Benefit Brow Contour Pro Review

Hello my jiggly cheesecakes!

It has been quite a while since good ol’ Influenster sent me anything. I was beginning to think I had totally fallen off their radar and that they had completely forgotten about me and my need for complimentary products. But then I got a survey and fiddle-dee-dee! I received a little box in the mail containing a product just for me, and for FREE. Pretty neat.

Seriously, sign up for Influenster here. It’s totally free AND you can opt out of the emails. Especially if you have decent numbers on social media!

This time it was all about brows. Enter the Benefit Brow Contour Pro!

Obviously Benefit is killing it will their whole line of brow products. The packaging is killer, the products work great and the offer a wide selection of colors.

I received mine in Brown/Light since my hair is (let’s be honest) constantly a different shade of bronde.

This product features four different “products” in one, including two brow shades (one lighter and one darker) a definer and a highlighter. YOU KNOW whoever masterminded this creation was a child of the 80’s because, duh:

Here is the way Benefit recommends the product be applied:


Other than the fact that I thought the tip of the brow colors were a bit large (I am used to the ABH Brow Whiz) I was very pleased at how easy the colors applied. They deposited color throughout my brows evenly and easily. The definer shade does require a bit of blending as the color was not a dead-on match for my skin. I found that with a small flat brush, it blended out like a dream.


I would say the formula is a bit softer than the ABH Brow Whiz, but not as creamy as a typical liner. I like eyebrow pencils to be a bit firmer, as the idea of a smudgy pencil in my brows makes me cringe. The pigmentation for all four colors is very good.


This product lasted very well on me which is sayin’ alot because right now I am actually a bit on the oily side. I found that it did not fade in any funky way, yet removing it with my typical face wash was a breeze.

What products DO YOU love for the brows?!

Benefit Cheekathon Palette Review

Hello lemonheads!

When something is too good of a deal, I have a hard time passing it up. I once almost bought dog food because it was on such a big clearance and I DON’T EVEN HAVE A DOG. The struggle is so very real, my friends. So when this palette came out, I knew she had to be mine. I first happened upon it at the Benefit Counter as Macy’s where the salesperson assured me it would exclusively only be sold. LIES. Not a week later, I saw it pop up at my lunchtime Sephora and so I grabbed myself one. (i say lunchtime Sephora because I go there on my lunch break about 3x per week. the sales people know not to talk to me anymore. i blast Drake in my headphones, shimmy around and leave a veritable swatch monster).





5. Count them – 5 full-sized blushes for $58. Not a bad deal when you consider that each of these pups are $29 each. I have wanted Rockateur and Coralista for a long time, but after wearing this a couple of times I am LIVING for Dandelion. Go fig.


I really tried to make these swatches look like the beauty gurus do but alas, my transparent hands with bulbous veins would not allow it. Thus, we are left with sub-par, weak swatches and for that, dear readers, I apologize. I guess we all have to take what we can get.