We Moved!

And I lived to tell the story.

Clara and I working away, mid-move

So I will just get right to it. And really, it is the same story as likely millions of others quarantiners. Spending so much time at home, together, just exacerbated the fact that 1,400 square feet was teetering on the edge of tight and REAL tight. We loved our house and neighborhood but we had simply outgrown the space. We had been casually looking for close to a year before we bought, but nothing held a candle to what we already had, in the areas we were interested, and in our price range. But then. Then the interest rates plummeted and what we thought was not doable, suddenly was.

When we first toured our new house I thought to myself “yeahhhh right. this is never going to happen”. It was too big, too nice, and honestly too perfect to be true. It had everything we wanted and more. And somehow, here we are. I am living in, quite literally, my dream home.

But before you get too jealous, please understand what a perfect home is to me:

  • Anything built in the 90’s

YES. I love me that classic 90’s layout! You know the one. Separate living and family rooms, usually an office off the front entry and a bonus room? YAS QUEEN.

  • Tiny, almost non-existent lawn

I grew up with a huge-ass yard + an acre of pasture. Fun to play softball in from time to time? Sure. Fun to mow, pick up tree limbs from and weed? YEAHNO. My parents used to make us go out there and pick up limbs from our willow tree and alllll I wanted to do was go inside and watch Days of our Lives. So basically, David and I like to spend our weekends having fun and not doing hours of yardwork.

  • Giant 90’s master bathroom tub

My only stipulation for said tub, was that it NOT be jetted. Because I’ll pass on soaking in someone else’s dead skin thanks. But – I love me a good ol’ giant tub. Would I prefer a sleek free-standing or vintage claw-foot? Duhhhh. But beggars can’t be choosers.

  • Carpet everywhere!

I feel like I have stated my position on this topic already, but in case you did not already know…    I ♥ CARPET. Our last house was 99% hardwood-laminate floors and don’t get me wrong, they were lovely. But I am a floor-layer kindof a gal. Some of my fondest memories as a child were laying on my grandma’s thick-ass carpet while watching Nickelodeon on her old TV that sat on the floor. Our new house has carpet in all the right places (read: NOT the bathroom) and I love it.

Upon moving in, we discovered a few more perks that we were unaware of.

We found these VERY realistic looking faux red delicious-style apples complete with produce stickers on top of the kitchen cabinets. Maybe I will throw them in a bowl, tie some raffia around it and sponge-paint the walls! (just kidding)

We also inherited two very high-maintenance pets (wink wink). The previous owners let us know that they had left a fish tank behind and I could not be more delighted. I named them Gloria Estefan and Bunny McDoogal, respectively. Also, if anyone has pointers on how to clean a tank like this, let me know because we have no clue.

As soon as we moved in, we immediately started on improvements:

Yes I consider putting a brand spanking new BBW hand soap in the bathroom an improvement. And no, we have not removed this wallpaper yet. It’s kindof growing on me 😉

I took down this giant monstrosity from the dining room and decided to spray paint it white in an attempt to save us from buying a brand new one. I think I like it!

We got an Ikea cabinet for the master bathroom, so I can organize all m’products!

Got a new bedspread for the spare bedroom/Nana’s room. PINCH ME I have a spare bedroom!

We took down this lovely turquoise swag from the master bedroom and I may use the fabric to make a Princess Jasmine costume! Also, just look at this little tike!

Other happenings in our new home consist of my first soak in our tub (which I am happy to report does in fact fit all 5’11.75 inches of yours truly). And many walks in our new neighborhood. Homegirl kept her sunglasses on for about 45 seconds the other day and you know I had to paparazzi that sh*t.

That is it so far. LMK if you would like any progress updates here, as I am happy to share.


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