Current Winter Skincare Routine

Hiya buddies!


The other night as I nestled myself cozily into bed, I realized something. I patted it my eye cream and thought, “Wow, I take awhile to get ready for bed.” What once took me minutes to accomplish now takes well over 15 minutes and why? #thirtysomethingproblems

The amount of steps involved in my current winter skincare routine rivals the cha-cha-cha. Here’s how it breaks down:

STEP ONE: Remove makeup

Lately I have been using the Earth Science Creamy Fruit Oil Cleanser to remove makeup and cleanse the skin. As a dry gal, I need a gentle product that cleans the skin but isn’t overly harsh. This stuff works great and is only about $10.


My all-time favorite facial spray is the Beauty Elixir from Caudalie, mostly because it smells like a bougie spa and makes my face tingle.

STEP THREE: Moisturize

For me, moisturizer comes in many different forms. On a typical night I have been using the Skin Laundry Restoring Night Serum, followed by the Boscia Deep Hydration Sleeping Mask. The serum has a bit of a funny smell but pairs nicely with the sleeping mask.

If I need an extra surge of moisture, I will throw a sheet mask on. I am not too picky about the sheet masks these days but I LOVE these ones from Karuna.

If I want a lighter moisturizer for my face, I will use the Origins Ginzing Energy-Boosting Gel Moisturizer. I LOVE this line from Origins.

On my eyes, I have been using the Juice Beauty Smoothing Eye Concentrate. I smear this stuff all the way around my eye and it feels amazing.

Sometimes, if I want a CRAZY amount of moisture under my eyes, I apply some Confetti Cake Lip Balm, from Treat Beauty. It is basically straight-up coconut oil.

For my lips, I like to exfoliate! This Elf Lip Exfoliator in Mint Maniac is just the ticket. I follow up with more of my beloved Treat Beauty lip balm.


In regards to body care, I use a couple of different products for added moisture before bed.

On my thighs, I apply the CeraVe Renewing SA Lotion which helps with KP (read a whole post on that here).

Everywhere else, I apply this Exfolicare Coconut Oil Creme that David’s aunt Sandi got me from Maui. IT IS AMAZING and if we go back, I am hunting it down and buying it by the barrel.

That is about it for my winter skincare routine. What do I need to try next?! Let me know in the comments below!


Sephora Beauty Insider Sale Haul

That’s right folks. Contrary to popular belief, I am not a V.I.B Rouge, or even a V.I.B. I am but a humble Sephora Beauty Insider, who does not get the 20% off coupon or any of the other perks. However, they do send out a $15 of any $50 purchase once a year which I usually jump on.

Here’s what I got this year!


Of course I got the birthday gift which is comprised of the Marc Jacobs Highliner and lipstick.


I had previously bought a full-size highliner when the product first debuted and had issues with the formulation so I returned it. I was happy to discover that they included this lil’ guy in the b-day gift because I heard they improved the formula and lemme tell ya – it is awesome! I will definitely be buying this in the full size. It actually stays in the water line and tight line and is SO richly pigmented.

The lipstick formula is fine but the color is not for me.

Boscia Deep Hydration Sleeping Mask



I am on the last few uses of my L’Oreal Volume Filler Night Cream so I figured I should re-stock. This time, I decided to try Boscia after contemplating re-purchasing the First Aid Beauty Hydrafirm Sleeping Cream (which is awesome). I have heard good things about this brand and hello, the packaging is pink.

Clinique Exfoliating Scrub


The other day I realized I hardly EVER exfoliate my skin, which is NOT good. Aging skin needs to be exfoliated (gently) every so often to remove dead skin and help decrease skin shedding.

I decided to go with this one based on reviews that the actual scrubbies were quite small (and the smaller, the better). After I got this in the mail, I realized that Clinique markets it to people with oily skin (which I do not have), but so far I am really liking it, especially for the price.

Alterna Caviar Repair 500 Point Perk



I have been in the market for new shampoo and conditioner and have been really trying to steer clear of the crap from the drugstore. I also ran out of my Redken Anti-Snap leave-in treatment so I was overjoyed when I saw that this set came with shampoo, conditioner, as well as two leave-in treatments. I have used the entire set a couple of times now and I realllllly like this line.