Megan’s Bridal Shower

Holy Birkenstocks – it is hot up in hurr.

Sidenote: I am into Birkenstocks again.

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Temperatures all over the great state of Washington are on the rise and as the scorching UV’s kiss my alabaster shoulders, I can’t help but look back on weekends past and, well, sweat.  While Eastern Washington is notoriously hot for much of the year, the weather actually reached a Floridian climate.  We felt as if we were smack dab in the middle of the Everglades, hunting crocs and warding off bird-sized bugs. I even have the bites to prove it.


More importantly though, two weeks ago we celebrated Megan’s upcoming marriage by throwing her a shower. And shower her, we did.

My weekend started on Thursday around 4:30, when I peeled off my black slacks in exchange for a pair of cutoffs and hit the road.  Braving even the shortest trip in “Cliff”, my two-toned red ’97 Toyota Corolla is a little iffy to say the least but (knock on wood) so far, he hasn’t failed me yet.  Cliff doesn’t have an operating CD player or cruise control as well as 2 frustrating speeds for the windshield wipers but what he lacks in amenities, he more than makes up in style and good ol’ fashioned reliability.

I rolled into Kennewick around 7:30 pm, just in time for drinks with the aunties, Meg and my Mom at Azteca. After white-knuckling it up and down the pass while mini-vans angrily whizzed by, I was more than ready for warm chips and a bucket of tequila-laden drinks. Then, it was over to Meg and Ben’s soon-to-be abode for a looksie.  We took in the gorgeous view and I had a chance to chat with my sis Rachel for a few minutes while mosquitoes happily chomped away at my lower legs.  My blood must have given those skeeters quite the buzz because now, 2 weeks later, I look like a modern-day leper.


Enjoying a nip of Fireball at Ben’s.

That night, Nan and I took inventory of the decorations I have been slaving over for the past couple of months when I discovered the horror of all horrors – I had forgotten the main decoration. The pièce de résistance if you will. I cursed, I wept, I pounded my angry fist into the air. Then we got to work designing an alternative (see pictures below).

The next morning I awoke to perform my usual “being at home” rituals.  Woke up wearing Amy’s old soccer shorts and Gonzaga summer camp muscle shirt with pit-stains, went upstairs and got myself a cup of Yuban from our coffee pot which ALWAYS leaks no matter how you pour it, played with Chloe McDoogal the ill-tempered chihuahua and sung the “Your a Little Girl” song I made up on the spot  and then  proceeded to try on all the millions of beauty products my sister has in her bathroom.



We began our Friday as we normally do, with a trip to the Targs.  While I found difficulty in selecting a lamp shade to adorn an acrylic lamp base, I easily found the Milani blush I have been on the hunt for. Three cheers for Dolce Pink!


We then went to Starbucks and I selected a delicious tomato and cheese croissant that tasted like pizza.  Then we treated ourselves to pedicures.  Sadly, I cannot recommend anyone go to Magic Nail (singular) after my sub-par treatment, as there was nothing magical about the inferior, less-than-10-minute job they did on my southern-most extremities #2coatsmyass.


Da Bride.


Nan and Aunt Judy


Appropriate Literature


The Grow-Out Twins!

Around 4:30 I headed over to our family friend Karla’s lovely home to do a little decorating.  We hung, arranged, draped and wove various pink accoutrements about the house, fussing over  tiny details, laughing at our ourselves and hoping it would all come together. Somehow, we managed to adorn the house tastefully without breaking any bones or using the F word too much. Go us.




Calico Critters!!




Take Home Treats


Handsome Prizes

After a lengthy decorating sesh, I found myself jonesing for pizza and my ALL-TIME favoritethingintheworld, Nan’s caesar salad.  Megan and I picked up two pies from Yoke’s (Amy’s former employer) and may have accidentally bought eyeliners and eyeshadows at Fred Meyer. Might be doing another beauty post soon because this is best pencil eyeliner from the drugstore EVER:


We feasted on pizza and drank Sminoff Light Vodka mixed with Sprite. Yum.


Ah Yeeeah.

Then Rachel and Jaclyn came over and we played a few rousing hands of shanghai rummy which I lost by a margin of roughly 100 points. Luckily, I had the antics of Jaclyn and Nan to keep me happily entertained.

