And before you go mis-pronoucin’, it’s CHAMONIX – as in shaw-mah-nee. Ever heard of it? It’s in France.


OH how I miss the Nard Dog…

Anyways, back to the vacay.

If you haven’t figured it out already, I married a mountain-man. A crazy, oxygen-filled, iron-lunged, skiing, ice-climbing, beer-drinking sonofagun. And ever since this Heeman was a wee-man (baahaa) he has wanted to ski in Chamonix. And being the kind of gal who will NEVER turn down a trip to France ever, I obliged and went along.

Our flight over could not have been more perfect, save for flying first-class international in one of those mini-suites where they do everything except birth you a child. We left around 2 pm out of the ol’PDX, carpet and all, and 1o hours later arrived in Amsterdam. We jumped on another hour-ish flight to Geneva and were picking up our rental car in no time!


The Renault was a nice lil ride and the drive to our hotel in Vallorcine (about 20 miles outside of Chamonix) was wonderful, until we realized we had missed our exit…

Many of the roads in France are on tolls which is FINE when you have a credit card that works or euro. We had neither. And after we flipped a B to head back to where we had missed the turn, we immediately hit a toll booth. Assured by the rental car company that our Visa would be fine, we were very surprised to learn that we had no viable currency to pay with. Yippeee!

“Autre card!!?” (Other card!?) yelled the middle-aged French women through the crackly speaker.

“No autre card!!” we retorted (for the 10th time I might add).

After 10 minutes of explaining we DID NOT have euro OR another card, she had us hold up our Passports to the closed-circuit cameras so she could write down our home address and bill us. Whatevs, madame.

After spouting off over 20 cuss words we were on our way and headed in the right direction!

Upon arriving in Chamonix we immediately found a petit cafe (get used to me using French where I can here, folks) and ordered a cheesy, delicious hot sandwich with pomme frites!


We pinched our little selves and just couldn’t believe we were there. Colossal mountains just spewed out of the ground, and felt like they were just feet away. Somber French couples, sporting his and her messy buns, being chic and chain-smoking while probs laughing at my clothes from the Gap.


We stayed at the Residence and Spa Vallorcine, which was quaint and perfect. Our room was a decent size, with a little sitting area, dining table and kitchenette. The bedroom was small and the bed was even smaller. I kindof felt like Shaq sleeping in that tiny European bed.





The only thing that would have made the room perfect would have been carpet. You guys KNOW I love me some carpet, especially in cold environments such as Chamonix. The cold tile flooring did not help the fact that the heaters in France are just NOT up to snuff. I need that central heat, yo.

The first night we threw on our ski sweaters and I debated making Bryan call me Bunny (or Muffy) all night. I would call him Carl…as in,”Oh Carl, we just have to order the brie!”



We went to the cutest little restaurant in Vallorcine (one of like, three restaurants) and ordered fondue, a goat cheese salad and wine, obvi.


 The next few days went something like this:

Wake up around 7, consume croissants and/or pain du chocolate.



Gear up


Go skiing




Ski more



Annnndd ski some more



Stop for café au lait


Make some videos

Have lunch



A bit more skiing








Our late afternoons and evenings were spent in a variety of ways. A couple of days, it was shopping around Chamonix, buying macarons and stopping for wine and crepes.






If you can believe it, my favorite crepe turned out to be plain ol’ sugar. Something about the crunch I think. Another funny thing that happened in Cham, was that I got a bit of altitude sickness. Nothing crazy – just a bit of dizziness paired with a loss of appetite. You can imagine how great is was to lose my appetite while in FRANCE! No – actually it sucked. And when it finally came back I was hungry AF.


One day, we took the tram up to the Aguille du Midi which takes you to about 13,000 feet, which makes it the highest cable car in Europe. It is interesting how I never learn my lesson, agreeing to do these things. The St.Louis arch = meltdown. Top of the Space Needle = no thanks. Yet somehow I let Bryan whisk me up in a shaky tram and walk along a staircase clinging to the side of a precipitous cliff. Oh, and did I mention the steel staircase was see-through? I would have snapped a pic had it not been for the mounting terror surging through my body.

