San Juan Islands Vacation

Hydalee-ho there.

A couple of weeks ago my family embarked on a week long vacation up north. We spent a little time visiting family  in Seattle and also went to the San Juan Islands!

We left bright and early Monday morning with the Jeep packed to the brim. Traveling with a 6 month old baby is no joke. I stan for any parents who can successfully pack for a week with a baby and NOT accidentally fill 7 suitcases. I thought I could get away with a small carry on and maybe a backpack for her but OHYEAHthere’s17thousandoutfitsIneedtobringandthatdoesn’tincludematchinghatsandbows.

Then there’s the feeding of the child (bottles, bottle warmer, bibs and baby spoons, etc), the diapering of the child (wipes, diapers, etc.), the sleeping of the child (pack and play, sleep sack, etc.) the transportation of the child (carseat, stroller, baby carrier). OH DEAR GOD. Then of course E wants to bring an entire stuffed animal family, a small library and a wide variety of fruit leathers. How did I ever think I could possibly ever pull off NOT being the hot mess mom!?

We started the trip in Seattle where we stayed with family in Bellevue. The Dowtown Park is amazing. If you’re ever in Bellevue and have kids, check it out. They have everything.

That night, we had a lovely dinner and enjoyed some absolutely gorgeous Seattle weather on the patio.

The next day we drove to Anacortes to board the ferry to Friday Harbor on San Juan Island. The last time I took a ferry I was drinking champagne and kid-free so  this time things looked a little bit different.

We did not see any whales but I did polish off the rest of a chicken sandwich from my Dad’s lunch that was darn good.

We stayed in Friday Harbor for the duration of our time on the island and completely fell in love with it. Our hotel was a 2 bdrm with a little kitchenette and it ended up working perfect for the four of us.

And the place my cousin got married, Roche Harbor? Aaaamazing. LITERALLY out of a friggen’ movie.

The day before the wedding we putzed around the area, had fish and chips, ice cream – basically touristed hard.

That night was the rehearsal dinner on the beach.

The happy couple

The next day before the wedding we walked around Friday Harbor and saw some alpacas.

Almost bought this book because duh.

Here’s David in a strapping hat made of alpaca fur!

Then it was wedding time!

Glow stick necklaces FTW

Everything was just gorgeous and the weather was perfect.

The next day we boarded the ferry back to Anacortes and headed to Issaquah to hunker down at my aunt and uncle’s house. That night, we took a lovely walk around the neighborhood. The baby was clearly not excited about this at all:

The next day we saw some friends and went to the Issaquah Farmers Market, which was really fun!

Then we scooted over to Seattle to hang with my sisters and celebrate Seattle Pride! I wore a rainbow ribbon in my hair, trying to mask the crazy amount of baby bangs, breakage and brown hair I am currently sporting!

And of course, Clara had to show the love as well.

All in all, such a beautiful little vacay. I love my family.



Our Vacation to Maui!

Hello little macadamia nut pancakes!

I am back on the mainland and tired AF. But here I am, reporting to you live from the couch as I watch The Office reruns and snack on Walmart Fruit Smiles.

Our flight to Maui departed around 7:30 pm on Thursday so of course, we all rushed to the airport early to have dinner and watch the Ducks game. YAY SPORTS.

Here are the #sportysickcute sweats I wore

The flight to Maui was relatively painless. I sat in the middle (wha-whaaa) but was able to sleep for a couple hours or so before tearing into my new bookclub book. Gathering baggage, getting the rental car and driving to our condo in Kihei was also pretty easy and before I knew it, we were all settled in and falling asleep to the sound of the waves crashing on the rocks below us.

The next day we woke up and had cinnamon rolls from The Cinnamon Roll Place (genius branding if you ask me) and mimosas.

I then slathered on my Alba 45 SPF Sunblock,  helped cover E with sunblock and we all hit the beach.

