T-Giving & Our Christmas Tree

Happy December lads and lasses!

Thanksgiving this year was just delightful. Nan and Gare came to Portland, David took my Dad and I to a game at PK-80 and best of all – we didn’t have to make dinner. Yippee!

At the Moda center for the Duke vs Portland State PK-80 game.

Here are the Danielsons at dinner:

After dinner, we hung out while attempting a game of Quwarkle.

The next day was Black Friday so obvs:

Hold your comments until the end to tell me how pretty I am.

That weekend, we put up our tree! David and I wrestled with the lights for a good 45 minutes before deciding that some of them just didn’t work. So, I decided to add a couple strands of white lights to mix in.

Then, I got out my piddly little box of decor and sprinkled it around a bit.

And I nearly died putting this garland on the stairs.

But its done now 🙂

My hobbies as of late include:

  1. laying on the carpet watching Hallmark Christmas movies with Meira and threatening her life if she tries to get up.
  2. making a nest in our giant chair and trying to get Meira to lay with me (she will not).
  3. forcing David into my Seahawks onesie so we can take pajama pictures in front of the tree.

Murrrrrrry Christmas everyone!

Trip to North Carolina

Hey y’all.

I don’t know why I’ve already started this post out with a southern accent because truth be told, I didn’t encounter too many while we were in NC. We did however, encounter lots of other wonderful southern delights such as – Dunkin Donuts errrrwhere, the Piggly Wiggly, FIREFLIES and Family Dollar. We joked the whole time we were there that the “holy trinity” in each town was – a Dunkin, Hardee’s and a Family Dollar . JUST MY STYLE.

We took a red-eye over which is never an issue for this old lady, who can manage to sleep (mouth agape always) anywhere, anytime.

Saturday morning after picking up our rental car, we drove to our hotel in Garner and settled into a booth at The Waffle House while we waited for our room to be ready. That night, we attended a beautiful wedding for David’s friend Ben and his lovely bride, Camille.

Before the ceremony, we walked around the gardens and took tons of pics.

Look at my iPhone 7 DO WORK

The ceremony was lovely and the reception was beautiful as well. We had chicken, mashed potatoes, collard greens and corn with a delicious sauce. And rolls. I obviously like m’rolls.

Of course E made pals with all the little girls, including the flower girl who was SO cute.

And of course David took this serious glamour shot of me while we were waiting for our dranks. My arm looks about 7 miles long.

Processed with Rookie Cam

The next day we got up early, had continental breakfast at the hotel (LOVE when hotels have that!) and drove the 2 hours over to David’s brothers house.

We had a blast playing their pool. running through the sprinklers and really just getting to see E and her cousin play together.

Our Airbnb was about 40 minutes from their house on a golf course and after dinner that night we came home and totally crashed. The next morning though, we made a very cool discovery out by the pond…TURTLES!

Being Oregonians, seeing like 30 turtles waddle out to say hi to us was pretty damn cool. We stayed out there for like 30 minutes just watching them.

I pretty much DIED over the screened-in porch and have now decided that I need one of these in my future home.

Later that day, we all went to the beach!

The beach had ACTUAL shells, unlike the coast over here, where all you find is the odd broken sand dollar and the water was semi-warm.

That night, we had a super yummy dinner with the fam and flew back home the next day. Until next time, NC!

Our Vacation to Maui!

Hello little macadamia nut pancakes!

I am back on the mainland and tired AF. But here I am, reporting to you live from the couch as I watch The Office reruns and snack on Walmart Fruit Smiles.

Our flight to Maui departed around 7:30 pm on Thursday so of course, we all rushed to the airport early to have dinner and watch the Ducks game. YAY SPORTS.

Here are the #sportysickcute sweats I wore

The flight to Maui was relatively painless. I sat in the middle (wha-whaaa) but was able to sleep for a couple hours or so before tearing into my new bookclub book. Gathering baggage, getting the rental car and driving to our condo in Kihei was also pretty easy and before I knew it, we were all settled in and falling asleep to the sound of the waves crashing on the rocks below us.

The next day we woke up and had cinnamon rolls from The Cinnamon Roll Place (genius branding if you ask me) and mimosas.

I then slathered on my Alba 45 SPF Sunblock,  helped cover E with sunblock and we all hit the beach.

