My Favorite YouTube Channels

My obsession with YouTube rivals that of a pre-pubescent teenager, who is addicted to gaming, Game of Thrones and of course, quesoritos from T.Bell.

It all began with Jenna Marbles. She’s hilar, her dogs are cute and the topics were relevant. I then delved into the world of beauty gurus and explored a world of Miss Glamorazzi, The Fowler Sisters and of course MacBarbie07 or Bethany Mota as she’s more famously known as now.

Then I moved into the Gleam Team – or the Brits. Zoella, Louise, Marcus, Tanya and the gang stole my hearts with their cute accents and ability to always seem like they were in a commercial.


I discovered one of my all-time favorite YouTubers, Az4Angela through her (now famous) Bath & Body Works Rant video BEFORE it went viral. She does candle reviews, wears mumus, is hilarious and lives in Wisconsin with her shitzu Snookie.


I loved all the challenge videos with Joey Graceffa and Tyler Oakley, and got my Miranda Sings accent down Pat.

download (2)

I watched every YDAD with Mamrie Hart and collab with her BFFs Hannah Hart and Grace Helbig (both hilarious in their own right).  And allllmost bought a Camp Lakota tee-shirt.


Then it was the lifestyle bloggers like Louis that made me want to travel the world. After that, the daily family bloggers like The Saccone-Jolys, The Schuerman Show and of course the Shaytards that had me jonesing for a white picket fence and the pattering of little feet.

I’ve gone through some weird phases too and watched some weird channels, like Clawstruck, a channel solely devoted to those claw machines outside of Wal-Mart. Or extreme eating channels, where people attempt to shove 10,000 calories down their throat in one day.

Today, I mostly stick to the beauty videos but sway toward the more mature ones, like Emily Noel, Kristin Gehm, Kandee Johnson, PixiWoo, Jeffree Star and TiffanyD. However, I am also a HUGE fan of Jaclyn Hill, Casey Holmes and Ciaoobelllaxo.

Most recently, I find myself obsessed with dumpster diving YouTubers, especially these two girls who totally remind me of me and my best friends in high school (shout-out to Lacey and Nicole!). I am also a DIE HARD fishie, ala Trisha Paytas and cannot seem to get enough of her daily vlogs, obsession with Rick Moranis and OF COURSE her intense shopping addiction.


That pretty much brings us up to date guys. Thanks for reading and if you have any YouTubers you think I’d like – let me know in the comments below!

Happenings + The Poop Lady

Hello my cherry blossoms!

 If my life has been one thing lately, it has been random. I find myself in the most peculiar of situations and pretty much every time, I am the sole witness.It has also gotten hot in hurr and the warm weather literally makes me giddy. Allow me to elaborate…

My bestie Holly came to visit!

Except is rainy AF when she came and we basically ran from my apartment to the car to restaurants all weekend. We shared many a chuckle, drank some whiskey and a’course had some heart-to-hearts ala Felicity (our shared favorite show).


Sunny days! Sweepin’ the clouds frowns away! (aint it true)

Lately my sunroof has been open and sunglasses have been ON! I also recently purchased the Buxom lipgloss in White Russian because I NEEDED IT and now all I need is hefty spray tan.




White Russian on the lips


I tell my sister often, “You are lucky you have a cute baby because if you didn’t, we would all have to put up with an ugly one and we would still love it the same but like, not reallllly the same, even tho ugly babies do have a special place in my heart.” Tate is gerber-baby cute. Michelle Tanner cute. I WANT TO EAT HIS FACE.



And, yes. I FaceTime him about 5 times a day. Megan answers me maybe once or twice a week. I get it – new mom + bad sleeper = Auntie Natalie (or Natawee, as Megan says) doesn’t get her preferred amount of time, but I WILL NOT GIVE UP.



Oh! And I got flowers!! They are the most gorgeous flowers ever and if I win the lottery, I am having fresh flowers delivered err’ week. I am also buying the Schick Intuition Razor and a million cartradiges. And definitely 4,000 bath bombs from Lush.


Now lets talk about the POOP LADY.

In my building, each floor has it’s own mens and womens bathrooms. They require a key so the downtown hooligans can’t inject drugs in our bathrooms. My office is on the third floor and the first floor bathrooms are being renovated. There is a small specialty clinic of some kind on the first floor, and I assume some of the staff use the various other bathrooms in the building.