Dinners out occurred daily and the fare ranged from elegant French cuisine to the nachos I ordered on our last night, made with DORITOS. God bless those clever little Frenchies.

I was left on my own a few times and Of COURSE y’all know I frequented the French Pharmacies I was so excited about. I spent a good hour in one, picking up product after product and trying unsuccessfully to read ingredient lists. I did ended up with a few GEMS so stay tuned for a WHOLE post on that, mon cheres!


I also did a fair amount of pretending to be a cool photographer, taking pics that were all arty and deep. Really, my point-and-shoot and I just kinda mozied around, taking sub-par pics.








It’s meeeeeeeee


So there you have it, our super -relaxing ski vacay in the French Alps…I think it’s time to go back to Hawaii :).


Whistler 2015

But first, let’s take a mome to address the fact that I have been skiing five times this year. FIVE. I’m pretty sure that’s worthy of the Guiness Book.


Anyways, if you can get over the fact that I am basically Lindsay Vonn then let’s move on. We had a wonderful long weekend in Whistler a few weeks ago and it is high time I write about it.

We went with our pals the Lipes (see Melissa’s post on the trip here) and it could not have been more fun. Well, maybe if you added in a couple a’ sassy gays and five rounds of tequila, but STILL. I love these three humans and the fact that we hadn’t hung in nearly 7 months made this reunion that much better.



This time around, we rented a two bedroom/two bathroom  condo in Whistler Village with our own hot tub! Since we had a kidlet, this set-up was absolutely perfect and the hot tub was much-appreciated after a long day on the slopes.

After the Lipes’ arrival the first night, we were all hungry so we did what any Canadian would do – we went out and ordered POUTINE. French fries + cheese curds + gravy.


M’s voraciousness perfectly captured all of our feelings on the dish:



The next day, Kyle and Bryan hit the mountain early while Melissa, M and I scampered around Whistler Village. Watching this little girl grow up has been such a joy and her almost 3-year-old repartree is just too much. Example:

Me: “What do you think about skiing, M?”


We mozied slowly toward the base of the mountain, pausing to gather tiny globs of snow, inspect snowboards and skis and pet doggies. We had lunch together and the combination of the sun, 2 pitchers of beer and burgers made for a wonderful afternoon.



That night, we went to a brew pub for dinner where Bryan’s artistic skills were tested at the demand of M’s requests for Anna and Elsa from Frozen. I have to say I was impressed at Bryan’s representation of the braids! Such a talent.


The next day was Bry and I’s ski day. We waited in line at the base of the gondola for about 30 minutes (ugh!) and the start of the morning included my usual problems and subsequent complaints. Boots too tight, boots to loose, my heel moving too much, my toes being numb – you get it. We had luncheon at the “fancy” restaurant Christine’s where we shared a salad and a burger on a pretzel bun. Two glasses of wine later and I was ready for a couple more runs.


We called it quits around 4 pm and immediately headed back to the condo for a hot-tub party.

The next day we said our goodbyes and while Bryan checked out I popped into the drugstore to obviously check out the cosmetics. As I was browsing, I was elated to see ONE solo bottle of BIODERMA on the shelves. I gasped and probably scared the people next to me. I paid $22 for this size and of course promptly went outside to take selfies with it. Hahahaaaa I’m so weird.


the eyebrows are soo bad


Then we made the 7 hour drive back to Portland. Per usual, Bryan drove home and I watched Netflix (a new show called The Fall! SO GOOD). These weekends in Whistler are NEVER long enough – maybe next year we’ll do week!



Christmas 2014 Re-Cap


Miss me? I’m sure ya did!


Shoulder Padzz

I’d love to tell you that my absence was due to a brief volunteering stint in Africa, or that I was cleaning up our entire house with eco-friendly products. Heck, I’d settle for a debilitating injury. But the truth is…I’ve been lazy. The shameful kind. The just-one-more-episode-of-Gilmore Girls kind . The mmm-this-pirate’s booty-is-GOOD kind.

You get it.

But I’m back and I’m here to stay. It’s a New Year afterall and hopefully an eventful one for me and the huz-cat. We’ve got some trips lined up (one to FRANCE) and a new-found affinity for hummus so LET’S GO!