The next day was the BIG day. I sprang out of bed, went upstairs and scooped up Chloe for a little bouncing like a baby in the kitchen.  Clearly, I need a puppy…are you listening Bryan?? The house aflutter with excitement and last minute prep, Nan and I made a dutiful run to the Wal-Mart for almond milk, a chalkboard and a block of Tillamook cheese.  The necessities.  We were to meet at Karla’s around 11 and it was already 9:45.  Megan was in the shower, my hair + makeup were a mess and I still needed to do Nan and my aunt Judy’s makeup. Luckily, with the combination of me being AWESOME and the Policar’s perpetual tardiness, it all worked out.

As I adhered false eyelashes to my face and orangey self tanner to my skin – I had to smile. My big sister Megan was getting married. We got to have a big party for her, all pink and girly, eat cupcakes, open presents, get drunk, laugh and cry. Unfortunately I had to snap out of it, I had makeup to apply, cupcakes to pick up and babies to kiss! Well, maybe not babies to kiss…


Snagle Tooth

I quickly pinned a bird in my hair and  arrived to Karla’s a little late donning this shirt:


We filled the ice buckets, laid out the cold cuts and with one final spritz of hair spray – the party was ready! Guests began to arrive promptly at one. I did what any amazing hostess would do, took their purse and graciously led them to the spiked punch. Masterminded by my aunties, we served Pink Lady Punch – a delightful concoction of Sprite, Vodka and pink lemonade.


Sister Rachel and Jaclyn


Megan, Grandma Milly and Myself




More Sistas


We mingled, nibbled Jewish delicacies like boyos  and snapped pictures of adorable party-goers in their Kate Middleton-inspired fascinators.  We then dined on yummy chicken salad croissants and fresh fruit while I happily polished off a few more boyos.


Nan and Co.


Boyos. Omg.


As soon as the food was eaten, it was time for my section of the party – the GAMES.  Our family, admittedly LOVES to play games. Board games, card games, yard games even MIND games…muahahaha! So when an opportunity presents itself where games are appropriate, we’re all over it. I realized that not all shower guests are as keen on the recreational activities as we are, so I had to roll with the punches.

The first game we played was one I got the idea for from Pinterest (where else?). The point of the game is to match as many movie quotes as you can to the movie it is from. To make it all bridal showery, I selected Meg’s favorite rom-coms.  And surprise, surprise – Megan got them all right. I planned to play another game, appropriately labeled “Megan Trivia”, but I was losing my audience. And a good entertainer should know how to revive an otherwise distracted audience…


Yes, we played the “panty game” at Megan’s bridal shower. Typically a bachelorette party game, I was unsure as to how Ben’s 93 year-old grandmother would react to a see-through g-string being waved fervently in her face.  But upon my aunties unrelenting persistence, we encouraged guests to choose a pair of underwear that represented their personality and bring it along to the shower to provide Megan a honeymoon trousseau…of sorts.


Everybody was a good sport and improvised by bringing items they may have been more comfortable with – like an apron or flip-flops.  Megan guessed wisely and ended up procuring a very interesting array of undergarments and the like in the end.

After that, it was on to the good stuff – PRESENTS. In typical little sister fashion, I was jealous. However, I was happy to see my big sister receive so many thoughtful and amazing things that the green little monster inside of me quickly diminished and I happily, but diligently crafted her bouquet of bows for the rehearsal.


Scarily Excited…

The party concluded with Rachel’s amazing cupcakes, which were filled with scrumptiousness and slathered in a marshmallowy dream.


Rachel is a PRO

We polished off another bottle of wine as we cleaned up and loaded our things into the car.  After arriving home, a quick cat-nap and a cold shower later, we were off to dinner at Casa Mia, an east Kennewick establishment. We had yet another pizza, salad and a little more vino for good measure and then it was back to the homestead for another Danielson family favorite: saladbowl.



A deconstruction of the classic game shirades, saladbowl is a test of whits, speed and above all-creativity.  My allergies had taken a turn for the worse so I proved to be quite the teammate, attempting to elicit Nyquil from Nan when I had already taken the whole medicine cabinet.  After a devastating loss, the kiddies decided to go out on “the town”, i.e the Sports Page, while I settled into the couch with my book and benadryl-induced coma.