Lucky for us, an avid pooper has graced the 3rd floor bathroom with her presence. The P.L is swift. She is elusive. Like a ninja, she flies up the stairs of our building and methodically poops in the handicap stall of our bathroom.

I have had but 3 run-ins with the P.L and all have been brief, awkward and totally unexpected.

Run in No.1: Sometimes in the mornings I do my mascara when I get to the office. One such morning, I casually entered the seemingly empty women’s room and whipped out my curler, mascara and began applying. About 3 minutes into the application (I take AWHILE on my mascara) I hear a slight sniffle. This was after three WHOLE minutes. The Poop Lady had been in there three entire minutes, sitting on the can, just waiting for me to leave. I hastened my application and was finishing up one minute later when I heard the next sound – a slight foot movement. I washed my hands, and sprinted out of there. 4 minutes later, I saw her go by and catch the elevator down. She was probs in there for like 20 minutes, obviously poopin’.

Run in No.2: The next time, I was headed down the hall to the bathroom, when I saw her turn the corner to the stairs SO QUICK (like a ninja) like she didn’t want me to see her leave. I entered the bathroom, and had not even let the door close behind me when she came running back into the bathroom. Long, droopy bangs curled, she quickly exclaimed “I can’t remember if I flushed!”. And because I am THE most awkward person I replied, “Yeah, that will happen!”. She checked the handicap stall and shouted “Oh ok, I did!” and left the bathroom. She did however, leave behind a putrid poop-smell. WTF Poop Lady? Wtf.

Run in No.3: Probably the worst. Poop Lady leaves the bathroom and I offer a nice, office-friendly smile. The handicap stall door was still swingin when I got inside, and I peered in…yes. P.L left a bit of her treasure behind. Ohhhh, Poop Lady. You, you, you.

The thing is, I don’t hate her. I don’t even dislike her. I just don’t know her, and I guess I feel I need to know someone who so confidently poops in such close proximity to me. Anyways, I’ll keep the blog updated with P.L and all her shenanigans. Promise.


Today, I became internet famous

Little me (well, actually, large me) had her picture posted on Basically I should have a reality show called “Nat Your Average Girl” I promise I JUST made that up. It’s good tho, right!?

Here is my claim to fame, in all of its bat-winged glory:

This would be me, shimmying away with my freshly-ordered (from here) Ed Davis face tee. Hat tip to David for procuring such a fine article.

You see, Ed Davis and I go waaaaay back. Back to a simpler time. When people said what they meant and meant what they said. I’m talking about October, 2015.

I knew I liked Ed from the get-go. Not only did he sport my mother’s maiden name on the back of his jersey, but he had that special something. Was it the amazing hair? The cheeky smile? I don’t think I’ll ever know.

What I do know is this: Ed, you HUSTLE after that basketball. You grab those rebounds with a tenacity no other player could possess. You do us proud. And you deserve a shirt with your face on it.

So thanks Ed. Thanks basketball. And thank you to all my loyal fans. Me and my shirt will not let you down.

To see the whole game day gallery, click here.

My Netflix Faves

I realize that this post says more about me than “here are my favorite shows”. It’s a bit of a coming out party. A, yes-I-do-sit-at-home-doing-nothing-alot, kind of thing. A I-fall-asleep-with-milk duds-on-my-chest admittance. It aint always pretty y’all, but neither is life. And for me, 2016 has def not been a walk in the park. It has kicked my booty in more ways than I care to describe, but this picture pretty much sums it up:

Processed with Rookie Cam

But it’s people like Lorelai Gilmore, Mrs. Patmore and most recently – KIMMY GIBLER that have stuck by my side. Quit-witted and always good for a laugh – these folks have been there with me through thick and thin. And that my friends, means they deserve a blog post.

The Following


This show offers everything a girl could want. Suspense, romance, serial killers and of course, Kevin Bacon. I randomly clicked on this show after I saw the word “serial killer” flash across the screen in the description. There are three seasons and after one episode, I new I was in for the long-haul. I won’t get into the plot because you can easily google it and find a much more succinct explanation than I would provide here, but believe me, it’s a good ‘un.

Making  a Murderer


I don’t even need to talk about this. If you haven’t watched it and are looking to throw a good 10 hours of your life away, then girl – get on it.

