No! That wasn’t the sound of me trying to hold in a little bit of vom!

Similar to Christmasing, it was what I had the absolute delight of doing this year.

The first holiday activity on the docket was E’s Nutcracker performance in which sister absolutely killed it. Not to mention, the whole thing was just about the most adorable display of tiny tutus, beginner balanchine  hands and itty bitty buns ;).


After her dazzling debut, we headed to David’s Dad & Lisa’s house for a psueo Christmas Eve. We had Spanish coffees, ice cream sundaes and watched the old clay-mation Rudolph movie by the fire.


So did Meira.


The next day we opened gifts, ate tons of healthy food and then took a late-night plane to Kennewizzle.

I love when we’re all at my parent’s house. Its just chaotic and funny and someone’s crying and there’s always wine and pita chips. Tate came over to play with his best bud and I snapped a couple adorable pics while they watched Sesame Street.


E kept covering up Tate with his blankie. #futurebabysitter


That night Rach came over and we played Speak Out, which caused everyone to very slightly pee their pants.


It should also be said that this game should only be played with people you don’t care about drooling in front of :).

Christmas eve was très eventful as we had a recording sesh, went to the trampoline gym AND had a b-day party for yers truly. And we lit the candles for the first day of Hanukkah!

These guys are the only presents I need. and maybe some bath bombs from Lush.


Christmas morning was of course splendid as Mr. Tate M. Johnson came dressed as Santa!

Here he is with his FAVORITE thing of all…books!


Anyone like this ghetto contraption my Mom made with an old rider toy from GW and an old belt? #KLASS.




And the menorah my mom found for which we had no candles that fit so we actually WIDDLED some down. Yes, Nan and I widdled together.


The day after Christmas we came back to Portland and David was back to work on Tuesday. He did however, find time to whisk me away on a quick trip to the Columbia Gorge Hotel!




It was stunning, all decked out in Christmas cheer and when we got to the room, we had a surprise waiting for us!


Note: David’s pose was completely his idea.


This was just so special to me. Having worked in hospitality (namely, room service) and making rooms feel special for other people, it felt so good to finally get to experience this for myself. David and I sipped champagne and kicked back in comfy chairs before heading downstairs to the hotel bar for happy hour.



That night after dinner, I lost a bet and had to sing “Friend Like Me” at a local karaoke bar which I begrudgingly did amidst the sounds of LITERAL crickets. Not even one, lowly courtesy clap-along.

The next day we walked around the ground of the place and realized we were basically on top of a waterfall!


During the time between Christmas and the New Year, I did lots of important things. But mostly, I binge watched Shameless (OMG SO GOOD) and Girlfriends Guide to Divorce (NOT AS GOOD BUT STILL GOOD).

Then New Year’s Eve rolled around.


So I did some green eyeshadow:


Slapped on this little number (Christmas present from Meg):


And David and I went out, had some libations and stood on a crowded dance floor so balloons would drop on our head. #worthit


All in all, we had a wonderful break, oozing with love, family and Barbie cake.


Halloween 2016

Hello goblins and ghouls!

Hope everyone had a wonderful Halloween this year…I know I did. You see, when you’re with someone who likes getting dressed up just as much as you – you dress the F up.

This year, we were invited to an awesome costume party by my pal Kelly a couple weeks ago and we decided to pay homage to our favorite scene from G.O.T this last season – the walk of shame.


If anyone out there is a fan of the show – you know how crazy this scene was. We decided David would make the perfect “high sparrow” nun-lady, and I could definitely pull off the evil Cersei. You’ll also know that for the scene to be truly authentic, I would have had to be buck naked. And I was eager to take on that challenge. Not by actually being naked but by attaining a nakedy look. I searched everywhere for a nude bodysuit to no avail and realized I would either have to go the American Apparel route or have to take to the internets. A Capezio nude women’s jumpsuit was running upwards of $30 online and truly, I just didn’t want to commit.

So sadly, I tried to create the best representation of the character that I possibly could, evidenced below. David on the other hand, absolutely KILLED the nun lady. I mean…


And in case anyone is curious, I really was the ugliest human alive that night…



If you’re curious, the wig was a “surfer boy” wig from Spirit Halloween, which I happily hacked away at.