Sunday started innocently enough. The usual morning coffee, kitchen bouncing with Chloe and chatting with the fam.


I look like a young british man.


I styled Karen’s hair for a wedding she was on her way to and then took off for Redmond.  I hit traffic right outside Ellensburg and basically crawled along the highway going between 10-30 MPH for over an hour while listening to a book on tape that I have now heard over 3 times (oh, and I have to use a battery operated boombox to listen to the CDs). I arrived home to our stifling apartment around 6:30, made even worse by the fact that we had stupidly decided to make pizza (yes, my 3rd of the weekend).  4 slices, 2 popsicles and 1 Benadryl later, I hit the hay – a little toasty but absolutely elated at a successful weekend.


Groping and Jaclyn Photo-Bombing

Next up – our adventures in Leavenworth. My family actually got their sh*t together and rented an adorable little cabin for the 4th.  Stay tuned for costco-size proportions of vodka, wine and of course GUSHERS.

Yay for summer!


Grab Bag

Happy Monday skittle-heads!

This post is titled “grab bag” since it will feature a myriad of different topics and recent events. However, it also happens to be one of my grandmother’s favorite things, the grab bag.

This post is dedicated to my beloved Grandma Dorothy who turned 92 yesterday.

Notice her hat

In other news, I have discovered a new baking mix which I adore. Enter, No Pudge Brownie Mix.

Bryan and I Netflixed “Chocolat” and I decided that we needed brownies to commemorate the movie and this mix did not disappoint. I tried to get a picture of the ingredient list to wow you all with how healthy this stuff is, but my GD point and shoot belongs on the failblog.

To accompany our brownie-licious dessert, Bryan concocted his mouth-watering bruschetta for dinner. He made a few modifications this time, using ingredients we had on hand, such as…

Adding Pesto.

And using shallot.

The result?

Heavenly. Crunchy. Flavorful. Great texture. Do I belong on the Food Network, or what?!

We also opened 1 2 bottles of wine…

Which led to some…ahem, shenanigans on my part. Don’t ask.

We also attended Jake and Nacole’s beautiful wedding last weekend.


Delicious food.

Crab cakes, Salmon and 2 rolls

And of course, wine.

Shenanigans made another appearance post-wedding again. What is up with our shenanigans these days?

Lastly, but certainly not least was the chicken fry. This annual event is put on by the Wilson Fire raise funds. They fry chicken in garbage cans.

Oh yes, they do.

Firemen at their best

Since Bryan and Jeremy were climbin the Petzl Ridge of the Grand Teton, I tagged along with Matt and Holly but sadly, did not eat any chicken because the line was cray-cray long. Instead, I partook in the baked goods section and procured myself a peanut butter and jelly bar with a Diet Coke. Sassy.

Holly and I really scamped it up and had a great time.

While other people stock-piled their chicken. Exhibit A:

Maybe because we don’t have a KFC? Maybe because of it’s crispy, salty exterior. Or maybe, they were fixin to make an epic meal, like this:

June is Bustin Out All Over!

All over the meadows and the hills!

Yes, I was in a musical review of Carousel at Spokane Falls Community College. “June is Busting Out All Over”  depicts the amazing month of June and all the wonder it has to offer. Birds chirping, green meadows, flowers a’bloomin. However, this is not the case for poor Jackson Hole. This is the weather I have to look forward to next week:

Poopy, to say the least.

In order to overcome the scattered and isolated t-storms (such ugly words) you must either follow these rules or hike up yer skinny jeans, throw on the galoshes and say “bring it on June!”. This weekend was no exception.

Technically, my “weekend” began on Thursday since I’ve undergone a couple career changes and will now be full time at Elevated Grounds Coffee House. So freakin awesome, right?! What did I do to celebrate? Made cupcakes of course!! I was gifted this amazing mix a while back and decided to give it a try:

Sprinkles Cupcakes Mix

Not without my favorite apron of course:

For the mix, all you do is add eggs, milk, salt and vinegar. The kit also gives you a super easy recipe for cream cheese buttercream frosting and the signature Sprinkles adornments. The frosting contained cream cheese, butter, powdered sugar, salt and vanilla. Here’s a shot of the naked cupcake:

Next, I put all the frosting into a Ziploc bag, snipped one corner and piped the frosting on. I’m such a pro ;-).