David and I took turns playing with E in the waves and hiding under the umbrella I rented in between. David waded out waist-deep in the water with her a few times and the two of them were such an adorable sight. After about an hour and a half, I noticed the tops of my feet (which were buried in the sand, but sticking out from the shade of the umbrella) were starting to turn pink so we packed ‘er up and headed in.

That night, we went to a local event called Kihei Fridays where I bravely took on this romper. #tallgirlproblems

There were food carts, arts & crafts, live music and my favorite – A MERMAID. You know  my ass was jealous of this broad. To make matters worse, she was super pretty AND nice. UGH. The mermaid was all, “Get in the picture!” to me so I wiggled into the makeshift mermaid tail they had for weirdos like me and we paid $5 a pop for the little Polaroid pictures.

Then David hopped in to get his “kissing a mermaid” shot (with her permission, I might add) and I was a sport.

E got to paint a mermaid shell, so whatevs. It was a win. We were all so wiped that night.

The temps were high 80’s while we were there, so we decided to alternate our aquatic adventures between the ocean and the condo pool. It was discovered after that first day on the beach that saltwater obliterated David’s Sport Sunblock and left him with some minor sunburns, so we decided to seek shade whenever possible.

The next day we ventured into Lahaina so David and his Dad could watch the Ducks game, while the rest of us putzed around and bought sh*t we don’t need.

I wore these face-takeover sunglasses from Ebay

First we had lunch at Bubba Gump!

Then Eliana and I strolled around, I bought a gelato and salt-water taffy because duh, while David and his pops stayed at the restaurant to watch basketball. We also discovered this amazing local coconut body butter with really good ingredients and we all got one.

The next day we drove south and made a stop at the Grand Wailea Hotel. We valeted the car and as we walked in, they totally thought we were guests and started putting leis on us and chatting us up and asking to take our photo. So we awkwardly went with it and answered their questions, “Oh yes, we are staying five nights!”, “Oh yes we are BEYOND excited!” and they took our picture and I tried to robot out of that situation.

There were this lady-band in the lobby as we came down the stairs and we told E to go out there and hula. Before we knew it, two of the ladies came down to teach her a little dance and perform a song! It was precious. So then I got out there too and it became not so precious.

The grounds were pretty amazing. And they have this adorable chapel too!

Later that day, we were so hot and sweaty from walking around the grounds that the three of us basically ran-walked into the pool. I fixed David and I a nice strong rum punch and I practiced my doggy-paddling. And on the subject, why is doggy-paddling considered so blase?  I get around JUUUUUST FINE.

The next day we went to the Maui Ocean Center and saw the  following things:

  • 89q2356823479234 fish
  • A tank a’ seahorses
  • GIANT sting rays
  • Small sharks
  • Sea cucumbers


The Maui Ocean Center did not have any dolphins or whales, which I really appreciated. Apparently there is an ordinance in the City of Maui that prohibits the exhibition of cetaceans (whales and dolphins). And while I love dolphins and would love to see one up close from the comfort of  the other side off a  piece of glass…I would MUCH rather them just be exclusive to the ocean. Ya feel me?

Later that day, we grabbed food + bevs at Captain Jacks before heading out to sea on a sunset cruise! Eliana was coloring the whole time and wrote me this note which MADE ME TEAR UP AT THE FRIGGIN’ TABLE:

Translation: Natalie is so beautiful and nice and lovable and cool. I love Nat.

I tell ya, this kid has my heart.

David’s dad and stepmom treated us to this little jaunt on a beautiful boat, complete with snacks and alcohol! I’ve literally never had so much fun in my life and seasickness was not an issue as I was a little snookered.

The last day, we went back to the beach and then had a little pool time. We made friends with a cute Canadian family and E really hit it off with their little girl. By the end of the trip, she was jumping off the edge into the deep-end like nobody’s business! So crazy how fast she progressed with swimming and how I made no progress whatsoever ;).

swoon 😉

That night, we got ready for a nice dinner out. I let E do my makeup…she was a tiny bit excited!