For Halloween weekend, we decided to do a little light bar-hopping with some friends. And after the season 7 premiere of the Walking Dead, where I did in fact cry 2 buckets of tears, David decided he wanted to be….



His portrayal is spot-on and quite literally, very disturbing. For any TWD fans out there, this will send chills up your spine.

To compliment David’s Negan, I really wanted to be Rick – but since I already had the zombie dress from last year – I decided to just do that again.


This year I found a zombie makeup look I really liked and did a slightly glammy zombie girl.



If anyone is interested in a tutorial on this – just let me know!

Here was the look I was inspired by:


I wish I had the contact lenses!

So, there you have it. Another Halloween in the books. What were you for Halloween??

Christmas + B-Day Haul!

Yo yo yo!

If you guys have been around for awhile, you know these two dates are one and the FREAKING same. WEll, my birthday falls on Christmas Eve but like BFD, it’s the same day.

This year, people really ponied up and gave me some great things and welp – here they are!

Urban Decay Gwen Stefani Eyeshadow Palette



 YES. I own the Gwen Stefani palette from Urban Decay and lemmejustsay – this palette is amaaaazing. My initial reaction to this palette was that it had WAY too many beigy colors. But upon closer inspection, each one offers something totally different. I have used basically every color in this palette, and so far there is not a dud in the bunch. I LOVE the blue and the pink as well, because both colors make my baby blues POP majorlly.  I now understand that Urban Decay has released the Gwen blush palette….and oh law, it looks GORGEOUS. Must. Resist.

The Balm In the Balm of Your Hand Palette



Sister Megan got me this palette for Christmas and I am SO glad she did. I wanted this palette because I realized I (horror of horrors) own NOTHING from The Balm. I have wanted to try their blushes, eyeshadows, bronzer and OF COURSE the Mary Lou-minizer for a while now. This palette contains ALL of those items, plus a lip color and a lip and cheek color. I have had a chance to use several of these colors and so far my favorites are ALLLLLL of the shadows, the Hot Mama blush, Mary Louminizer and the cream cheek color. Plus, how cute is this packaging!?

Lush Rosy Christmas Gift Set


I purchased two of these little suckers during the day after Christmas sale on the Lush website. This box contains a small bottle of Rose Jam shower gel and a small tub of my beloved Ro’s Argan Body Conditioner. Each box was $16.95 and it was buy one get one free, so I got both of these boxes for a helluva deal!

Lush Butterbear Bath Bomb


These little guys were also buy one get one free, and at $4.95 apiece I couldn’t resist. I reallllly like this bath bomb because it releases a vanilla-infused cocoa butter formula into the water and it leaves my skin feeling baby soft.

Lush Rosie Wrapped Gift Box



Big thanks to Nan for realizing how much I need Lush in my life! This gift box contains more of my favorite things, Rose Jam Shower Gel and Ro’s Argan Body Conditioner. It also contains a miniature size of the Ultrabalm, which is pretty great. It also contains my beloved Rose Jam Bubbleroon AND Amandopondo Bubble Bar. I am vurrry excited to use this all up and smell like roses!

That pretty much sums it up! What did you all get for Christmas?

Christmas 2015

Hello bunnies.


Welp. It’s all over. The holidays have come and gone again. It has been an interesting year for me, and as I sit here writing, listlessly munching on a small bowl of Peanut Butter Cap’n Crunch, I cannot help but wonder –  what will 2016 hold?

Mascara. And undoubtedly, an ungodly amount of candy, sure to wreak havoc on my molars and dentist bill. But I am also hopeful. Hopeful that 2016 will be better than 2015, a year filled with ups and downs, smiles and frowns (see what I did there?). So, hello 2016.

It’s me.

But let’s shift our focus onto Christmas of last year and talk about the sh*t I got and the babies I held (Tate).

Per usual, Nan’s respective Santy and Snow Babies collections were on fleek.



The break started off with my birthday celebration on the 23rd. It was basically the worst thing ever but we had no choice because Amy and Shannon had to leave Christmas morning which meant everything had to be bumped up a day. For my birthday, I got ballet slippers! Wearable ballet slippers.