David and I took turns playing with E in the waves and hiding under the umbrella I rented in between. David waded out waist-deep in the water with her a few times and the two of them were such an adorable sight. After about an hour and a half, I noticed the tops of my feet (which were buried in the sand, but sticking out from the shade of the umbrella) were starting to turn pink so we packed ‘er up and headed in.

That night, we went to a local event called Kihei Fridays where I bravely took on this romper. #tallgirlproblems

There were food carts, arts & crafts, live music and my favorite – A MERMAID. You know  my ass was jealous of this broad. To make matters worse, she was super pretty AND nice. UGH. The mermaid was all, “Get in the picture!” to me so I wiggled into the makeshift mermaid tail they had for weirdos like me and we paid $5 a pop for the little Polaroid pictures.

Then David hopped in to get his “kissing a mermaid” shot (with her permission, I might add) and I was a sport.

E got to paint a mermaid shell, so whatevs. It was a win. We were all so wiped that night.

The temps were high 80’s while we were there, so we decided to alternate our aquatic adventures between the ocean and the condo pool. It was discovered after that first day on the beach that saltwater obliterated David’s Sport Sunblock and left him with some minor sunburns, so we decided to seek shade whenever possible.

The next day we ventured into Lahaina so David and his Dad could watch the Ducks game, while the rest of us putzed around and bought sh*t we don’t need.

I wore these face-takeover sunglasses from Ebay

First we had lunch at Bubba Gump!

Then Eliana and I strolled around, I bought a gelato and salt-water taffy because duh, while David and his pops stayed at the restaurant to watch basketball. We also discovered this amazing local coconut body butter with really good ingredients and we all got one.

The next day we drove south and made a stop at the Grand Wailea Hotel. We valeted the car and as we walked in, they totally thought we were guests and started putting leis on us and chatting us up and asking to take our photo. So we awkwardly went with it and answered their questions, “Oh yes, we are staying five nights!”, “Oh yes we are BEYOND excited!” and they took our picture and I tried to robot out of that situation.

There were this lady-band in the lobby as we came down the stairs and we told E to go out there and hula. Before we knew it, two of the ladies came down to teach her a little dance and perform a song! It was precious. So then I got out there too and it became not so precious.

The grounds were pretty amazing. And they have this adorable chapel too!

Later that day, we were so hot and sweaty from walking around the grounds that the three of us basically ran-walked into the pool. I fixed David and I a nice strong rum punch and I practiced my doggy-paddling. And on the subject, why is doggy-paddling considered so blase?  I get around JUUUUUST FINE.

The next day we went to the Maui Ocean Center and saw the  following things:

  • 89q2356823479234 fish
  • A tank a’ seahorses
  • GIANT sting rays
  • Small sharks
  • Sea cucumbers


The Maui Ocean Center did not have any dolphins or whales, which I really appreciated. Apparently there is an ordinance in the City of Maui that prohibits the exhibition of cetaceans (whales and dolphins). And while I love dolphins and would love to see one up close from the comfort of  the other side off a  piece of glass…I would MUCH rather them just be exclusive to the ocean. Ya feel me?

Later that day, we grabbed food + bevs at Captain Jacks before heading out to sea on a sunset cruise! Eliana was coloring the whole time and wrote me this note which MADE ME TEAR UP AT THE FRIGGIN’ TABLE:

Translation: Natalie is so beautiful and nice and lovable and cool. I love Nat.

I tell ya, this kid has my heart.

David’s dad and stepmom treated us to this little jaunt on a beautiful boat, complete with snacks and alcohol! I’ve literally never had so much fun in my life and seasickness was not an issue as I was a little snookered.

The last day, we went back to the beach and then had a little pool time. We made friends with a cute Canadian family and E really hit it off with their little girl. By the end of the trip, she was jumping off the edge into the deep-end like nobody’s business! So crazy how fast she progressed with swimming and how I made no progress whatsoever ;).

swoon 😉

That night, we got ready for a nice dinner out. I let E do my makeup…she was a tiny bit excited!

Here’s the before.

And the after.

Not too shabby. Except she left me a fatty mustache.

So I adjusted my makeup juuust a little and we went to the 5 Palms Restaurant in Kihei.

Toasted coconut dranks.

Coconut shrimp!!

Here’s David and E, pretending to sleep while we were waiting for the car. #matchingonvacation

The flights home were all drama-free and comfortable. Portland has greeted us with moderately decent weather and we’re happy to be home.

