What I’m Packing – Disneyland + Palm Springs

The title says it all folks.

We’re embarking on a maiden voyage south to Palm Springs and eventually, (hopefully) Disneyland. We do not take this lightly. David and I have a pretty good idea of what we’re in for. And so, armed with our Genie+ passes, my best tenni-runners and David’s voraciousness, we shall make the pilgrimage! We shall rent that red Disney stroller! We shall regret renting the stroller! We will brave the lines and fight our way through the covidy crowds to pay $20 for the elusive marshmallow churro! WE SHALL OVERCOME!!!

But really, you kinda have to embrace this attitude if you’re going to tackle this itinerary:

  • Fly into Palm Springs where temperatures are expected to be over 110 degrees
  • Drive to Anaheim and stay 2 nights – California Adventure then Disneyland
  • Drive back to Palm Springs
  • Fly home

I mean, I would be worried if David and I weren’t listening to Jock Jams every night to prepare ourselves.

But as crazy as this all sounds, we are all SO EXCITED. Clara is at the age where she absolutely adores Mickey and Minnie and of course alllll the princesses. E cannot wait to get on all the roller coasters and stay up later (she is 11 after all). As for me? I am going to be on a serious hunt for all the Disney treats I’ve been lusting after on TikTok.

The next few days will of course be spent packing us up and I figured what better time to show you all a few items I will be bringing along.

For the children –

Tadpool Life Jacket with UPF 50 (similar here)

This little swim shirt/floaties/puddle jumper hybrid has been the best investment. It keeps our 3.5 year old afloat, has a little strap in the back so we can kind of guide her around the pool, and contains UPF for sun protection. It is perfect.

Sunnies Sunglasses

Clara outgrew all of her baby sunglasses so it was time to find a new pair. Sunnies sunglasses for kids are durable, polarized, comfortable and best of all – super cute! Totally fit the bill and Clara wears them so well!

Toddler Headphones

It was high-time we get Clara a set of her own headphones. Frankly idk how we have lasted this long with out them. I did a little research and landed on these babies for about $20. They can be wireless or wired, have volume controls (so they don’t hurt their ears), and have a 15 hour battery life. Win!

Fanny Pack

We got E this cute black fanny pack (worn around her chest, as per the cool kids) to wear and stay hands-free. So cute, lightweight and adjustable!

Melissa and Doug Triangular Crayons

These hearty crayons will not roll around on the plane or under couches and the come in a little case to stay organized! Because obviously we always stay organized ;).

For me –

OSD Beauty Blueberry Scrub

A good body scrub is 100% necessary if self-tanning is in your future. Since the current color of my skin is what I can only describe as translucent, I will be self tanning before photos are taken. Exfoliation is of course a key step and this scrub from OSD Beauty totally fits the bill. This one combines sea salt with nourishing blueberry seed and jojoba oil to work double duty – getting rid of dead skin while locking in moisture. I am obsessed!

Urban Originals Stay Longer Tote

You guys. This is what mom dreams are made of. This baby is giant, almost big enough to qualify as a weekender, but still perfectly acceptable as a purse. Read: the perfect travel bag. It is made of soft, cruelty-free, low-chemical materials and has two different handle sizes to switch from hand to shoulder. It also has several interior pockets including one with card slots and a detachable key chain.

Check out the capacity of this bag –

I mean – wallet, BIG makeup pouch, princess shoes AND wand?! And still more room.

It also helps that I myself, am giant. Look how perfect we look together.

Ok I will stop raving! Urban Original carries SO many great options – backpacks, crossbody’s, wallets, you name it. I think I need to get their Astro Tote next!

Atrac Phone Holder

I have been wanting something like this for quite awhile now. I love my Kate Spade wallet, but it zips all the way around, does not hold my phone and doesn’t have a wrist strap. Atrac has so many great products that address this exact issue. All of their products include clips and work with their system of magnetic straps.

Once a magnetic keychain strap is attached, you can use it as a traditional wristlet, wrapping it around your bicycle, stroller handle, shopping cart, or loop it and secure it around your bag. This wristlet keychain attaches to most metal surfaces with built-in magnets. I like to use the long strap in place of a purse hook at Blazer games, restaurants, the park, etc. to keep my bag off the gross floor! Can’t recommend these products enough.

California Cowboy La Sirena Robe

The La Sirena robe from California Cowboy is a quintessential Palm Springs staple. These robes are made from a blend of BCI cotton, modal, and tencel for absorption. The ultimate poolside robe, these babies are terry-cloth lined, come equipped with a dry pocket for tech storage, a CHAMPAGNE pocket, secure sunglasses loop, and interior ties making it unflappable.

I will be living next to the pool, in this robe, if you need me.

Bae Six All Day ‘Err Day Face Moisturizer SPF 35 PA+++

Cute packaging, fun name and a great product? Yes please. This lightweight, super hydrating moisturizer contains SPF 35 and PA+++ which is a high level of protection against UVA (superior to SPF IMO). I have been wearing this under my makeup for that extra kick of sun protection and everything has been staying put nicely!

LA Fresh Deodorant Wipes

So much easier to carry around than a stick of deodorant, these all-natural wipes will be great to distribute as needed. They do not leave behind a white residue and are compostable!

For David –

California Cowboy Wagyu Fleece Crew

He is going to hate me for using this pic, but come on – he is adorable

David always mentions how strong my loungewear game is, especially when we travel. I am always sure to don the comfiest attire because really, at 6 feet tall and being perpetually cold – airplanes are awful. I thought it high time that David own a quality, super-comfy piece. This crewneck sweatshirt is possibly the nicest quality, softest sweatshirt I’ve ever felt. Made from a US bamboo blend this sweatshirt (I am quoting directly from their website), “elevates your skin to foodie status so your Après game can get bullish”. I mean! I want to be friends with whoever wrote that.

Did I mention that each purchase from California Cowboy comes with a pack of conversation starter cards?

Cooling Towel

You heard me right, it is going to be over 110 degrees in California. David starts roasting around 80 so I am trying to stay ahead of the game with some cooling products. He has used this little cooling towel after playing basketball outdoors in the summer and it feels great. Maybe I should order a few more of these…

Personal Fan

I think we’re all sensing a theme here. And that theme is – don’t overheat! I couple of these will be great to whip out as we perspire while waiting in line to meet Gaston. Because we 100% will be waiting in line for that.

Men’s Mickey Mouse Tee Shirt

I got this super-soft tee shirt for David to wear at Disney. I know the red “Hakuna Matata” tee is super popular amongst the Disney Dads rn, but this one is more David’s speed and it is just subtle Disney.

And that is the list my friends! To any Disney or hot weather vets out there – what am I missing?


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