 I also got black Vans, because I have decided that slip-on shoes are the best shoes.


The night of my faux-birthday, we had Papa Johns and my sister’s wife Shannon did my hurr and it looks glorious.


My mom also took me to get a pedicure AND an ice-cream cake. So basically, things that would make a 5 year-old happy, make me happy.


The best part of my birthday this year was getting to spend time with my nephew Tate, who I think I love more than anyone else in the family #sorryguys.





Christmas Eve was spent doing Christmas things! We opened gifts, ate brisket and played lots of Farkel and card games.


Here are more things people gave me!








Economic, haha

Amy and I even took Ellie to Costco to try and find Amy some cop clothes (Amy is a correctional officer).


Christmas Day was spent relaxing, drinking vodka + sprites and you guessed it, more Farkel.

A wonderful, family-filled time!

Little Haul

I grabbed a few things from Sephora and Macy’s that I am very excited about!


Ariana Grande Bubble Bath + Rollerball




I nabbed this duo on Thanksgiving Day at Macy’s for $25. It was a good deal, considering the rollerball alone is probably about $25 on it’s own. As I mentioned in my Christmas list post, this perfume isn’t exactly the classiest, but I love the way it smells (it has bottom notes of MARSHMALLOW) and am really excited to take a bubble bath!

Tory Burch Perfume Duo


Meg and I saw this at Sephora when we were shopping with sweet baby Tate and were pretty excited that this was only $18. The bottles are pretty legit and I am in LOVE with the standard Tory Burch original perfume.

Tony Moly Pocket Bunny Moist Mist

I feel like this whole Korean beauty fad is quickly taking over. One thing I LOVE about this trend is the cute packaging. And as we all well know, I judge books by their covers. I could not resist buying this moisturizing facial spray for $15. I meannnn, just look at it!




My 2015 Christmas List

christmas 2015
It’s that time of year again! The time of year where Christmas and my godforsaken birthday fall on nearly the same day. Thank the Lord Nan had them break her water on Christmas Eve, otherwise I would have been born on the WORST day of the year to have a birthday. However, it has also historically meant I get more prezzies, which, as I get older, are dwindling. For example, this year, I actually told my mom to pay my car insurance for a year as my gift..and she almost agreed to do it!
Please see below for the link and descriptions for things on my ACTUAL Christmas list.

Joe’s Jeans black denim skinny jeans
I have been jonesing for a pair of destroyed black jeans. Unfortunately, my long body only looks good in a couple of brands: The Gap and Joe’s.

Sperry Top-Sider white deck shoes – Nordstrom $59.95
I LOVE the way these look with rolled-up jeans or shorts in the summer time. And since my bday is in the winter…I gotta think ahead.

Vans suede leather shoes – $63
I wear my gold metallic vans ALL the time, so obvs I need them in black.

TheBalm makeup – Kohls $39
Mostly, I want this for the blushes and the forest green eyeshadow. Plus, I own NOTHING from the Balm!

Ariana Grande Eau de parfum perfume – Macy’s $50
This perfume is delightful and probs too young for me but I DON’T CARE. It has bottom notes of MARSHMALLOW. I mean, hello!

Lush Christmas Candy Gift Box Bubble bath – LUSH $29
There are about 5 Lush gift boxes I realllllly want. Anything containing Rose Jam or Snow Fairy and I’m a happy camper.

Lush Ro’s Argan Body Conditioner Beauty product – $34
You can read about 1272 posts on my blog about this stuff. It’s what dreams are made of.

Carpet Remnant Rectangular area rug
YEPPP. I have cold-ass hardwood floors and I would like a cheap-O piece of carpet to lay on and watch Gilmore Girls.

Sound of Music on CD
My car has a CD player so of course I want this on CD. What do you take me for?

Little Twin Stars 2016 Day Planner
Or really, any day planner will do. I also saw a Walking Dead one that is amaze-balls.
And last but not least…MY HAIR
My wonderful sister-in-law Shannon will be doing my hair at Christmas time and YOU GUYS it is going to be glorious.

Weekending & T-Giving 2015

Hello mini-seahorses!