‘Til next time, Hawaii!

Mardi Gras. Mixed CD’s. Misc Mischief.

Hey there Jujubees!

I have a lot to get through today so I’m diving right in here!

A few weeks ago, David, his cousin Jackie, Grandma Rosalie and I went to an auction for her synagogue that had a Mardi Gras theme. I did green, purple and gold eye shadow but failed to get a good pic of it like a nincompoop.

Also, David booked us all a trip to Hawaii for the end of March which I must remember to start drinking Slim Fast for.

I even drew a palm tree to commemorate in my 2017 Hello Kitty day planner.

David and I went to a Blazers game vs. OKC and they won! Suck it Russell Westbrook.

those eyes tho

I used the H&M eyelashes for a date night/night out that I hauled in this post and was pleasantly surprised!

Annnnd, I wore a slightly tramp-ish dress with knee high boots and was all “I am woman, hear me roar!”

Then last weekend, I drove home to see my Mom, Meg and of course my baby Tate.

I discovered this in the CD case in my car (yes, like in High School) behind another CD and of course listened to the whole thing on the way to Kennewick. Lots of Blink 182, some Mandy Moore. you know.

All that one can get with him anymore is blurry pictures. The little meatloaf is so wiggly and fast.

But really, Tate is the absolute love of my life. I would do anything for him.

We got to do lots of fun things, such as…

Going for Fro yo!

Shopping at Target

Going to the park!

The Mickey hoodie slaaaays me

And of course, we spent lots of time hanging at Nana’s, watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse (his FAVORITE).

My Mom is also making everyone matching stocking for Christmas and aren’t they so cute?

She also hand-stitched this little easter egg ornament which she gave to me. I told her I’m opening her up an Etsy store and we’re both going to be rich! muaahaahahaaa

While at Columbia Center, I hit a jackpot of a sale at Gymboree for E and got her a bunch of awesome summer stuff for Hawaii including these flops which are to die.

And I cooked her up the best pancake art I am capable of.

Yes, we have a full set of four of these Hello Kitty placemats

And lastly, my Dad Gary Danielson was on the Variety Telethon in Des Moines. He is a celebrity. And I am his daughter. I’m not sure, but I think this makes us Kardashians now.



No! That wasn’t the sound of me trying to hold in a little bit of vom!

Similar to Christmasing, it was what I had the absolute delight of doing this year.

The first holiday activity on the docket was E’s Nutcracker performance in which sister absolutely killed it. Not to mention, the whole thing was just about the most adorable display of tiny tutus, beginner balanchine  hands and itty bitty buns ;).


After her dazzling debut, we headed to David’s Dad & Lisa’s house for a psueo Christmas Eve. We had Spanish coffees, ice cream sundaes and watched the old clay-mation Rudolph movie by the fire.


So did Meira.


The next day we opened gifts, ate tons of healthy food and then took a late-night plane to Kennewizzle.

I love when we’re all at my parent’s house. Its just chaotic and funny and someone’s crying and there’s always wine and pita chips. Tate came over to play with his best bud and I snapped a couple adorable pics while they watched Sesame Street.


E kept covering up Tate with his blankie. #futurebabysitter


That night Rach came over and we played Speak Out, which caused everyone to very slightly pee their pants.


It should also be said that this game should only be played with people you don’t care about drooling in front of :).

Christmas eve was très eventful as we had a recording sesh, went to the trampoline gym AND had a b-day party for yers truly. And we lit the candles for the first day of Hanukkah!

These guys are the only presents I need. and maybe some bath bombs from Lush.


Christmas morning was of course splendid as Mr. Tate M. Johnson came dressed as Santa!

Here he is with his FAVORITE thing of all…books!


Anyone like this ghetto contraption my Mom made with an old rider toy from GW and an old belt? #KLASS.




And the menorah my mom found for which we had no candles that fit so we actually WIDDLED some down. Yes, Nan and I widdled together.


The day after Christmas we came back to Portland and David was back to work on Tuesday. He did however, find time to whisk me away on a quick trip to the Columbia Gorge Hotel!




It was stunning, all decked out in Christmas cheer and when we got to the room, we had a surprise waiting for us!


Note: David’s pose was completely his idea.