Our 2014 Christmas was great. We kicked it off by leaving the afternoon of the 23rd after we were both off work. Oh yeah, I got a JOB. It’s amazing isn’t it? Go me. Anyweez, we got home and after a million kisses from McDoogal and some dinner, we hit the hay in preparation for yours truly’s birthday! I’m officially “in my thirties” now and I find it both disgusting and liberating at the same time. Go fig.


My birthday kicked off with a trip to IHOP, because, duh. I have NEVER been to IHOP and, well, I suddenly had the urge to order a stack of 500-calorie pancakes. So we went. Check out the array of syrups! Buddy the Elf would have been in heaven.


After breakfast and a little walk, Nan and I decided to get our nails done. It was there, at the nail salon, where we discovered a new show that had us both on the edge of our seats (literally). Blacklist. Anyone a fan? The 20-something sweet boy who was doing my nails said it was his favorite and he kept telling me what was about to happen. I was thinking “SHUT UP!” but his enthusiasm was just too presh.

Of course we attended the 6 o’clock mass that night where my Dad played a little clarinet and sax. Father Richard was en pointe this year and the homily was actually uplifting – WIN! After church we all went over to Megan and Ben’s for my birthday party.


We had crab, crab cakes (Ben made them and they were so good!), manicotti and one of Rachel’s famous cakes. She did a funfetti cake for me with MACARONS on top!! Does this girl know me, or DOES SHE KNOW ME?


The next morning was Christmas! And true to Danielson form, things were a bit wonky. Sister Amy and her fiancé weren’t able to drive over until later that day and Sister Megan had her new family to celebrate with. That left Bry and I to fend for ourselves. So we did what anyone would do in our situation – we went to see the Hobbit! IN 3-D! It was SO amazing to watch in 3-D but the movie itself? Mehhh.

After the movie we came home and helped my mom with a few last minute touches on the ol’ Christmas ham and then Amy and Shannon arrived! They brought with them one of their many fur babies, Ellie. Or as I like to call her, Elle Belle.


Guys, I seriously fell in love with this dog in a matter of minutes. She is the sweetest, liveliest little baby ever and I want her. My grandparents came over at that point and it was positively ADORBS to watch them interact with little Ellie. My heart melted into a gigantic pool of love.


We had dinner then opened presents and it was a magical evening. Except I got a Downton Abbey puzzle for Nan and discovered she already had one..asjnasdoinwnNL!98324joa. whatevs. I LOVE Christmas.


Oh, Gare

Oh, Gare

The next day Bry ventured back to Seattle to spend a little QT with his bro before he left on a trip to Thailand. I stayed back in Kennewick to spend some time with m’girls and yes, Ellie absolutely had something to do with it. We went to lunch, shopped (BBW was a MADHOUSE) and played cards – it was a good day.



On Saturday, Meg, Nan and I drove over to Seattle so they could see my Aunt & Uncle and I could do a little Christmas with the Nash clan. Did I mention how much I love love LOVE being a part of this family!? We opened more gifts, drank champs and got ready to head out for dinner.


Maxamilien is a Nash tradish and one I am proud to help uphold. It wasn’t the same without Bryan’s brother KC, but we had no problem putting down some steak with truffle fries and a bottle of wine!



The next morning we begrudgingly said goodbye to our fair state and drove back to Portland. Our NYE was very uneventful, with a couple glasses of champs and lights-out at 9 BUT New Years Day was a blast!

We went skiing at Mt. Hood Meadows and I actually did decent for my first time back. Yes, I felt like my legs were filled with boiling acid, but all in all, it wasn’t too shabby.


Here’s to 2015!!

Processed with Rookie

Ski Trip to Whistler


Is it bad that I know only two words of the Canadian national anthem? Perhaps. Because a couple weeks ago, Bry and I paid a visit to our neighbors of the north in the form of an epic 3-day skiing spectacular!

We left early Friday morning, the Jeep brimming with all our crap. I settled right in to the passenger seat and navigated us fell asleep all the way there! We arrived at the Cascade Lodge around 2 pm and were able to check in early. Our room was somewhat modest, but did have a kitchenette as well as a fireplace and decent-sized soaking tub so all was well. We tucked away our brews, vodka and nerd ropes safely and decided to head out into the “village” to grab our ski passes for the next day.