Grace & Frankie


Here we have two of the greats. Lily Tomlin and Jane Fonda. If you haven’t seen a movie called Big Business (starring Bette Midler and Lily Tomlin) then I suggest you do that as well. I also love Jane Fonda. What a polished, stunning lady she is. I want to be like Jane Fonda in my 70’s. Anyways, the premise of the show is just deliciously hilarious and heartbreaking at the same time. It’s really worth the watch.

The Fall


Agent Scully is back on the case! Haha. But really, this show is really good and I am obsessed OBSESSED with the way Jillian Anderson speaks. It is literally the most soothing voice ever. I live for everything about her on this show, her style, her makeup, her hair, it is infectious. It almost has the Olivia Pope (haha I just wrote Poop) effect on me, where I want her clothes, apartment, hair, makeup and most of all – personality. Cuz really, couldn’t we all use a little O.P in us? Ok maybe don’t answer that.

Anyways this show is about, you guessed it! Another serial killer. Only this time, the serial killer is JAMIE DORNAN. You know, Christian Grey? He is cute, and sexy and kills people. Win-win.



Ok. OK. So this is probs my favorite. I was going through some serious OITNB withdrawals so I decided to give this Australian brand a whirl. You guys. It is literally BETTER than OITNB. The characters are soooo well developed but there’s the added bonus of the Australian accents and some brutal pooping-out-drug-balloon scenes. What’s not to love? There are three seasons of this majesty and I am desperate for more!

The Paradise


Haha. This is on the COMPLETE other end of the spectrum and fulfills my thirst of the Downton-esque varietal. I swear, if they had 100 shows on BBC like this one, I would watch them all. First of all, (just like Downton) I LOVE the theme song of this show AND the musical score. Call me a band geek, but I am a sucker for those violins. This show is set in London and focuses on The Paradise, a fancy department store. I freaking love it and may order a petticoat and some gloves with buttons JUST to wear while I watch it.




Dumpster Denim

Last Thursday night, I took my garbage out. We have a garbage room in my apartment complex and from time to time, people will leave old stuff down there, free for the taking. Most of the time, it’s a rickety old shoe rack or a gross boxed spring covered in suspicious stains. But on Thursday, there was a pile of clothes.

And I rifled through them. Because I am my mother’s daughter.

In the pile, I found a pair of jeans. They were from The Gap. In my size. So I grabbed them, inspected them, and stuffed them in my jacket.

I threw them in the wash and on Friday….

I WORE THEM. To work.

Garbage jeans you guys. DUMPSTER DENIM. And they didn’t look half bad, me thinks.



Happy Monday.

The Sports Fan

There are basically two kinds of girls.

  1. Girls who do not like sports
  2. Girls who do not like sports but pretend to like sports

Okaaaaaaaaaaay I know there are some girls who would claim they love to watch sports. But to those girls, I say this: Would you pick a football game over  Kardashian marathon? – OR – How much of what you like about sports is the attention it brings you? How much of what you like about sports is the fact that guys may think you are a “cool chick who can hang with the guys”? REALLY tho. How much?

I have basically always been Girl 1. Kinda like Amy Schumer in Trainwreck…

“I don’t know why we treat these athletes like heroes just ‘cause they can skate fast or kick a ball in a net. I just think it’s weird. No offense. I just think that sports are stupid and anyone who likes them is just a lesser person.” 

HA. The Schums. So funny.

But anyways. I hate to say it guys, but I am kinda Girl 3 now! I KNOW. I like sports. I like several different sports. I like watching the pros. I like watching college. I like to watch those Curling guys in crazy pants rub the ground with that sweeper thingy. I just do. And I’m not hiding it.

I will admit there are several caveats to this bold proclamation, however. Just like selecting the perfect color of blush, I am PICKY. And really, I only care about certain teams. And heeeeeeeeeeere they are (cue Jock Jams).

Portland Timbers


Who knew soccer could be so action packed!? Lord almighty. I used to always be able to count on three things to put me sleep: This Old House, graham crackers and milk and soccer games. Since moving to Portland, it has been hard to avoid the Timbers fans, or ARMY as they’re locally known as.


And after going to a game (which was AWESOME) and following them on TV – yep, I’m, hooked. These trim young men in green and gold have captured my heart. And really, anytime SINGING is encouraged at a sporting event YOU KNOW I’m there.