I’m Trying the Natural Light Thing!

I served these cupcakes with chicken souvlaki pitas and tzatziki. They were BOMB.

Homeade tzatsiki

We also enjoyed this bottle of  wine given to me by Stacey and Zack, the lovely owners of Elevated Grounds. Notice the blend? SO fitting right?!

I didn’t have to work and it was raining which meant doing hoards of laundry while watching The Price is Right. I was the epitome of a housewife, even though I am not married and consider dogs to be babies. I basked in my cliche.

After the laundry was folded, the floors were mopped and the vodka was gone, I decided it was time for exercise. So I threw on my stretchy pants and…watched a Lifetime Movie. Those things are pure danger. After “Deadly Whispers” (totes amazing) I hiked up High School Butte while listening to the Sweeney Todd Soundtrack and Justin Bieber. I was a hot + sweaty mess  of a girl.

Then, Bry  informed me that we had our first kick-ball game of the season. It’s true, B and I joined a kickball team for the summer. After you stop laughing, know this: people in The Hole, take their kickball UBER serious. Despite the fact that most participants are holding a PBR in a “Frankie Say Relax” beer coozy, folks can get seriously verklemped over this so-called P.E game.

Since I tend to take sports a little more lightly than most, it was easy for me to laugh and distribute high-5’s despite our pathetic 15-3 loss. The good news? I got on base, ran to third, wore cute pink sparkly knee socks and totally intimidated the other team like this:


Bryan had to work which meant another deliciously housewivey day. I kicked it off by doing sit ups while watching House Hunters  in my jammies and socks. Does anyone else do this? I love the show but do tire of comments such as “This room would be great for entertaining” and “I was really hoping for granite counter-tops with an island”. Come on people! Old and funky is making a comeback. Along with coolots and stirrup pants (I promise).

After the rained cleared up a bit, I completed a 4 mile run along flat creek at an embarrassingly slow pace. But I’m trying not to focus on that :-). Again, I returned home a sweaty beast:

I ran in my fairly new Nike Lunar Lites.

These babies are great. I also wear custom orthotics since I have (and I quote from my P.T) “ridiculously flat feet” and they help enormously as well. Another cool aspect of this shoe is that it has the slot in the sole for the Nike+ chip.

From Nike:

How it Works

Simply place the Nike+ Sensor under the sockliner of your left Nike+ ready shoe and start running to sync it with your Nike+ SportWatch GPS, iPhone 3GS ® or other Nike+ tracking device. The sensor measures your pace, distance, time elapsed and calories burned. This information is transmitted wirelessly to your device for real-time feedback while you train.

I have the wristband and I love it.You can also create an account at Nike+ and see all your runs, challenge others and achieve goals by running more miles or faster paces. While the Nike+ may not be as accurate or as fancy as the popular Garmin, it is a huge motivator for anyone out there like me, who isn’t a “natural” runner and doesn’t want to spend $350 on the Garmin.

Wristband and Chip

After my epic run,  I cooled off and waited for B to get off work.

Ice water + lemonade. Ignore the skis in the background.

After B got off, we ran some errands and then made the clutch decision to concoct mojitos. YUM.

Enjoyed on the Porch

A few were consumed:

Must re-paint nails

After 2 3 mojitos, a couple of Bryan’s friends arrived so I went inside, pounded a red velvet and watched “Bad Santa” on TV until I fell asleep with my mouth open. I hope they didn’t see me…


This morning we awoke to more rain so we promptly hit up the Red Box and got two movies (True Grit and Love and Other Drugs). We returned home and Bryan got to work making huevos rancheros. Seriously, best I’ve ever had.

Then we went down to the gym where I completed 20 minutes on the elliptical and a 20 minute interval workout on the dreadmill while watching “Hungry Girl” on the cooking channel.

I’m off to paint my nails teal.

So until next time – eat cupcakes, drink rum and have an awesome day!