What wonderful weekends I’ve been having! A couple weeks ago, Nan, Megan and Mr.Tate decided to come for a visit and I was beyond excited to have this tiny human back in my life.

Girls weekends with Megan and Nan usually involve shopping from about 11 am to 9 pm, with lunch, wine and maybe some fro-yo sprinkled in. Us gals can go go go. We usually start out at a mall, throw in  Nordstrom Rack, some consignment stores and then to appease Nan, we’ll hit up a Goodwill right before closing time so she can contemplate a book on CD entitled “The Jewels of Tessa Kent”. But now. Things are a bit different having a tiny gentlemen in tow. We decided the safest option was a straight-up shopping mall and what better place than stroller-ridden Washington Square?

First, we woke up and had play time:


Then we walked down to Jim and Pattie’s for brek:





Then we hit WA Square and Meg gave the Ergo Baby a whirl.



Tate was a champ for the first couple of hours, happily snoozing in the pram and periodically opening those eyes (lined with LONG eyelashes now!) to stare up at these crazies subjecting him to horrible techno at H&M. We went to all our faves, like Pottery Barn Kids and Nordstrom (places I can definitely afford).



Of course I did this.

I found one of those cheesy-ass signs that actually makes perfect sense:


Then, we stumbled upon what could very well be the CUTEST and most magical place in Portland, Lolli & Pop’s!




Look what the employees wear. OMG.



Aside from the fact that everything at Lolli & Pop’s costs $14,000, I am totally a fan.

We had lunch at the Nordstrom Cafe and then I grabbed a Candy Mountain Bubble Bar from Lush! We knew Tate wasn’t going to last much longer, so we all got in the car and made an attempt at Nordstrom Rack before quickly realizing Tater Tot was done. The weekend wrapped up with the three of us watching movies and trying to get Tate to smile (which I am SO good at).



And then of course, it was T-Giving! I drove home after work on Wednesday and spent 3 glorious days at my parents new digs.


The first night, I partook in the following activities:

  1. Playing with Gare’s new label-maker:




2. Eating gingersnaps


3. Looking at the butter sculpture Nan bought:


4. Taking photo-booth pics of Nan while she was asleep on the couch eating butterscotch disks:



The next day I watched the parade in my jammies and got mad that I missed the Hello Kitty balloon. Tate and Megan came over and I played with him and fell even more in love.




Then, we put hims in his OOTD:


Then I combed my hair and put some makeup on and a headband to go to my grandparent’s for T-Give:


Thanksgiving dinner was spent at my grandparents, which meant we were all sweating from the permanent 80 degree setting on their thermostat.


If that wasn’t enough, my grandma also got out her scarf collection and had me pick out a few for myself (I currently own about 40 of these already), but I was a sport and acted completed delighted to sport a thinly knitted  bit of periwinkle! We stupidly only brought one bottle of wine over, so I was reduced to sipping from an old bottle of Disaronno I found behind my grandparents’ 2008 Mall Walkers participation plaque. At this point, I was lookin’ purty good:


Then Ben and Megan brought Tate over and ta-dah!!! Instant distractions and something to stare at for 2 hours! I did snap a few adorable pics though:



Four generations!


Reasons why this is the cutest ever: 1.) They are matching 2.) Tate’s smile 3.) My grandpa’s giant hand 4.) They are matching

And thennnnn we did the unthinkable. Nan, Megan, Tate and I went to Macy’s. This year, they opened their doors at 6 pm and I was really jonesing for the $25 Ariana Grande bubble bath. After grabbing a few deals, we mozied by BBW on our way out and I was terribly disspointed at their half-assed sale. Buy 3, Get 3 Free!?!? WTF. That is, like, NOT a good deal. Give me $8 dollar candles or 75% off of something! GHODddd.


Anyweeeez – the next day was spent hanging with Amy and Shannon, playing cards, drinking Svedka and 7’s and me having perpetual bed-head, which was making Megan actually mad at me. Excuse me if I don’t want to comb my hair for 24 hours.



I made it back to Portland safe and sound and immediately jumped (ok stepped) into my bathtub for a candy mountain soak. NOT A BAD END, my friends.