Here’s the before.

And the after.

Not too shabby. Except she left me a fatty mustache.

So I adjusted my makeup juuust a little and we went to the 5 Palms Restaurant in Kihei.

Toasted coconut dranks.

Coconut shrimp!!

Here’s David and E, pretending to sleep while we were waiting for the car. #matchingonvacation

The flights home were all drama-free and comfortable. Portland has greeted us with moderately decent weather and we’re happy to be home.

‘Til next time, Hawaii!

Snowshoeing Suckiness

I feel like this time of year is just…sucky.

There’s taxes.

The weather.

It’s just the WORST.

And speaking of taxes, I did mine this year all by myself using free Turbo Tax and it was actually really easy. I am pretty sure I messed up a couple times, but like is the IRS really gonna audit little ol’ me? (KNOCK ON WOOD)

But here is another sucky thing…Snowshoeing (and Cross Country Skiing Skiers)

A couple weekends ago, I tried my hand (or should I say feet haha) at snow shoeing with my best buds Kelly and Olga. We were in Bend for a company ski trip and the three of us decided to rent snowshoes and give ‘er a whirl.

Turns out the route we were on was also used for cross country skiers and there also happened to be a cross country race that day.

To anyone who enjoys either of these sports, riddle me this: HOW?

I don’t understand what is remotely “fun” about either of these “sports”. Tromping around in the snow wearing heavy, water-proof snow gear while sweating heavily and fogging up your sunglasses is NOT my idea of fun. If I am going to exercise, I will go for a run or go to the gym or evvven hike if pressured. But to purposely go out in big ol’ ski clothes and attempt even the smallest incline, just heyll nah.

And don’t get me started on cross-country skiers.

“It’d be awesome if you girls could stay to the right and off of the tracks!”, “Can you get off of our tracks?!”, “ON YOUR LEFT! ON YOUR LEEEEEEEFT!”

I could have killed. them. all.

the only reason there are smiles in this picture was because we knew burgers were in our future

So, like yeah. I guess it was a pretty day.

this is my “tolerating it” face. notice kelly all adorbs in the background while I’m in one of David’s 11 year old hangy Old Navy thermals…

So, in conclusion let me be clear about a couple of things. I do not like snowshoeing. And I reallllly don’t like cross-country skiers.

Seattle + Poulsbo Trip

Hallo kiddies!

Labor Day weekend has passed and Tuesday morning brought drizzle, autumnal leaves and realizing my purple raincoat is covered in stains. Being one of those people who is never ready to say goodbye to summer means the great PNW is kindof a little b*tch and labor day weekend is a toughie too. Gone are the days of throwing a sundress over self-tanned skin, freckles poking through all over and my bed head being a little less frowned upon. It’s time to layer up, pull out those godforsaken black puffies and throw away the old receipts for PSLs from the pockets. YUCK.

But it isn’t really the end of the world because CHRISTMAS.

For 2016, Labor Day weekend was spent in Seattle with my David. We saw some fam, drank some wine and rode some ferries. An amazing weekend if you ask me.


We drove north on Saturday morning and I did a crappy job on my makeup in the car which resulted in waaaaaaay too thick black pencil liner. We hung out at David’s cousins for a bit and then took public transit downtown for a Mariners game!


i promise he likes it when i grab his head like this

Our seats are always awesome since we have a family friend hookup (thanks Susan!) who can seat us behind home plate.



The game however, was not so good as the Angels scored 6 runs in the first inning. I had a salmon Caesar salad with peanut m&ms and reese’s pieces for dessert though, so it was all good.

The next day, we woke up and had a delicious breakfast and then Chipotle for lunch. Then we drove down to the ferries and had a 45 min wait so we did a little touristing!



Chipotle in my teeth

We took the ferry across the Pudget Sound to my original stompin’ grounds of Poulsbo, WA! I havent been on the ferry in a while so champs was only apropos.




