laura Mercier Honey Bath in Crème Brûlée


I heard Fleur gush about this and immediately I wanted it. I gotta say, the little honey spatula wand thingy is probably 92% to blame. I mean, how luxurious does this stuff sound?

Glam Glow Hydration Mask


I have been wanting to try this line out for some time now. Only, the clearing and Youthmud tingling formulas didn’t really appeal to me. This one, however is HYDRATING which is what momma is all about right now.


Mary-Lou Minizer


Did I tell you that I shattered my MAC Soft and Gentle? SAD DAY, it was. Instead of just repurchasing, I kindof want to give this one, by The Balm a try. It looks just gorgeous, plus, who doesn’t love the cute name?

It Cosmetics Bye Bye Undereye concealer.


I have gone into to Ulta twice JUST to smear a little of this product under my eyes. It truly is an amazing product for dark, blue-purplish under eye circles.

Celebration Foundation Illumination


I am intrigued by this product, having never owned a straight-up powder foundation since my Bare Minerals days. This one claims to be anti-ageing, which I am ALL ABOUT.


Pureology 21 Benefits


My stylist uses this product on me after she does my highlights and I am in love with the results. It kind of reminds me of the It’s a 10 line, but I have never been overly impressed with that stuff. This leaves my hair feeling soft, silky and STRONG. Oh, and it smells nice!

Wen Cleansing Conditioner

s1444934-main-LheroOmgee, am I a Wen girl and I didn’t know it? This stuff has a cult following and I haven’t jumped on the bandwagon simply because I know this stuff does not lather. However, when I really think about it, why do I need the lather? Because I have been programmed to think that lather = clean. If I start using this stuff, I’ll be sure to report my findings!

So that’s it!

What do YOU want to get for this summer?