My New Warby Parker Glasses

Hi guys!

I got Warbys!

I know you are all thrilled for my and TBH I am thrilled for myself.

I feel like it is a Portland rite of passage or something. It’s like another item I can check off the ol’ “Am I Portland Enough?” list. I mean, I did eat a massaged kale salad the other day and high-five my pals after the Doug Jones win in ‘bama but the glasses just put me over the top.

So,  I decided to write about my experience here today.

Initially, I was intrigued by Warby Parker after my pal Kelly told me about the website. Apparently it’s as easy as selecting 5 frames for try-on that they will ship to you, selecting one pair, shipping them all back and receiving your selected pair 7-10 business days later. So easy. So I google Warby Parker and low and behold – there is an actual retail location in NW Portland!

David and I went in last Sunday and I the store was just absolutely bustling with hipsters. I felt a little out of place in my Abercrombie jeans circa ’06 and bright turquoise Nike but whatevs. Better that than a top hat and monocle.

After I started trying-on glasses I realized I would never have been able to find a good pair from selecting 5 frames online. All the ones I thought I loved online ended up looking just terrible on me. I looked like an angry librarian mole in most of them and as much as I love the look of the transparent pink-tinted ones on the shelf, they did not suit me at all.

I initially picked out these two as my top contenders:

Barnett in Quail-Egg Grey

Laurel in Tea Rose Fade

David wasn’t crazy about the Laurels, which I personally kinda liked at first. Then, I consulted sisters Meg and Rach and I ended up going back and fourth between some pretty basic styles in a tortoise shell frame.

I think these ones are the Louise style.

Preston in Whiskey Tortoise

Becker in Amber Tortoise

Jennings in Whiskey Tortoise

SO which ones do you think I went with?  I know they’re all SO different….jk.

I went with Jennings!

Once I picked out the frames, I brought them to one of the MANY associates. She took my prescription, measured my pupils, and $95 and 5 minutes later I was outta there. My glasses arrived exactly 5 days later which is NUTS!

On top of the easiest glasses-buying process ever, the store had video games, free stickers and big apothecary jars full of free CANDY. This place definitely speaks my language!

*This is not sponsored by Warby Parker. They do not even know I exist.


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