Lovin’ Every Minute of It

Well kids, March is officially over. With the closing of this dreary month, I pause to consider all that will be left behind.

For starters, Jackson Hole Mountain Resort will be closing this weekend. Au revior smelly snowboarders. À bientôt long tram lines. With the mountain closing, it means the beginning of what we call off season. From April 8th until approximately June 20th, Jackson Hole Wyoming becomes a ghost town. Businesses close while locals travel the world, leaving Jackson a veritable Hole. Sure, the restaurants do offer great local specials and the weather will show promises of sun but the town loses a little of it’s bustle. So while the snow slowly melts and the tourists quickly fade away I ponder, “What shall I do?!”.

I make plans. I party it up. I make the best of it.

Firstly, Bryan’s parents Mary and Greg came for a visit!  When Bry’s parents are here, it’s like we’re on vaca. We always do amazingly fun stuff, eat super delicious food and get a chance to catch up. Jackson had very uncharacteristic weather while they were here and we ended up skiing Sun Valley style (in the sun) but that’s always my favorite. We also got to experience…drumroll…the waffles at Corbet’s Cabin!

Corbetts Cabin

Corbett's Cabin Waffle


The three of us ordered one of each variety; strawberry jam, nutella and brown sugar butter. Yes, brown sugar butter.

We had such a blast and I felt sad when they had to go, c’est la vie!

The next weekend was Mountain Fest!

This blessed event takes place towards the close of every ski season and the resort throws one heck of a party. This year, we were treated to the musical stylings of G-Love and Special Sauce. Per tradition, Bryan, Holly, Matt and myself got a hotel room for the night in order to enjoy the night to it’s fullest without the worry of figuring out a DD. We started tailgating around 3:30 with the shotski at the ready.

Boys Bein Boys


Shotski on top of a Van

Mountain Fest in Jackson Hole

Oh Haaayy


Ski Gloves = Makeshift Coozy

We danced with life. It was très étonnant.

Other happenings? We got Netflix again (we are suckers) and have caught up a little more on The Office. Is it just me or is the show not the same without Michael? Still loved the season, especially when Pam makes up a position for herself. Brilliance.

Groupon Goods (which is available to all) is my new bestie because of course, they don’t offer deals in Jackson hole.

I am reading Middlesex by Jeffrey Eugenides and am simply loving it.

I can’t stop eating Life cereal.

Oh, and in case you’ve missed all the random Français I’ve been slipping in… I’m going to Europe! I plan on compiling a complete post titled, “AAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh I’m going to Paris!!!” But I thought I’d spare all 20 of you from that for now. Until I know more, know this: I’m going with Nan and Megan (my mom and older sis) to Barcelona and Paris for 2 weeks in June. We will be going to Barcelona and Paris, spending time with my cousin, aunt and uncle while we’re in Barcelona. Paris has been a place I’ve wanted to visit my whole life.

Moi à Paris? C’est Magnifique!

Good Times Had by All

What a week!

There is just SO much that I could tell you. Unfortunately, only about 10% of it might be of interest. The rest would leave you scared, annoyed and maybe a little bit hostile.

Cutting to the chase:

1.) Bryan’s brother Corbin arrived Monday morning!

Bryan and Corbin in Hawaii

Since it was the 4th of July, naturally we had made some plans including raftin and q-in. I had procured three spots for us on Matt’s boat and it was a BLAST. Our group included 5 boats, at least 2 cases of brews, tons of food, a platypus full a wine (pictured below) and of course, Holly brought her flask. I knew I was friends with her for a reason!

We Call it "The Platty"

After a thrilling day on the Hoback River, we came home and fired up the Q.

Bryan also prepared his delicious guacamole.

The candy dishes  and glow sticks were courtesy of yours truly :-).

We grilled kabobs and hamburgers, had plenty of chips and dip, drank beers and OF COURSE ended the night with s’mores.

P.S Glow sticks from the Dollar Store suck.

Other haps of the week (unpictured unfortunately) were:

  •  Floating Flat Creek with Bryan and Corbin intertube-style, mine popping on a rusty nail and being dragged downstream until I realized that I could stand up. #blondemoment.
  • Dinner at Trio. I had:
  • Enjoying Bryan’s delicious homemade pizza while watching “Due Date”. BTW, Robert Downey Jr.  is getting cuter and cuter with age.
  • Drinks + Dinner at the Caddy and Nikai. So. Effing. Good.
  • Making this awesome girl’s Cake Batter Pizzert. Vegan, using spelt flour. How granola-ey of me huh?