Portland Trailblazers


This one was inevitable. Unlike soccer, basketball is played indoors and y’all know how indoorsy I am. Going to my first Blazers game a couple weeks ago was just EPIC. I had my shirt, hat, bag-o-Skittles and an absolute HUGE grin on my face the whole time. The Blazers have been around FOREVER and it is just too fun to have a pro basketball team in the city I live in!



photo (8)

But of course, I am a Seattlite, and a Hawk thru and thru. This season has been a bit interesting but nothing and noone could take away the love I feel for the Hawks. I actually get excited for Seahawks games and feel very real anxiety during high-pressure situations. Portland is fairly supportive of the fact that I bleed blue and green and it feels just great to be in such a Seahawks-friendly place.

SO there you have it. I like sports. It’s real. And I’m proud of it.

My Beauty Hacks



Very often in social conversations, I find myself explaining the seemingly simple little things I do to help me not look homeless. Things like getting my 4 day unwashed hair to stay in that perfectly coiffed, not-too-messy, messy bun. Or getting my tired eyes (one of which, droops) to look alive and Disney princessish. To me, these practices are just that. M’ tried-and-trues. Things I have done since middle school that I no longer even think about, let alone have put down on paper.

But guys –  it is time to share. November is upon us! The month where we bow our heads and give thanks for all that we have. For me, it’s Malibu Rum and Wild Berry Skittles. It’s also the following beauty hacks that I hope will give you something to be thankful for.

These eye drops that make the whites of your eyes really white


I first heard about these a few years ago when I watched a tutorial on how to look like Barbie (obvs). The video (maybe Michelle Phan?) recommended using these drops to get super white and bright eyes. Ever since then, I have gone through 2 whole bottles and WHO, may I ask, uses an entire bottle of eye drops that doesn’t wear contacts?

These drops knock out any redness or discoloration on the whites of your eyes and are PERFECT when I feel tired or am hungover. They are a lifesaver in a pinch when you need to look “awake” in a jiff or want that bright-eyed, doll look.

 Best method for shaving your legs

This is going to sound weird, but this is how I shave my legs and they always perfect and buttery-soft.

First, exfoliate them with a sugar scrub. I like this one:


When I am feeling extra pampery, I will also use a loofah on them.

Next, I grab my razor – and y’all won’t believe which kind I use.


Yes, I use the cheap-ass candy-pink razors that come in a 12-pack and cost $2.49 at Fred Meyer. The difference is, I use a new one of these almost every time I shave my legs. I discovered long ago that with expensive razors like the Venus and the Intuition, I wouldn’t switch the blade out very often and after a few shaves, they weren’t as close. I crave that close, perfect, precise shave EACH time. So I decided to buy the good ol’ twin-blade razors and use a fresh one each time and you guys – I am NOT looking back. A bit wasteful? Perhaps. But my legs are silky smooth every time and I don’t worry about spending a million dollars on 5-blade razors that basically are rendered useless after a few uses.


I use my cheap razor and body wash to shave my legs. I used to think those Skintimate Shave Gels were the tits but I have quickly discovered the absolute best thing for shaving your legs and it is this:


The lotiony effect of the body wash coats my legs and I hardly ever get cuts. Then when I’m done, I am left with a softer and smoother set of stems.

These methods are extensive but I promise they work. If you want a step-by-step tutorial on how to get the best shave everrrr LET ME KNOW!

Putting castor oil on your eyelashes

Okaaaaay. I have been putting castor oil on my eyelashes every night for quite a while now. At first I was like, “WTF  have you resorted to Natalie?!” But now I love it. Each night after I take all my makeup off, I take a tiny bit of castor oil on my finger and sweep it on my upper and lower lashes with just enough to coat them. I feel like it is basically a conditioner for eyelashes and it causes me zero irritation. As a result, my eyelashes are longer, fuller and more “feathery”. I feel like they are the best they’ve ever been right now and I owe it all to Castor Oil! Go fig.

This is the kind I use:


Buy the organic, pure version

Getting rid of bruises FAST with Arnica


Duuuuude that sounds like a infomercial. But srsly, Arnica has changed my life. Due to whatever amount of vitamins I am lacking from my self-elected diet of Pirate’s Booty, Milk Duds and the occasional can of soup – I find that I bruise SUPER easy.

A couple of coworkers recommended I try Arnica and it totally works like a charm. I would say it cuts down the “life” of my bruises by half. During the summer especially – this stuff is a godsend.

And that’s it for now! Be prepared for a Part 2 of this blog post because it’s already in the works!