New Wet’n’Wild Megaglo Highlighting Powders

Hey all you turkeys!

Have a nice Thanksgiving? good good

While we were out procuring ingredients for Nan’s “crack” green bean dish at Freddie’s a few days ago, I happened to cross paths with the loveliest display of WnW highlights I had ever seen. They had the rainbow one, a bronzy striped one, the blue tinted one which I already have and then a couple more shades that were brand new.

Of course this took precedent over the green beans and Nan and Gare stood there patiently as I got BACK in line to make my purchase.

Feast yer eyes!

I purchased the shades Blossom Glow and Botanic Dream. (The one on the left is coming off WAY more bronzy than it is.)

First up. Blossom Glow!

This shade is absolutely stunning. It is a light champagne, blinding highlight. I like it better than the shade Precious Pedals and THAT is sayin’ alot. I am 100% in love.

Next up, Botanic Dream.

I had such high hopes for this soft pink color but sadly, the color just doesn’t pack the same punch as the other. The above swatch was VERY heavy and as you can see, the glow is just not there. I do think this would be lovely as a blush topper though.

So there you go! Any other drugstore highlights I need to try? LEMME KNOW!


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