Home Additions & Springtime Fun

Hello chocolate bunnies!

Everyone get their obligatory bag of 75% off jelly beans after Easter? GOOD.

When we moved into our new house, David and I immediately knew we wanted to do something about the state of the back deck (see below). And while the realtor pics ALWAYS make everything look 328934 times better with their fancy cameras and wide angle lenses, believe me when I say that the deck was def pretty old and splintery. No bueno!

So, last fall David and his stepdad ripped the sucker right on out and replaced the wood with Trex! A wise choice indeed. Then in March, David (along with the help of many) planned out, purchased lumber for and built a motherf*cking pergola. THE PERG.

He then strung lights through it (my only request).

So yeah. Go us!

Next on the docket was buying a Q. David happily scampered off to Lowe’s and literally purchased (much to my chagrin) the largest barbecue ever made. Behold:

Not even Meira can comprehend it’s great size.

“But Natalie, it has a charcoal AND gas side!” he says.

I was literally picturing the good ol’ Smokey Joe of yesteryear so I had to let out a good chuckle and let bygones be bygones. The man likes his fire machine and I like this man.

Up next it was high time to address this modern monstrosity:

And absolutely no shade to anyone who fancies this light fixture (you can have it, btw). It just doesn’t seem to “fit” the  house (read: it’s a size behemoth) and the decor (read: could be a prop from The Matrix). Luckily, I had Nan and Meg in town so we went to Home Depot and I scored this adorable, weathered-wood number for a mere $99. We think it was an online return (read: limited edish).

With the lights on.

SO. Much. Better.

Then I decided our very white kitchen needed  a splash of color so I decided I wanted a valance for the window. Yes, a valance. For any of you readers our there that are NOT little old ladies, a valance is a very short curtain for a window that is typically in the home of (you guessed it) a little old lady. So, I scoured the stores and the web for such a thing and surprise surprise – good options are NOT easy to come by. I ended up custom ordering (what I thought) was a perfect pattern in lovely, complimentary colors to the room.

Here is what I ended up with:

NO. Just, no.

It looked like the Copa Cabana up in hurr.

And it really sucks because the fabric was nice and the lady who sewed them from Etsy did a great job. I just made a $25 bad choice. Again, any takers on some beautiful, albeit vibrant little kitchen curtains?

And then of course, there are these stunningly beautiful Portland days we randomly get that wet our whistle to the forthcoming months. These days are best enjoyed outside and preferably with a canine companion. Namely, Meira.

Yes, she is my flower child.

And then there are overalls.

Note the gingerbread socks. I’m sorry Meg (she can’t stand when people don’t take their socks off when trying on short items).

I did not buy these and have realized a few things when it comes to myself as I relate to overalls.

  1. Much like bodysuits and the dreaded romper/playsuit/onesie – overalls are just NOT made for us Amazons.
  2. Despite my best, most well-intended efforts, I may have to fork over more cash than I want to spend if I want a pair of these.
  3. Overalls are not going to happen to me as easily as I thought.



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