You guys. Whistler Village is just so unbelievably charming. Restaurants, bars, shops, all staffed by friendly (and mostly European) folks with lovely accents. Why does EVERYTHING sound more appealing when described by a dreamy, wavy-haired Aussie? WHY?


After we picked up our ski passes, we went back to our hotel to get gussied.


Such a snow bunny right now


Obligatory fireplace shot

Then we naturally headed to the Irish Pub, The Dubh Linn Gate.

The Whiskey Richards performed (get it?) while Bry and I chugged our pints atop teetery bar stools. I did a jig. Because, I mean. Why would I not?


I was dying to go in every. single. store but I had to practice restraint as Bryan does not fare well in crowded shopping situations. Especially at L’Occitane. Or Lululemon. Or anywhere besides REI. He did approve a quick stop-off at my absolute biggest shopping weakness – LUSH. The store was giant, empty and looked after by two of the most charming girls in the world. One had a British accent which of course didn’t hurt their cause.


I picked up one solitary Rose Queen bath bomb and we were on our merry way back to the hotel.

Then we headed down to the hot tub. And can I just say, I haaaate getting in hot tubs at hotels. You start climbing in and everyone is just sitting there, safely under the bubbling water as you uncomfortably stammer down the steps and hope you don’t trip and accidentally show a little nip. Then you settle in and aren’t sure whether you should acknowledge that you have joined the tub, look off to the side or (like me) realize that someone has probably peed (or worse) in there.

That night, we walked around for a bit and then had dinner at Carramba’s.



Bryan can’t believe it!

Really, we just wanted pizza and this place had it. We had a margarita and pesto + goat cheese. Delish.



The next morning we woke up relatively early to attack our one and only day on the slopes. I was a nervous wreck, as the last time I had been on skis was 2 years ago. I reminded myself to keep a positive disposition for as long as possible. It was going to hurt. I would want to quit. I would be cold. So I sucked it up, got myself ready and we headed for the gondy.

The line was soooooo long. As a person who has only skiied at Jackson Hole and Sun Valley, I now realize how spoiled I was with lift lines. Since Whistler is so close to 2 major metropolitan areas, you end up waiting forever.

But the runs are worth it.

Right off the bat, I LOVED the fact that there were so many green runs. For any newbie skier or boarder, this is huge. Jackson Hole literally offers ONE lowly green run and it is super short. Whistler is massive and therefore, offers people a huge variety of terrain to ski. Like a good fiance, Bryan dutifully stuck by my side, reminding me to keep my feet on the ground (I have a tenancy to stand on my tippy toes), not pick up my skis as I turn and USE my poles!


Look at those lovely greens!

I completed the first run and as expected, my muscles were screaming. I cursed the day I decided not to sign up for the free ski fitness classes offered at my gym as I shamelessly bent over my ski poles to try and relieve ANY pain I could from my legs. Despite the fact that I was wearing a modest base-layer, fleece gaiter and ski jacket I was POURING in sweat. And this was only the first run. MAN I wish I had taken a selfie with my hair plastered to my forehead for you guys. But there was no energy. NONE.



After the first run, we headed back up and went in for a hot chocolate. Loosening my boots felt like heaven and I just wanted to stay there. Inside. With slippers and an iPad :).



But I went back out and the next two runs went wonderfully. I was turning like it was my job (if my job entailed making beginner turns on corduroy green runs) and actually having fun! I even did some ski-humps <- air humping while skiing. It’s a skill.

unnamed (2)

I was also starting to cool down. Mostly because my nerves stopped going ape-sh*t on me, and I started to relax into my boots a little. We had lunch in the most packed lodge of all time, seriously, it was CRAZY.My noodley legs were shot and so it was decided that I would download from the gondy. But we were pretty far from it. So Bryan grabbed a map and routed the easiest way down. What he failed to tell me was that it was about 218921371203 feet away.