When we arrived, we drove by my old house, and through my old neighborhood!


I realize it is creepy that i took a pic of someone else’s house…im sorry


Then we checked into our hotel and then hit the downtown area, which is still as cute as I remember. Of course we HAD to hit up the Poulsbo Bakery which has been around since I was a kid – and the smiley face cookies are still there!



We had italian for dinner, which was lovely, except my caprese salad had ONE piece of mozzarella in it…


Can’t beat that view tho!

The next day we got up late, ordered 7 things from Starbucks and hit the road back to Portland.

Three day weekends just make me want four day weekends :).

Sunriver Trip 2016

Happy summer everyone!

Have I even said that yet? Summer is basically like half way over and I am like already depressed. A family trip to Sunriver was just what the doctor ordered.

I arrived on Wednesday night after the entire Britney Spears Greatest Hits album as well as 1.5 Red Bulls and half a tube of Chewy Spree. The fam had just returned from dinner so I toasted myself up an english muffin with gobs of Country Crock and mixed a vodka + fresca for sustenance. We then discovered the cabin we rented for the week came equipped with THEE most necessary board game ever:


 You guys, this game is somethin’ else, I highly suggest it #zitstickers.

The house also had this enormous deck, in which Tate looooved to run around in his walker on. While we played Girl Talk, he happily ran around like a banshee, baby babbling and drooling away. Then he came over and put his hands up so Nan plucked him out and his little feet were SO filthy and his big toe had popped through his jammies! So, we grabbed a pair of scissors from the kitchen and just whacked off the ends #whitetrashbaby.


And then he fought sleep for a million years and Nan ended up getting him to take a snooze while I stole a pic:


The next morning I woke up and of course played with Tate.


As did Nan and Gare:


Ok maybe Gary was watching TV

We ate some brek and the gals + Binny decided it would be fun to go for a float down the Deschutes! So we rented tubes, filled a cooler with ice, vodka, red bull and puffy Cheetos and hit the water.





After we floated, I came home and PTFO took a princess-like snooze. Then I woke up and did some Snaps with the folks.



That night after dinner, we went for a walk and I wore Tate on m’back. He was being the cutest ever.



The next morning, we woke up and explored the little Sunriver “village”. Tate found a little kids play area with rocks and a rope walk to be quite enjoyable.



After that, we ventured over to Lava Lands to walk through the Lava Tube, which sounds really weird. Nan and I decided to stay put in the car with Tate, but we did walk around a little first.


Next up was lunch in Bend, at Deschutes Brewery.


This was just my show beer. AKA my Dad’s. I would never drink this grossness.

Then we did a little shopping around Bend (such cute shops) and David joined! I got these cool shades:


The next day we all went to Cultus Lake and Nan rented us a party barge for the morning! We did a little fishing (unsuccessfully) and drank a bottle of wine (successfully). Tate roamed around the boat, bein’ all cute and I realized that I pretty much reallllly need a boat.






What a beautiful lake! I highly recommend it. as far as bodies of water go. Meg HATED the name cuullltus. It IS kindof a gross name for a lake.

So anyway, that was basically it. Fun times for us!

Disneyland & Universal Studios Trip 2016

Yes, my friends. Your eyes do not fail you.

I went to Disneyland. And Universal Studios. And California Adventure. And Morphe Brushes!

It was as amazing as you would expect from two large young-at-hearts. And really, I am so glad to have found someone as profoundly goofy as I am. There aren’t many out there who would GLADLY wait in 45-min lines to ride Ariel’s Undersea Adventure. Or who understand the injustice that the age cut off for the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique is 12. But David gets it. He loves it. Together, we bum-rushed the gates of Hogwarts to be FIRST IN LINE for the Forbidden Journey. We bought his and hers Slytherin and Ravenclaw shirts. We DID IT UP. And instead of writing an entire post with “and then we______” (got a fast pass, stood in line for Dole Whips, etc) I figure I’d let photos do they thing.

