Let Them Eat Flan

We are officially on vacation!

Well, technically Bryan is still at work but he will be off in 4 short hours and then it’s really official.

You heard right, at 5 pm, Bryan and I will be flying to Seattle, staying for 2 days and then taking off for Mexico on Monday! Ole!

Other excitements include:

  • Staying at Bryan’s house in Redmond and spending time with his parents (awesome folk).
  • Attending his buddy Spencer’s wedding on Saturday with friends.
  • Getting to see my Mom and sister who are randomly coming to Seattle this weekend.
  • Frolicking.
  • Gallivanting.
  • Slayin wedding cake.

We’ll also be celebrating Bryan’s 28th birthday with his parents and friends. I LOVE birthdays so this makes me happy.


Last Wednesday, I decided to throw Bryan a little surprise party myself!

Cupcake theme, obv

Birthday Irish Trash-Can

Baaad Eyeshadow

Dessert Sampler- Cheesecake, Red Velv Whoopie Pie and Italian Creme Cupcake


‘Twas a great time indeed. Thanks to Holly for helping me set up and Lorie for seeing it through to the end.

In terms of my Mexican adventure studies, here is all I feel I will need to know:

  • Don’t follow a group of random senors down a dark alley way just because they promised chihuahuas and flan.
  • Do not eat a street taco after you ask if it was prepared in sanitary ways and he holds up a bottle of anti-bacterial gel.
  • Always haggle. Always.

In terms of my Spanish?

“Hola. Me llamo Natalie. Uno cerveza por favor.”

And most importantly?

“Me gustaria la golosina”. (I would like candy)