I started out okay, making decent turns and keeping my composure somewhat. But after about 5 minutes, my legs were just PISSED at me and I began to lose it. Any “form” I had went completely out the door. My ski tips were crossing and my pace was all over the place. Buckets of sweat were pouring down my chest and back like hot flashes on acid. My nose was a faucet, soaking my gaiter and then immediately freezing to my face.

 I skidded to a halt in front of the gondola and realized I was sufficiently upset. I was upset at my legs, my godforsaken boots and most of all – my sweat glands. I hastily muttered a “see ya” to Bryan, snapped my skis off and stumbled onto the gondola. While Bryan skiied for another 40 minutes or so, I rode down to the base, desperately trying to mop the sweat from my brow and pound out the muscle knots in my legs.

Somehow I managed to  schlep my skis back to our hotel, all the while muttering and cursing to myself à la Joe Pesci. I peeled the layers of clothing from my body and literally wanted to cast them into the fire. After a quick, warm shower, I slipped into fresh clothes and met Bryan at the Longhorn for my favorite part about skiing – après!


A pitcher later and we we headed over to Citta for another round of drinks. When in Rome, my friends.



Also found THESE BEAUTIES whilst shopping in the vill:


Afterwards, we headed back to our hotel so we could get in a good amount of hot tub time. Well, the tubs were PACKED. It was like cesspool of sweaty snowboarders who smelled like ham and cheese. NO THANKS. Instead, I opted to utilize my new bath bomb in our room and take my relaxi-taxi there.

And the Rose Queen bath bomb is just that. The BOMB.


That night, Bryan and I prepped ourselves to “go out”. 22 year old style. We were determined to prove to our 30-year-old selves that we still had it, goddammit. So, we began by taking naps at 6:30 PM. We each slept for about an hour and then took showers and got ready.

After TEE SHIRT TIME (teehee) we ventured to Village Sushi for dinner. The wait was long – nearly 45 minutes, but the food was great and also a good price. We were seated around 9:30 PM and finished eating around 10:30. Whistler is like, très European. Restaurants still take reservations at 10:30 PM and aren’t pushy about getting their tabes turned. We felt SO cool finishing our dinners at 10:30.

After dinner, we headed to the Irish Pub …again, and had a few burrs. Once we felt sufficiently tipsy, we decided we were juuuust inebriated enough to attack da “club”. So, we went to Garfinkles and immediately ordered a vodka + redbull. As you can probably guess, things just got hilarious. We danced a little, we people watched. Twas magical.


Around 2 AM, we left the club and it was just about that time for SECOND DINNER. I shuffled back to the hotel, drank 7 glasses of water and peeled off my false eyelashes while dear Bryan braved the cold (at my insistence, haha) to pick up a Dominos. I scarcely remember stuffing 4 pieces in my mouth and then promptly PTFO.

I was then rudely reminded of my 30 years of age around 4 AM. Standing up, my head pounded, my feet ached and my hands were trembling. After a 5 minute teeth scrubbing and thorough floss, I popped in my mouth guard like the teeth-grinding, adult that I am. 123894 more glasses of water. 4 IB’s. And sleep. Lots of it.

The next morning we begrudgingly got out of bed and dragged our sorry asses out for coffee. Although I was surly and sick, I felt a pang of pride. I did it!

We went to Purebread for coffee + pastries and my hangover raged as the boy behind the counter told me they didn’t offer brewed coffee. Espresso only. ‘Scuze me, Broseph, an americano IS NOT the same as a slow roasted cuppa drip. You don’t know who are dealing with, sir.


We shared an apricot + vanilla bean scone which was heavenly and then went back to the hotel to get ready for our day. A stop at Starbucks was necessary after our subpar americanos and I gulped down a venti water. We strolled along for some time, popping in various shops and relishing the beautiful day.



Respect the Chemistry Point

We stopped for lunch at the Brew Pub and were lucky enough to get a table right next to the fire! We had a burger with fries and a salad and all I could think about was that it was NAP TIME. I convinced Bry to go back to the hotel where we had a hot tub and snoozed for a couple of glorious hours.