This was just so special to me. Having worked in hospitality (namely, room service) and making rooms feel special for other people, it felt so good to finally get to experience this for myself. David and I sipped champagne and kicked back in comfy chairs before heading downstairs to the hotel bar for happy hour.



That night after dinner, I lost a bet and had to sing “Friend Like Me” at a local karaoke bar which I begrudgingly did amidst the sounds of LITERAL crickets. Not even one, lowly courtesy clap-along.

The next day we walked around the ground of the place and realized we were basically on top of a waterfall!


During the time between Christmas and the New Year, I did lots of important things. But mostly, I binge watched Shameless (OMG SO GOOD) and Girlfriends Guide to Divorce (NOT AS GOOD BUT STILL GOOD).

Then New Year’s Eve rolled around.


So I did some green eyeshadow:


Slapped on this little number (Christmas present from Meg):


And David and I went out, had some libations and stood on a crowded dance floor so balloons would drop on our head. #worthit


All in all, we had a wonderful break, oozing with love, family and Barbie cake.

Tate’s Birthday Weekend

Last weekend, David and I and E (David’s daughter) were delighted to attend Tate M. Johnson’s very first birthday party!


(yes, David has a daughter. she is sweet, hilarious, ridiculously charismatic and precocious)

Anyways, we had been counting down the days until this little gentleman turned one and could not wait to celebrate this milestone with him. So we hit the road after school on Friday, blasted “wildest dreams” by Tay-Tay and scream sang.

Friday night we had an awesome dinner or chicken, potstickers, random cut-up vegetables with plenty of Ken’s Ranch and a Caesar salad. RANDOM and delicious.

Saturday morning we woke up and Tate came over for his Danielson presents.

My mom made him THEE sweetest little cloth book with all sorts of interactive, movable pieces inside that he could play with. She had worked on it for about 6 months!



Nan also got him an Ikea train set which he already loves.


I got him a Puddle Jumper (those floatie life-jacket things that go around their waist), a Leaping Frog “Scout” teddy bear and the below pictured Mickey Mouse shirt.



The rest of the day was spent prepping for Tate’s party in the form of baking a tater tot casserole (we used this recipe) and getting balloons. Then it was time for his party!

Haaaaaaaahahhaa gotta love this pic.



He was pretty bashful about the cake. He started picking off individual sprinkles and then got more and more into it. We had E go over and help him get the idea (the two of them LOVE each other) and then he kinda dove in more.



He got some great presents and everyone was just so happy to be a part of his first birthday.


I think I was the most excited…

Seattle + Baby Policar

Happy Thursday guys!

Who is watching the Olympics!?

OMG I could NOT be more obsessed with women’s gymnastics. I need to order myself a leotard for a 6-footer for 2020 because I would just like, walk around the house in one while it’s on.

But today, I’m not here to talk about Michael Phelps, The Fierce Five or the CRAZY latissimus dorsi muscles on those woman swimmers (circled below, for reference).


 Today I am here to talk baby. A Policar baby, to be exact that shall belong to my cousin Mike and his wife Karen.

The shower was on Saturday morning, which meant David and I left the night before. On our way, we encountered a 1980’s RV fully engulfed in flames #nature.


I rode to the shower with my mom and Meg (the hosts of the shin-dig) and sat next to  none other than Tate M. Johnson. We talked about politics, the upcoming Olympic competition and of course, growing teeth.


We arrived and I admired my mom and sister’s decorating handiwork.



My job was to watch Tate so they could arrange, prep and yell at eachother. SO I did.


Trying unsuccessfully to get him to take a nap

Then we put out all the food and Karen showed up to grace us with her royal cuteness.



OF COURSE Nan and Tate matched the party #ontheme.


Then I snapped what is now one of my fave pics of Tate…


His face THO

Then Rachel showed up with the cupcakes! These had marshmallow cream in the middle.



Auntie Rachel relieved me during the present-opening and rocked Tate for a bit. When I came back, I found Tate partaking in his favorite activity!



She got some baby sh*t, you know.

I forgot a card for her gift of diapers (PRACTICAL) so I made one real quick in the kitchen:

Outside (and Office fans out there?)




Karen got my mom and Meg THEEEE cutest thank you gifts ever too. Does it get better than macarons and champs? No, I don’t believe it does.


All-in-all a great little shower for Karen. No poop diaper game or chugging beer through a baby bottle but hey, there’s always my shower when I’m FORTY.