So here is a humble video I made commemorating our glorious 3-day trip to Cali. I would like to thank my boy David for whisking me away on this adventure and being my (very literal) dream come true ♥.

French Pharmacy Haul

Bonjour my little bon-bons!


I know y’all are just pining to see the French Pharmacy Finds I recently procured whilst traveling in Chamonix, France. Read about the whole trip here!

I did an astounding amount of reaching in preparation for the French pharmacy not only to discover what those sprightly french gals are usin’, but also to enjoin myself from buying a bunch of crap that is cheaper in the U.S

My research indicated there were in fact a few brands that are produced in France and therefore, a better deal over there. Such brands include Bioderma, Vichy, La Roche Posay, Klorane and Caudalie. A fact I discerned to be true was that cosmetic brands that seem French, like Dior, Chanel and Clinique are actually MORE expensive to buy over there.

Furthermore, did y’all know that all cosmetic brands are usually owned by larger companies? For example L’Oreal owns YSL, Georgio Armani, Lancome, Kiehls, Urban Decay, Essie and The Body Shop. Shocking, I know.

Anywee, here is what I picked up at the Pharmacies in Chamonix:

1. Klorane Dry Shampoo


Hat tip to my pal Nicole for this recommendation! This dry shampoo cost about €10 and is formulated with Oat Milk. I got the version for all hair types because the other option was for dark hair only. Interesting they don’t make a blonde option…#hairscrimination.

2. Bioderma Sensibio H2O Micelle Solution


If you read my recent post about our trip to Whistler, you’ll know I finally found Bioderma! I paid $20 for the bottle and have been using it non-stop. To be honest, there is nothing totally spectacular about this stuff. What I appreciate about it is the simplicity. It has no smell, is great for sensitive skin and removes makeup nicely.

I picked up the giant 500 ml bottle of this in France because it was only €14!

3. NUXE Rêve de Miel Ultra-Nourishing Lip Balm


This product is on EVERY french person’s pharmacy favorite list. The brand actually had a few things I considered buying, like the body oil. I decided not to get that because I’m not really that big on body oils and honestly, our suitcase had like 1 millimeter of space left.

4. Caudalie Beauty Elixir


I have wanted to get this from Sephora sooo many times but it’s $50. It smells like a spa and is very luxurious. I have used this a few times since we’ve been home and I can confirm: it is HEAVEN. It works amazing as a makeup setting spray and I just loooove it after I wash my face and before serum and moisturizer. I paid €29 for the big bottle!

5. Fletagex


This product used to be known as Avibon and Gwyneth regarded it as a miracle product for keeping wrinkles at bay. When I inquired about Avibon, the gal at the pharmacy went into the back and produced this stuff, saying “It eez the same.” DONE. The packaging reminds me of hemerroid cream but whatevs if it works. Also, it was €7 so the price was right too!

And that’s all I bought! I KNOW you guys. I could have filled a suitcase but given the fact that we packed our own skis and ski boots, there was srsly no room in our luggage for 44 ounce jars of face cream.

*Side note about clothes shopping in France:

All the clothing shops in Cham were filled with mountain stuff. Alot of Burton, North Face and ski stuff I don’t care about. The few non-outdoor apparel stores I went in were fascinating for one reason…the men’s section was in the front of the store.

In the US, most clothing stores that carry both mens and womens apparel smartly put the women’s section front and center. We spend the money. We like our stuff right up front. In most places, I find that the men’s section is either off to the side, in the back or just really tiny. Well NOT IN FRANCE. In most stores, like Superdry and Quicksilver the women’s sections were not only in the back but UPSTAIRS. I pointed this out to Bryan (who is the LAST person on earth who would notice a clothing store’s layout) and he was all, “that’s awesome!”. Ew.

My opinion? GO AMERICA!