After I woke up, I determined the only cure for the hangover I STILL had was of course, more LUSH products. So, we walked down to the shops and I scored this amazing set which I had a gift card to nearly cover the cost of (thanks KC and Bry!):



I took a bath and we headed out for dinner around 8 to Araxi. We ended up getting a seat in the lounge and having a witty french server who blinked alot. I loved him. We had this delicious appetizer:


Dungeness Crab Roll in Egg Crepe
wrapped with cold smoked wild salmon, watercress and yuzu mayonaise in an egg crepe with avocado and tomatillo salsa verde

And Bryan ordered the sablefish as his entree. I stuck to the butternut squash soup, 7,000 rolls with butter and plenty of water. Dinner was really lovely with the snow slowly falling outside the windows. After dinner we REALLY wanted the ice cream at Cow’s but they were just closing :(.

The next day we left town after a quick breakfast at BG Urban Grille. Whistler got a ton of snow on Sunday and Bryan definitely DID NOT want to leave. But contrary to how we acted the night prior, we are adults. Who have jobs. And mortgages. And horrible hangovers.

Til next time, Canada!

All Good Things…

…must come to an end.

Namely the 2011-21012 ski season at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort. While this momentous occasion can be unpleasant for the 30 or so die-hards who put in 100 days or more this season, we summer lovers couldn’t be happier. And yes, the folks who skied over 100 days this past season do indeed get their name printed in the weekly paper. It’s quite the honor. But perhaps I should back up, because last weekend meant the end for other endeavors besides the mountain.

My bestie Holly’s true love, Matt put in his last shift at Snake River Brewery, or “the pub” for us locals.

Saturday started with an intellectual bang, as Bryan and I studiously claimed a table at the coffeeshop so he could study while I read. After 2 hours of financial equations and hermaphroditic affairs we decided to call it quits in favor of getting a bit of exercise. While Bryan continued to exert his brain, I opted for a 5 mile run on the treadmill. It hurt but as always, I felt amazing afterwards. TWSS. Yep, I went there.

That night we headed to the brew pub to celebrate Matt’s final shift with shotskis and beer shots.

Homeboy is Giving us the Blue Steel

Beer at Snake River Brewery

Matt Pouring One of Many Beers

The Brews

For He's a Jolly Good Fellow!

After beers were consumed, pizza was needed. We hit up Pinky G’s which is our all-time favorite late night food spot.

‘Twas delectable. Can you see the glistening grease? I gobbled the entire piece and then we accidentally ordered a stromboli. It made great leftovers the next day, almost as good as leftover Thai.

The next day we awoke and headed out to Jackson Hole Mountain Resort around 9:30 am. After picking up Jeremy, stopping for coffee and parking (for free!) in the ranch lot, I decided to warm up with a walk along the bike path. Confession:

I didn’t really need to “warm up”. In reality, I didn’t want to ski Cody, or Mount Buck or anything else treacherous with Jeremy + Bryan and sitting alone in the cafe with a hot chocolate sounded LAME.

Instead, I happily walked along the bike path to hits from B.O.B, Nicki Minaj and of course, the Biebs. Check out my view.

After a little over 3 miles I toyed with the idea of just callin’ er a day when I remembered that it was closing day at the Village. Ughhh. I told myself, “Two AV laps, finito.” Let me preface this by saying that the weather was super balmy on Sunday. We reached the mid 60’s by 1:30 and the snow was Gnarles Barkley. Bry and I exited the AV chairlift and I saw patches of grass and rocks all over the place. It was almost like the beginning of the Sound of Music, only without Julie.

Look how pretty:

About half way down this run I sortof had a mini-melt down. In my defense, I completely overheated, which caused irritability and involuntary temporary derangement. ITD. It claims the sanity of lots of skiers, I’m sure. So I proceeded to throw down my gloves hockey-style, lean over my poles and claim that this was the worst my legs had ever felt. Bryan suggested we finish the run and go have lunch. I think it was the mention of Diet Coke that really got me through it.

We headed to Nick Wilsons and annihilated a chicken sandwich + fries, gulped delicious DC, then joined the festivities outside.

Costumes were in full swing this year and true to form, anything goes.

Sparkly Blue Onesie? Why yes!

Jesus? Is that you?

It was a fun ski season indeed. A little less snow than last year but hey, weather is unpredictable. Much like what I’ll get from Redbox tomorrow night, or Kris Humphries. So until next ski season, I leave you with this.


