On the job front – I got my first John Deere letter the other day. It was short, polite and for whatever reason, made my heart hurt. Not that it was the job of my dreams or anything – but getting denied in any fashion is never fun.

Next, I have taken a liking to the show, Scandal, starring Kerry Washington (or Chenille, from Save the Last Dance). Here are my thoughts in order of importance: I want her wardrobe, being a “fixer” would be among my least attractive job list and I kinda want her and the Prez to just be together, already. So there’s that.

scandal promo

I returned my Bellami extensions because the color was simply too dark. I purchased a new set at Sally Beauty Supply and have done one test-run (<- full review to come) and so far, I like them! They match my hair pretty much perfectly and are easy to put in. I have yet to curl, treat or do anything with them but am pumped I found some that actually match my hurr.

photo (12)

Please excuse the sports bra circa 8th grade

I finished Those Who Save Us by Jenna Blum and really loved it. I should be doing another book review soon because I am reading another Jodi Picoult right now.


I am going to pick up my wedding dress is just a few short hours! And while I am pumped to try ‘er on, I must admit that I feel a twinge of uneasiness. I’m sure it will fit and be just lovely. But, I am sure any other married ladies out there can sympathize with me on this–after you choose a dress, did you ever see something else and wish you had kept looking? GASP!

I know it’s a cardinal rule to STOP LOOKING at wedding dresses when you find “The One”. But, come on. I mean, HELLO, I have a Pinterest. I can’t help it if the Wedding Suite at Nordstrom is right next to the bathroom. It’s kinda like when you see a picture of Miley’s side crotch. You know you shouldn’t look, but you just have to.

So then you see other gorgeous dresses and think, “crap, I should have waited/tried on more/upped my budget!”…sigh…

Like this dress, which is my all-time, drop dead, “Shut it down” as-Rach-Zoe-would-say dress.



Photo Cred: Ali Walker

It’s the Reem Acra Angel Hair dress. It’s also about $7,000. But – CAN I GET AN AMEN? it’s perf.

Ultimately, I know the dress I chose is right. The silhoutte is en pointe, the material is perfect, and the price was reasonable. But if you’re like me, there is always the, “what if?” factor.

And that’s it, my friends. What’s happening in your neck of the woods?




For various reasons I have taken up running again. A looming wedding, ensuing honeymoon and extra half-inch of arm flab, softly hanging where a tricep should be perhaps. The gym is claustrophobic, pilates is expensive and lifting weights? In the words of Michelle Tanner – NO WAY JOSE! As a result, I have been heaving myself onto the pavement 4 times a week for how ever many miles or minutes I can muster. Since my mornings are presh (sleep) and evenings are full (moving), it leaves my lunch break as the only viable time slot. So, I strip off my ugly work pants in exchange for running shorts and return to the office one sparkling lady. Since our office is devoid of showers – you guessed it – I lady bath it. Recently I discovered these body wipes from Ban to aid in such a thing.


My thoughts? Don’t waste your money on these. I was suckered in by the “cooling effect” and quickly lost sight of what they actually were…a 10- pack of baby wipes for $3.99. And no judgie-wudgie for not showering after my runs. I don’t sweat that much.

The other day I saw this license plate:


Unfortunately I never got a look at the driver. Who do you suppose it was? An angry, divorcee who owns a 2014 Cathy Comic desk planner? A 40-year-old man that loves Magic cards and has a scraggly goatee? I guess we will never know.

This is happening in my car right now and it rocks.


Yankee Candle, I love you. I really do.

This stuffed animal alone has got me really excited for Easter:


How could it not?

And lastly, my extensions came in you guys. My sister Rachel said that they are too dark for me but the shade lighter is pretty blonde. I am TORN! Do I keep them and try to make them “work”? Exchange for the lighter shade and just get my hair to match the color? Or just return and try another brand? I need help. #firstworldproblems



And lastly, I kindof met a celeb this week. So stay tuned for THAT story!


Are extensions trashy? 

I used to think so.

In my brain, certain connotations attach themselves to gals sporting extensions. Face-slapping silicone boobies, acrylic nails and probably a guest appearance on The Bad Girls Club. If you have ever seen someone with bad extensions and a high pony, surely you can understand my point.


Oh Brit.

But then. Then I see a picture like this:


or this

f23e9f5d67ad7b65ad7c1c4e19125feaor thisd72e8169621f4d090405c0ea75ba980c

I am not saying the women in these pictures are wearing extensions, but these days – I would not be surprised. You can’t swing a cat in Hollywood without knocking the extensions off every day-time TV queen, DWTS D-lister or Bachelorette hopeful. Apparently our own hair is no longer good enough.

So I look at these pictures and then I look in the mirror. SHAME. Despite my relentless attempts to achieve that certain un-done Serena van der Woodsen perfection, I am nowhere near close. Not even Jenny Humphrey close.


Serena wins

On a day-to-day basis, I could care less if my hair looks anything beyond mediocre. But on my wedding day? Yeah, I am aiming for editorial. Cover-worthy. Pinnable, Real Housewife worthy locks.

So all the sudden extensions aren’t looking so trashy anymore.

Immediately I can rule out the kind that fuse, bond or track into the hair. Too much of a commitment. So then I am left with the popular clip-in extension option, friends to many YouTubers and Beauty Bloggers alike.

BUT. Can I do it? Do I resign to the fact that I am willing to PAY to clip someone else’s hair to my own? Well I did it to my Christmas tree so…

Opinions are welcomed.