Today is my day off! So I celebrated by making this for breakfast:

Bluebs, Organic Cinnamon Toast Cruch, Puffed Wheat and Almond Milk

Then I went up Snow King!

For all you who don’t live in Jackson Hole (most of you), Snow King is a ski resort but also the name of the mountain it sits on. It is located about 1 mile from town and makes for an excellent workout in the summer. The mountain starts at 6,237 feet and the summit is at 7,808. This means that hikers gain 1,571 feet of elevation in anywhere from 25-75 minutes. it takes me about 38-45 minutes to hike up (longer if I forget my ipod).

Today was so beautiful outside that I smartly remembered to grab my camera to show y’all what it looks like out there.

View from the bottom

Harses, harses, harses, harses…Anyone?

Heading Up

Wildflowers, 1/3 of the way up

Breaking a Sweat

Awesome Wyoming Fanny Pack

Taking the chair lift down


Wind on My Face

This hike always rocks my world a little bit. It’s short, but intense on the stems. To power through, I listened to hits from Glee and Mamma Mia! On the way down, I slowed things down a bit with Phoebe Snow (look her up) and also this song.

I’m such a Ringie.

Now, I am relaxing with a delicious Life Water, graham crackers and an Amanda Bynes movie (obv), while I mentally prepare for our kickball game at 6:30. Perhaps I shall bring along the camera tonight and capture the Kicking Mules (our team name) striving for victory? I vote yes.

I Like Country Music

I’m finally coming out.

I kid, I kid. (this is actually just me and my sister from another mister, RJ).

After years and years of denying myself this all ‘mericn born, mindlessly catchy, sappy lyric laden tunage, I am giving in. I surrender myself to the stereotypical poofy-haired, southern twangy artists rants about “pickup trucks”, “baby girls” and being “corn fed”.

I find myself cravin me some C-Woods (Carrie Underwood), Tay-Tay, Jane-Dear Girls and yes – even Kelly Pickler. Her and those GD red high heels. Gets me err-time.

How did this happen to me?

A little background – I come from a very musically talented family. I took 5 years of piano (not meaning I play piano, but can read music), was 1st chair clarinet in High School, sang in multiple choirs and best of all…have been in musicals! Besides re-runs of Full House,  Musical theater is probably my biggest passion.

Don't Ask

I was raised on the Sound of Music, George Gershwin, The Dave Brubeck Quartet, Benny Goodman and of course, The Beatles. Ok, yes – also Raffi. You know you like “Baby Beluga”, admit it. I have read The Musical Ascent of Herman Being for heaven sakes! I know the value of classical music and what it does for the dome-piece.

Additionally, my Father AND Grandfather are maja jazz cats. Pops is a dynamite woodwind (for all you non-band nerds, this means he can play any instrument that has a reed) but also plays the flute. Yes, the jazz flute. Ron Burgundy style.

Crushin the Jazz Flute

Whalin on the Tenor Sax

Not only is my Dad the best saxophone, flute and clarinet player I have ever heard, but he also composes! I know what you’re thinking. You think I’m biased because I just happen to be his daughter? Well, you’d be wrong! Listen for yourself here.

Vienna Nocturne by Gary Danielson

Vienna Nocturne - Gary Danielson


Gramps is a brass (trumpet, mostly) but is also able to slap the banjo as well. They were both in a pretty famous jazz group called “The Many Sounds of Nine”.

The Many Sounds of Nine, on the Road

Great Uncle Herm - Trombone

My Grandpa Luke - Trumpet

Both of my aunts are dynamite piano players and singers and many of my cousins are crazy talented as well.

Cousin Dan Tickling the Ivories

Now that you understand my extensive musical background, I can only wonder – where did I acquire this recent affinity for country music? Let’s examine the evidence, shall we?

  • I live in Wyoming.
  • I now drink whiskey.
  • I have been to a demolition derby.
  • I own a pair of dirty, white, Old Navy flip-flops.

Case closed.