A Fall Update

Holy November!

I feel like such a BWG when I say it, but how is it November really? I feel like adulthood and parenting most notably makes you realize just how fast time is flying by. All of the sudden Clara is using full sentences and walking up the stairs without touching the railing. And E is already getting invited to boy-girl parties and shopping in the juniors section. And so, “Sunrise, Sunset” plays on a constant loop inside my brain and I cry silent tears as I make the hard decision to stop using Dreft on Clara’s clothes and realize E can almost start borrowing my clothes.

I MUST digress.

TBH honest this fall has been pretty darn tough. I have recently taken on a new role at work, a bit of a promotion really, and man is it pushing my limits. After roughly 15 yrs in the work force I think I have finally realized my strengths as a steadfast implementer. The big thinker, I am not not. But once I have a directive or goal – I am darn good at making it all happen. And I am getting better at streamlining processes along the way. The problem sometimes is that us “think outside the box”, make it happen people are not a dime a dozen. So others end up relying on us too much, they come to expect our hustle and ability to figure it out, and that can be tough to uphold day in and day out. I am still trying to find the balance, the rhythm and most importantly – the strength to speak up when things are out of control to maintain my poise, my stamina. OK work talk over.

While it has been a tough past few months, of course there have been joys.

We will start with pumpkin patches.

Yes, patches. I feel like one patch is sufficient each fall. You walk around in the mud, pet a goat, pay $9 for a couple donuts. But since Clara came along, it’s like BRING ON the patches. The girl just loves ’em. She really just loves pumpkins you guys. And she doesn’t even care that we don’t buy the pumpkins, she just likes being around them.

She also LIVES for Halloween. We have been talking about it all year. And she had costumes chosen for us all.

How could I NOT be Daisy Duck for this tot? But the best part was the organization of E’s candy, as evidenced here:

Oh, and I finally got around to hanging up my Dorothy M. Davis (my grandma) original oil painting. What a beaut!

Other notable highlights include Clara’s first Blazers game of the season, some great wagon rides, walks, couch-time and some corduroy overalls (for me).

Stay tuned for a few updated beauty favorites next week! Happy fall everyone :).


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