Lovin’ Every Minute of It

Well kids, March is officially over. With the closing of this dreary month, I pause to consider all that will be left behind.

For starters, Jackson Hole Mountain Resort will be closing this weekend. Au revior smelly snowboarders. À bientôt long tram lines. With the mountain closing, it means the beginning of what we call off season. From April 8th until approximately June 20th, Jackson Hole Wyoming becomes a ghost town. Businesses close while locals travel the world, leaving Jackson a veritable Hole. Sure, the restaurants do offer great local specials and the weather will show promises of sun but the town loses a little of it’s bustle. So while the snow slowly melts and the tourists quickly fade away I ponder, “What shall I do?!”.

I make plans. I party it up. I make the best of it.

Firstly, Bryan’s parents Mary and Greg came for a visit!  When Bry’s parents are here, it’s like we’re on vaca. We always do amazingly fun stuff, eat super delicious food and get a chance to catch up. Jackson had very uncharacteristic weather while they were here and we ended up skiing Sun Valley style (in the sun) but that’s always my favorite. We also got to experience…drumroll…the waffles at Corbet’s Cabin!

Corbetts Cabin

Corbett's Cabin Waffle


The three of us ordered one of each variety; strawberry jam, nutella and brown sugar butter. Yes, brown sugar butter.

We had such a blast and I felt sad when they had to go, c’est la vie!

The next weekend was Mountain Fest!

This blessed event takes place towards the close of every ski season and the resort throws one heck of a party. This year, we were treated to the musical stylings of G-Love and Special Sauce. Per tradition, Bryan, Holly, Matt and myself got a hotel room for the night in order to enjoy the night to it’s fullest without the worry of figuring out a DD. We started tailgating around 3:30 with the shotski at the ready.

Boys Bein Boys


Shotski on top of a Van

Mountain Fest in Jackson Hole

Oh Haaayy


Ski Gloves = Makeshift Coozy

We danced with life. It was très étonnant.

Other happenings? We got Netflix again (we are suckers) and have caught up a little more on The Office. Is it just me or is the show not the same without Michael? Still loved the season, especially when Pam makes up a position for herself. Brilliance.

Groupon Goods (which is available to all) is my new bestie because of course, they don’t offer deals in Jackson hole.

I am reading Middlesex by Jeffrey Eugenides and am simply loving it.

I can’t stop eating Life cereal.

Oh, and in case you’ve missed all the random Français I’ve been slipping in… I’m going to Europe! I plan on compiling a complete post titled, “AAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh I’m going to Paris!!!” But I thought I’d spare all 20 of you from that for now. Until I know more, know this: I’m going with Nan and Megan (my mom and older sis) to Barcelona and Paris for 2 weeks in June. We will be going to Barcelona and Paris, spending time with my cousin, aunt and uncle while we’re in Barcelona. Paris has been a place I’ve wanted to visit my whole life.

Moi à Paris? C’est Magnifique!

When the Cat is Away…

The mouse will buy Sally Hanson Nail strips.


They're Sparkly Pink

And will will drink copious amounts of coffee laced with this deliciousness.


Artificial and Awesome

Bry is out skiing the Ellingwood Coulior today. He woke up at 3 a.m this morning and will return around 7 pm tonight.

Ellingwood Coulior



So far I’ve:

  • Gone to the gym, and subsequently took over the mayorship of JH Health & Fitness on Foursquare (sorry Rick T.).
  • Showered off m’glitter, had oats and watched Cupcake Wars.
  • Hit up Albertsons for said nail strips.
  • Visited Yippee I-O on the square for fabulous Valentine’s candy to adorn red velvs I plan to make Monday night.
  • Swung by Browse n’ Buy (our only decent thrift store in Jackson) to look for books. I scored a Jodi Picoult, Plain Truth (clearly I’m obsessed) and a Diane Chamerblainm novel  called The Midwive’s Confession. Both for $2. Yee yee!

Now that I’m home it’s gonna be nothing but nail strips, experimental makeup application, Dance Moms on Hulu and some  vodka + Crystal Lights. Whoa, 4:30 – I’d better skeddadle!

Have a great weekend cookies!